A Glimpse Into the Summer of CSK

The Summer Has Begun!

Here is a glimpse into the journey Chris Sailer Kicking will take over the next 2 months!

Summer provides the ultimate opportunity to learn, develop, compete, try-out, and succeed.  Many of you will travel the country looking to improve, gain experience, and possible earn a college scholarship.  Chris Sailer Kicking will be with you every step of the way to help guide you! 

Take a look……

Over the next two months I will:

  • Arrive at 41 airports
  • Spend nearly 100 hours in the air
  • Sleep in 12 different hotels 
  • Train over 1,100 High School / Junior College Kickers, Punters, Long Snappers
  • Train NFL, UFL, AFL, D1, D1AA, D2, D3, and NAIA Kickers, Punters, and Long Snappers
  • See well over 50,000 footballs kicked, punted, or snapped
  • Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Email thousands of times
  • Work with Les Miles, Nick Saban, and Chip Kelly
  • Be directly involved and make decisions that will result in MILLIONS of dollars for Chris Sailer Kicking Students


Can’t wait!  See you on along the way!


Chris Sailer Kicking – 2011 Nike Spring Camp Recap

Chris Sailer Kicking – 2011 Nike Spring Camp Recap
The 2011 Chris Sailer Nike Spring Camp Tour recently came to an end.   All in all, over 250 athletes from 21 states participated in the popular 1-day camps.  Take a look at the camp champions, biggest ranking moves, best new talent, and other 2012 studs.  I was very happy with the talent and results. 
Los Angeles, CA – Travis Coons (CA)
Chicago, IL – Kyle Schmidt (IN)
Dallas, TX – Austin Shoemake (TX)
Charlotte, NC – Dylan Sims (VA)
Atlanta, GA – Ty Long (GA)
Travis Coons (Top JC K/P in the nation) OFFER NOW!!!
Biggest Ranking Moves:
Los Angeles, CA – Dylan Pritchard (CA)
Chicago, IL – Ron Coluzzi (IL)
Dallas, TX – Josh Lambert (TX)
Charlotte, NC – Worth Gregory (SC)
Atlanta, GA – Jimmy Hutchinson (GA)
Pictured: Worth Gregory (Jumped nearly 20 spots)
Best New Talent:
Los Angeles, CA -Lucas Alfonso (CA)
Chicago, IL – Joel Schipper (MI)
Dallas, TX – Daniel Schwarz (OK)
Charlotte, NC – Blake Brewer (NC)
Atlanta, GA – Blake Lucas (GA)
Daniel Schwarz (Great 2012 Prospect)
Other 2012 Studs: CA – Garrett Owens, IL – Anthony Farinella, TX – Evan Sobiesk, NC – Paul Griggs, and GA – Brooks Abbott
Up next, The 9th Annual National Kicking Event in Las Vegas, NV May 14-15!


The Class of 2013 Stepped Up in Texas!

The Class of 2013 Stepped Up in Texas!
I have been asking for months, making it known, that it was time for the Class of 2013 to step to the plate.  Well, they finally did.  The scene….Dallas, TX at the TX Nike Spring Camp.  Four prospects stepped up in a big way and the rankings will reflect it.  It is still early and much will change, but these 4 athletes deserve recognition for their performances.
Elliot Fry – The new #1 Kicker in the nation.  Kicked off the ground and killed it all day.  Didn’t advance to the semi-finals, but proved that he will near the top of his class for years to come.  Clanked a 60-yarder midway up the left upright, yes there was some wind, but still very impressive.  “TOP 12” Future?
Austin Shoemake – Became the 1st Class of 2013 Champ on the Chris Sailer Kicking Nike Spring Tour.  Showed a nice leg and great consistency.  He has the tools to continue to impress.  Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Austin.  
Brett Rattan – Potentially the best we have seen in this class.  A big, tall, strong athlete that shows huge potential.  A bit raw, but the sky is the limit.  Can’t wait to see him in action again in the near future.  Big time prospect.  

Colin McGuire – Colin didn’t stand out quite as much as the other 3 listed, but I noticed him.  A great athlete that showed great potential.  I anticipate a bright future for Colin.  He is smooth and will only continue to get better.  

Look for updated Rankings post TX Nike Spring Camp to be complete by Friday.  Elliot, Austin, Brett, and Colin will be ranked near the top of their class. 



Every year many very deserving kickers/punters slip through the cracks and do not get a scholarship.  Why does this happen?  Simple, there just aren’t enough to go around.  So, those that take the necessary steps, when all is equal, are the ones that end up getting them.  I could right a 20-page formal or informal piece on this subject, but for now, here are 10 THINGS TO DO TO GET A SCHOLARSHIP:

1. Attend Chris Sailer Kicking camps as early as possible (as soon as 8th Grade).  Why?  To get proper technique coaching, to gain knowledge of how the kicking world works, and to get early exposure. Then keep going. 

2. Set goals and create a plan as a freshman in high school.  Form a team.  You are the captain.  Now you need reliable teammates.  Your team should consist of your parents, your coach, your school guidance counselor, NCSA (recruit service), and a kicking coach (Sailer). 

3. Earn your scholarship.  The sooner you realize that a scholarship is earned, not given, you will begin to work hard.  Work hard and reach your full potential as a person (character), in the classroom (grades and test scores), in the weight room (strength, speed, and flexibility), and on the field (kicking and punting).  You will earn your scholarship – not your coach, not your parents, not your kicking coach.  Make it happen and it will. 

4. Use social networking….the right way.  Use Facebook, Twitter, Blog and many others to learn, stay up to date (follow Chris_Sailer), and most importantly promote yourself.  The internet is very powerful.  The more a coach sees your name, the better.  Understand that this is your online resume.  As much as the internet can help you, it can also kill your chances.  Be smart…enough said. 

5. Create highlight videos.  You can never have enough.  Get them up on CSK, NCSA, and YouTube.  Just like social networking, turn yourself into a virus.  Start early to learn.  During your junior and senior season, you better have one ready when a coach calls.  It should be a click away. 

6.  Have a good high school career.  Sometimes this is out of your control due to the quality of your team, coach, snapper, holder, etc.  However, it is up to you to make the best out of bad situation.  Let your coach know you want to be the best.  Show him you’ll work hard.  Set up a game plan with him for extra time spent on special teams.  Get with your snapper and holder as often as possible (year round).  If you don’t have one, pick one.  Ask a friend, recruit and athlete, etc.  Get it done.  Send your snapper to Rubio (they will get WAY better in one lesson – trust me).  Stats can help you, do your best to make this your advantage. 

7.  Attend College Camps during the summer of your sophomore year (a good idea) and during the summer of your junior year (a must).  These are tryouts.  If you are good enough, here is where you can prove it to them.  Regardless of how much exposure you have had, most coaches still want to see it with their own eyes.  Seal the deal!

8. YOU Make the phone calls.  Coaches want to talk to you.  Tell your parents to encourage you, but to “spread out”. (See RUBIO BLOG for the definition of “spread out”) These coaches have to spend the next 4-5 years with you.  They will make sure that they like you.  When you meet a coach in person, answer your own questions, don’t let your parents answer for you. 

9. Take your SAT and ACT early and often.  The sooner you qualify, the better.  The more schools that you can qualify for, the better.  Make sure you are a qualifier so that if you have to go to a junior college for any reason, you can get out before getting your AA.  You only have to go through this once in life, so suck it up. 

10.  Get to Vegas for the National Event early and often.  Early to learn, gain experience, and get exposure.  Be the guy we know, not the guy we are just finding out about.  Simple, put it on your calendar now….I am going to Vegas 8 times (every January and May for all 4 years of high school).  This is the biggest stage.  Trust me.  See you May 14th!

Three CSK Kickers that got it correct: 
Matt Goudis (Miami), Andre Heidari (USC) & Connor Loftus (Penn)


Prove Yourself!

In the world of kicking and punting, scholarships are earned, not given.  One of the easiest ways to earn that scholarship – prove yourself.  My advice, get yourself on the biggest stage – VEGAS.  Here are 12 players that have set themselves up for the ultimate exposure.  They did so by proving themselves in Vegas in January.  I can guarantee every college coach in America knows these names, and every college coach in America can’t wait to see them this summer at their summer kicking camps on campus.  Class of 2012 – You have a chance to earn this same honor May 14-15, 2011.   Need an example……. How about Carson Wiggs (Purdue).  He didn’t make the “TOP 12” in January, but came back to make the “Event Elite” in May.  Now he is hitting 67-yard FG’s in Spring Games.  Class of 2013, 2014, 2015 – Follow these players over the course of the next year.  See you this May and see you next January in Vegas!  Will you be next?  PROVE YOURSELF!

MEET THE 2011………….


Meet the “TOP 12” Class of 2011
Kickers / Punters
High School: Downers Grove South
State: IL
Graduating Class: 2012
Position: Kicker
Current National CSK Ranking: #9

Height: 6-3
Weight: 185
GPA: 4.03
Top 5 Colleges Choices: 1. Purdue 2. Northwestern 3. Illinois 4. Stanford 5. Oregon
Hobbies: 1. Playing Football 2. Running Track 3. Weightlifting
Anthony Says:The things that make me the best kicker in the country are my drive to always be the best, my leg strength, and my ability to stay cool under pressure. When my coach sends me in to make the game winning kick, my hard work both on and off the field pays off. I personally feel these attributes are very important for a kicker because everyone can make a field goal or kick the ball off in practice, but it’s a rare person who can perfect these skills in a game, I am that person”.
Chris Sailer Says: “Anthony is a special talent.  He has as much potential as anyone in the nation.  Could end up ranked anywhere from #1 to #20 in the nation based on his performance over the spring and summer.  One to watch”!
High School: Dwyer
State: FL
Graduating Class: 2012
Position: Kicker
Current National CSK Ranking: #11
Height: 6-0
Weight: 170
GPA: 4.3
SAT / ACT: 1340 / 21
Top 5 Colleges Choices: 1. Florida 2. Wisconsin 3. Purdue 4. Duke 5. Middle Tennessee State
Hobbies: 1. Sports 2. Family & Friends 3. Beach
Bobby Says: “I am the best kicker in the country because I push myself to the highest degree possible.  I believe that the talent that God has blessed me with is more than enough”.
Chris Sailer Says:
“Bobby is a great kicker.  He is very smooth and makes kicks with incredible consistency.  Has all the tools to be a fine D1A Kicker”.
High School: Episcopal
State: FL
Graduating Class: 2012
Position: Kicker
Current National CSK Ranking: #5
Height: 6-2
Weight: 175
GPA: 2.7
SAT / ACT: 1660
Top 5 Colleges Choices: 1. South Florida 2. Florida 3. TCU 4. Washington 5. Clemson
Hobbies: 1. Youth Group 2. Beach Volleyball 3. Soccer
Brooks Says: “I am the best kicker in the country because I perform best under pressure”.
Chris Sailer Says: “Brooks is a talented kicker that shows outstanding consistency.  He is a great athlete that performs at his best under pressure.  Brooks a D1 prospect without a doubt”.
High School: Olympic
State: NC
Graduating Class: 2012
Position: Punter
Current National CSK Ranking: #4
Height: 6-3
Weight: 215
GPA: 4.11
Top 5 Colleges Choices: 1. Clemson 2. North Carolina 3. Georgia 4. Miami 5. Florida
Hobbies: 1. Sports 2. Building 3. Fishing
Cason Says: “I feel like I am the best punter in the country because I have a very strong leg and great hands.  I am the starting quarterback for my team and have run the offense both my sophomore and junior seasons.  I am a 2-step punter and feel that a shorter and quicker approach equals a longer and higher ball”.
Chris Sailer Says:
“Cason may be the best punter in the nation.  He has the size, athleticism, and potential to be #1.  A big time D1A prospect that will only continue to improve”.
High School: Bartram Trail
State: FL
Graduating Class: 2012
Position: Kicker and Punter
Current National CSK Punter Ranking: #1
Current National CSK Kicker Ranking: #10
Height: 6-2
Weight: 195
GPA: 4.43
SAT / ACT: 1190
Top 5 Colleges Choices: 1. Miami 2. Florida State 3. Purdue 4. Florida 5. Arkansas
Hobbies: 1. Fishing 2. Boating 3. Camping
Cole Says: “I am the best combo player in the country because of my work ethic and desire to be the best at everything. I do my best, not only kicking and punting, but also in the classroom, in the weight room, and spending time with my family”.
Chris Sailer Says:
“Cole is the best combo player in the nation at this point.  Cole is an incredibly gifted all around player that performs well in every area.  Has it all.  Offer Now”!
High School: Oak Grove
State: MS
Graduating Class: 2012
Position: Kicker
Current National CSK Ranking: #15
Height: 5-9
Weight: 185
GPA: 4.0
SAT / ACT: 28
Top 5 Colleges Choices: 1. LSU 2. Mississippi State 3. Rice 4. Southern Mississippi 5. West Virginia
Hobbies: 1. Golfing 2. Fishing 3. Guitar
Evan Says: “What makes me the best kicker in the country ismy hard work and dedication, my character, my leg strength and speed, and my work ethic. I do anything and everything to make myself better and I strive to be the best in everything I do. I have confidence in myself and I never give up on anything”.
Chris Sailer Says: “Evan is a very good kicker that shows the potential to be the absolute best.  He has a huge leg and hits one of the best balls I have seen.  Evan is a big time talent that is ready to challenge the best of the best”.
High School: Arroyo Grande
State: CA
Graduating Class: 2012
Position: Kicker
Current National CSK Ranking: #4
Height: 5-9
Weight: 165
GPA: 4.40
Top 5 Colleges Choices: 1. TCU 2. CAL 3. Florida 4. Duke 5. Washington
Hobbies: 1. Fishing 2. Sports 3. Friends & Family
Garrett Says: “What makes me the best kicker in the country is my work ethic on and off the field and my commitment to continuously get better each and every day with my technique and strength.”
Chris Sailer Says: “Garrett is a special talent.  He is a great athlete and gifted kicker.  Garrett hits a big time D1A ball.  Shows perhaps the best work ethic of anyone out there.  Offer Now”!
High School: Fenton
State: MI
Graduating Class: 2012
Position: Kicker and Punter
Current National CSK Punter Ranking: #2
Current National CSK Kicker Ranking: #14
Height: 6-4
Weight: 200
GPA: 2.8
Top 5 Colleges Choices: 1. Michigan 2. Miami 3. Florida 4. LSU 5. Alabama
Hobbies: 1. Golf 2. Working Out 3. Friends
Kenny Says: “I am the best kicker in the country because I am very dedicated no matter what, I am always giving 100%. My goal every day is to improve and make myself better”.
Chris Sailer Says:
“Kenny is a big time combo prospect.  He has the size, leg, and athleticism to excel at all positions.  I project him as a big time D1A Punter/Kickoff specialist”.
High School: Independence
State: TN
Graduating Class: 2012
Position: Kicker and Punter
Current National CSK Kicker Ranking: #13
Current National CSK Punter Ranking: #9
Height: 6-2
Weight: 195
GPA: 4.15
SAT / ACT: 28
Top 5 Colleges Choices: 1. Tennessee 2. Vanderbilt 3. Duke 4. Kentucky 5. Purdue
Hobbies: 1. Soccer 2. Coaching Kids 3. Mentoring Kids
Landon Says: “I have the best attitude among kickers throughout the country. I will do anything and everything to improve every part of my game.  Not only do I strive to become the best kicker/punter combo player in the nation, I strive to become the best student-athlete in the country.  I will always give 100%”.
Chris Sailer Says: “Landon has the ability to be the best of the best.  He is strong, smooth, consistent, and athletic.  Does well in every part of the kicking game.  He has a great attitude and work ethic.  One to watch”.

Osborn Umeh

High School: Mayfair
State: CA
Graduating Class: 2012
Position: Punter
Current National CSK Ranking: #3
Height: 6-2
Weight: 215
GPA: 2.1
Top 5 Colleges Choices: 1. Ohio State 2. LSU 3. TCU 4. Wisconsin 5. Oregon
Hobbies:1. Friends 2. Video Games 3. Movies
Osborn Says: “I feel that I am the best in the nation because I am focused and determined.  I give it 100% each day.  I am ready to work hard, compete, and contribute at the D1 level”.
Chris Sailer Says: “Osborn has as much raw talent as anyone that I have seen at the punting position in years.  He has a huge leg and can hit a monster ball.  The sky is the limit with hard work.  One to watch”!

High School: Charlotte Latin
State: NC
Graduating Class: 2012
Position: Kicker
Current National CSK Ranking: #6
Height: 6-1
Weight: 190
GPA: 3.73
SAT / ACT: 1940 / 29
Top 5 Colleges Choices: 1. Duke 2. Purdue 3. USC 4. Virginia 5. Tennessee
Hobbies: 1. Golf 2. Music 3. Movies
Paul Says: “I am the best kicker in the nation because of my height and accuracy on field goals”.
Chris Sailer Says: “Paul is simply a great kicker.  He is strong, athletic, consistent, and shows an excellent work ethic. He wants it as much or more than anyone in his class.  He will be a D1A standout.  Offer Now”!
High School: Walsh Jesuit
State: OH
Graduating Class: 2012
Position: Kicker
Current National CSK Ranking:

Height: 5-10
Weight: 185
GPA: 4.96
SAT / ACT: 28
Top 5 Colleges Choices: 1. Pitt 2. Ohio State 3. CAL 4. Florida 5. Stanford
Hobbies: 1. Sports 2. Friends 3. Travel
Ross Says:I feel that my mental strength, confidence, and ability to execute with great accuracy and consistency under pressure and intense competition are a few of my best and most unique qualities as a kicker.  My concentration and visualization skills help me maintain my central focus on repeatedly executing proper form and mechanics with each kick.  My strong work ethic, passion, and competitive drive to be the best kicker in the country provides the necessary energy and motivation”.
Chris Sailer Says: “Ross is the best field goal kicker in the nation at this point.  Hits an extremely consistent ball with great height and rotation.  He can step in and play anywhere.  He is a great competitor that will shine at any D1 program.  Offer Now”.

All information in this blog is current as of April, 2011.
Click on each individual players names for more information.


“Yellow Shirt”

What Is The Significance Of “Yellow Shirt”?
Attention Kicker/Punter.  The day you decide to become a high school kicker/punter you should sit down and make goals for yourself.  One of those goals – TO MAKE THE “TOP 12” invite only camp.  This is the most exclusive exposure list for kickers, punters, and long snappers in the world.  The “TOP 12” and “Event Elite” camp is a true invite only camp where only the best of the best may attend. 

Why the yellow shirt?  It stands out.  It sets you apart.  It makes others stare at you.  It makes you the favorite at any camp you show up to.  It puts all eyes on you.  Exposure, exposure, exposure.  You have it, others want it.  The only way to get a CSK yellow shirt is to make the exclusive exposure list. 

Take a look at what the yellow shirt can do for you!

Recognize any of these names?
How about this one?  How about committed to Alabama (2012 Grad)
How about a few scholarships.  Coincidence?  Miami, Alabama, Florida, Duke, LSU, USC, Penn


How Important Is Exposure?

 How Important Is Exposure?

Chris Sailer Kicking is the #1 kicking, punting, and long snapping business in the world.  Teaching young players and developing current college and pro players is the core of what we do.  Understanding proper technique, training the correct way, preparing and being prepared, kicking and punting with mental and physical confidence, and ultimately becoming your own coach should be the goal of every kicker, punter, and long snapper.  We are here to get you there!

Fortunately I have been put in a situation to help young high school kickers and punters achieve their goals and live out there dreams of taking their game to the college level.  Through scholarships, walk-ons, try-outs, etc. thousands of Chris Sailer Kicking athletes have gone on to play D1, D2, D3, JC, NAIA, etc. college football.  How did they get there?  They were well trained and worked hard (see you at the next Chris Sailer Kicking camp) and they gained the necessary exposure (see you in Vegas at the National Events). 

There are hundreds of worthy K, P, and LS scholarship candidates each and every year.  A small percentage of these athletes land the scholarships.  There are only so many to go around.  So what decides it?  That’s easy….exposure.  Who got the exposure early on?  Who are the college coaches familiar with?  Who are they looking for at their own college camps?  Exposure, exposure, exposure. 

What can Vegas do for you?  Take a look:

Thomas Weber 2004 Spring Event (May):

Comes out of no where after years of training with Chris Sailer Kicking.  Was an easy selection. 
What happened: He ends up on full scholarship at Arizona State.  He wins the Lou Groza Award for the nations top collegiate place kicker.  Ends up a top performer in the PAC-10 as a 4-year starter.
Where is he now: Draft eligible this spring.  Seen as a top tier NFL prospect.  Have spoken with 10 different NFL Special Teams Coaches about him in the past month.  Thomas is also a CSK staff member.  Come to Vegas in May and you’ll see him. 

Blair Walsh 2006 Spring Event (May):
This was Blair’s first camp as a young sophomore.  Showed a big leg and great potential.  One of the few sophomores to make “Event Elite”.  Others were Quinn Sharp (Oklahoma State) and Justin Tucker (Texas). 
What Happened:  Went on to get a scholarship to Georgia.  Started as a true freshman.  Has been a Lou Groza Award Finalist and All-SEC performer. 
Where is he now: Had an opportunity to leave early to the NFL as a junior.  In my opinion, will be the best place-kicker in college football next year.  The ultimate example in character, dedication, hard work and loyalty. 

Cody Parkey 2007 Spring Event (May):
One of only 2 freshman to ever get invited to the “TOP 12” and “Event Elite” camp.  Cody was a great talent and wouldn’t be denied.  Proved he belonged and easily cemented his #1 kicker in the nation ranking for years to come.  Never dropped once in the rankings. 
What Happened: Went on to get a scholarship to Auburn.  Started as a true freshman and won the BCS National Championship. 
Where is he now: Cody will take over all kicking duties this coming year.  Will be a top collegiate kicker and future NFL prospect.  CSK staff member. 

Ross Martin 2010 Spring Event (May):
Ross came with something to prove, and he proved it.  An easy selection and ultimate standout at the “TOP 12” and “Event Elite” camp.
What happened: Currently ranked #2 in the nation in the Class of 2012.  Has offers from Pitt and Iowa State with many more on the way. 
Where is he now: A longtime student of CSK, a future D1A kicker,  and future CSK Staff Member. 

Ryan Succop 2004 Event (January):
Ryan came to the Event and was an easy selection for the “TOP 12”.  Had the skill, the potential, and work ethic to go a long long way. 
What happened:  Went on to get a scholarship to South Carolina.  Was a 4-years starter and All-Conference Performer.  Was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs. 
Where is he now:  A 2 year NFL starter with the Chiefs.  A longtime CSK student and current staff member. 

David Buehler 2006 Event (January):
David was a junior college safety that was convinced to attend Vegas to give kicking a shot.  Showed a HUGE leg and amazing potential.  Through hard work he was able to combine his talent with technique.  By May Vegas, he received perhaps more attention that anyone we have ever seen in Vegas. 
What happened:  Went on to get a scholarship to USC.  Had a great college career and was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. 
Where is he now: A 2 year NFL starter with the Dallas Cowboys.  Perhaps the best kickoff man in the NFL and had a great 1st season as a place-kicker.  A longtime CSK student and current staff member.

These are just a few examples of what exposure can do for you.  Who will be the next added to this list?  See you May 14-15, 2011 in Las Vegas. 

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I Love My Snapper Because…..

I Love My Snapper Because…..

1. It all begins with the snap.  As many high school / junior college / college / pro kickers and punters know,  your stats, and even your FG/PAT attempts rely heavily on the quality of your snapper.  He is the guy that starts it all.  Your comfort, your rhythm, your get off time all depend heavily on your snapper.  It all begins with the snap. 

2. One piece of the puzzle to get a college scholarship, a pro contract,  is your high school / junior college / college stats.  A good snapper puts those stats squarely on your shoulders.  You have the ability to control your stats because he never makes a mistake. 

3.  If I love him, he will work to be the best.  Give him praise, tell him you need him, give him credit for your success.  Then he will be there with you on the field in the off season.  He will be there before practice for extra reps.  He will be there after practice for more extra reps.  He may even work on his own to perfect his skill.  He may start attending Rubio Long Snapping (Chris Sailer Kicking) camps to perfect his skill.  All huge wins. 

4. If I do, he may compete with me to be the best specialist, to be the special teams player of the year, to earn a college scholarship or pro contract.  All big wins for you the kicker.  If he is good, you have a chance of being good.  Stroke his ego, make him want it! 

5. Behind every All League, All City, All State, All American, Lou Groza Award Winner, and All-Pro is a GREAT snapper.  They should all receive the same award you get.  A few examples: Sailer/Rubio, Forbath/Yount. 

So, some advice from a kicker who benefitted from having a great snapper (insert Rubio).  Hand pick your snapper.  Make him a friend.  Work as a team.  Thank him every time he snaps (every kick, every session, every game).  Give him a hug, high five, tap on the behind after every successful game kick.  I made sure Rubio got on the jumbo tron after every kick in the Rose Bowl or on the road.  I made sure he was mentioned in every article that was ever written on me.  We were a team.  And to no surprise….still are a team.  Success in the kicking and punting world, just might be a direct result of your relationship with your snapper!

So see you AND your snapper at the next Chris Sailer Kicking / Rubio Long Snapping Camp!


CA Talent Shows Up In L.A.!

 CA Talent Shows Up In L.A.!

Today the Chris Sailer Kicking Nike Spring Camps jumped into full swing.  Los Angeles was the first stop, and once again it did not disappoint.  Some familiar names and some new names took advantage of the opportunity.  Take a look!

Travis Coons (K/P 2012 CA):  Travis is an absolute stud.  The “TOP 12” Kicker proved why he earned that position and why he is a top 5 overall national talent.  Once again he rose to the occasion and won the camp.  This was his second consecutive CA Championship.  He won 2 of the 4 major competitions (Field Goal Chart & Punt) and of course the head to head final.  Travis is a great athlete and overall competitor.  Today he hit a 60 yard field, a 73 yard 4.10 hang time kickoff, and a 45 yard 4.89 punt.  I have no doubt he is a D1A Scholarship Player.  He has it all.   Offer Now!!!

Travis Coons lines up for the win!

Connor Derby (K/P 2012 CA):  Connor was extremely impressive today.  A big, tall, strong, and athletic combo player that shows outstanding potential.  Hit from 60 yards, hit 70 + yard kickoffs, and showed that he could punt as well.  Won 2 of the 4 major competitions (Field Goal Last Man Standing & Kickoff).  Should be a top JC prospect this coming year. 

2012 JC K/P’s Travis Coons and Connor Derby

Oleg Parent (K 2011 CA): Great prospect that just signed with North Carolina Central.  A long time CSK student that has proven time and time again that he will be a huge success at the college level.  Has the ultimate attitude and work ethic.  THE perfect example of the character that we hope our younger players will follow.  Will be on Student Staff this May in Las Vegas. 

Matt Williams (P 2011 CA):  Matt was the most consistent punters on the day.  Averaged over 40 yards all day with about a 4.5 hang time average.  A fine young man that is going to excel at the college level.  Always does his best in the biggest competitions.  Another solid performance for Matt.

Garrett Owens (K 2012 CA):  I cannot say enough good things about Garrett.  Absolutely love his attitude, competitiveness, and athleticism.  A big time leg and talent that will only continue to get better and better.  No doubt a D1A Scholarship Kicker.  Let’s go PAC-10, make your move. 

Other 2011 K Standouts:  Christian Rodriguez

Other 2012 K Standouts:  Matt Foley, Korey Durkee, Justin Moreno, Jeff Dickerson, Conrad Ukropina

2013 K Standouts: Bret Miller, Jordan Descala

Other Punting Standouts: Korey Durkee,  Osborn Umeh,  Eric Camarillo

Up next…March 20th in Chicago, IL


Do High School Stats Matter?

Do High School Stats Matter?
One of the most common questions that I get asked by both high school players and their parents is, ” How much do your high school stats matter when it comes to recruiting”?  This is a GREAT question.

Let me start by saying, that the more that you have going for you, the better.  Some very important factors:  great character as a person, team leader, positive influence in the locker room, hard worker, good grades, SAT scores, ACT scores, extracurricular activities, head coach’s evaluation, principal’s evaluation, kicking coach’s evaluation, camp exposure, highlight video, high school statistics, etc. etc.  I could go on and on.  Be the best that you can be in everything that you do.  Period.  Control what you can control.  Reach your full potential in every area you can think of. 

So back to the question posed.  Yes, if you have great, even good high school stats, it can surely help you.  If you do not have good stats, or really just any stats at all, it won’t particularly hurt you.  It will come down to your skill level when all is said and done.  The stats may help you get exposure, but there are also other ways to go about getting exposure.  Again, see the list above. 

You might wonder, well if the stats are no good, that must mean the player is no good and must not be able to kick under pressure.  This may be true, but also may not be.  At the high school level the opportunities given to each player vary greatly.  Some things to consider:  strength of team, quality of high school coach and attention paid to special teams.  quality of snapper (Yes Rubio, I will interject here with your blog request, more later), quality of holder, quality of blocking.  In high school you will see a huge difference in the above from school to school.  In college, not so much.  In the pros, not at all.  So we all must take these factors into consideration.  And believe it or not, most college coaches do. 

I can give you dozens of examples, but here are three that focus on simple field goal stats.  1-15, 2-3, 5-12.  Not great right?  How about scholarships to the PAC-10, Big 12, and SEC.  The moral is, do your best to find a great program, work hard with the coaches and other specialists provided, and never give up no matter how bad your stats are looking.  You may hit a 55-Yarder that turns heads, you may not.  Either way, if your stats don’t accurately reflect your talent, you still have so many other ways to find your way onto a college team, .  Ultimately, college coaches investing thousands of dollars, will find the best kickers and punters the nation has, regardless of stats. 

And yes, kickers and punters, it all begins with the snap.  At the high school level especially, be thankful for every great snap that you get.  Snappers, “We can’t do it without you”.