Factors To Consider When Making Your College Choice

Factors To Consider When Making Your College Choice:

It is getting close to that time of year when our Chris Sailer Kicking Seniors will have to make a college choice.  In the next few months, recruiting will pick up, and if you’ve approached recruiting the correct way, you should have options when it comes to making your college choice.  Don’t panic,  that time is not now, but it is coming.  This blog will help you prepare you for when that time comes.  Education and preparation are key. Not everyone will receive a scholarship to the D1 school of their choice.  Most will have to make a choice based on several factors.  I encourage you to read the factors below and take each into consideration when making your college choice.  It is important to realize that each player (family) will prioritize these factors differently depending on finances, goals, etc.  Take a look at some (not all) of the factors you should consider when making a college choice. After each factor I will give you and explanation and opinion. 


1. Education – Your degree will shape the rest of your life.  Football can help you get into a school that you most likely who not have gotten in to on grades (gap and/or test scores) alone.  Case and point, even with great grades and test scores, I would not have gotten into UCLA.  Without UCLA I am not who I am today.  My football playing days are long gone, but UCLA (degree & alumni-Rubio) continue to shape and develop my life.

2. Location – It is important to pick a school where you will feel comfortable living.  Some prefer to stay close to home.  Others prefer to get away.  If you pick and school and don’t take this factor into consideration, be warned, there is a decent chance you are going to want to transfer.  Go to a school where you will want to stay/live for at least 4-5 years, regardless if football works out or not.  Also remember that your alumni can play a large roll when it comes to a future job.  Also, consider the friends you will meet and maybe even a “girlfriend” or future wife!  You will most likely end of living in the place you choose to go to school. 

3. Financial Obligation – Scholarship, Partial Scholarship, Walk-On Opportunity, Try Out-Opportunity, etc.  What will it cost you per year to go to school there?  Don’t believe the promises a coach might make you.  Nothing is set in stone unless you sign a full ride scholarship to a D1 program.  Can you afford to pay your way at that school for the next 4-5 years until you graduate?  Look very closely at the amount of money that program is investing in you and how much you and your family will be responsible for.  Student Loans take a LONG TIME to pay off.  Also, the more of an investment a program makes in you, the more they want you.  The more they want you, the better chance you will have to see the field. 

*D1A programs are Full-Scholarship or no (zero) athletic aid.
*D1AA – D2 programs can offer partial scholarships and academic aid.  The more they want you, the better package they will put together for you.
*D3 programs offer no athletic aid.  They can offer other aid (academic / financial).  Again, the more they want you, the more money they will get for you. 


1. Strength Of Football Program – D1 vs. D2, vs D3, vs NAIA, vs JC.  Even the strength of program within the division (SEC vs. PAC-12 vs. Mountain West, etc.)  It is fun to play on TV, it is fun to play in big time Bowl Games, it is fun to play with future NFL players.  There is even a case to be made that by playing for a big time team, you will have more visibility to the NFL.  Something to think about, but make sure to read the next factor very closely. 

2. When Will I Play? – Realistically, when will you step foot on the field?  It is important to get field time to improve your game and gain experience.  Kicking/Punting is Kicking/Punting no matter what level you are playing at.  Think about it, It is just you and a ball.  If you are good, NFL scouts will find you.  But if you never get on the field, no NFL scout will ever find you.  Choose a school where there is a good chance you will see the field.  Not only will you get to actually play college football (not just watch from the sidelines) you will ultimately be happier. This will drastically increase your college experience.  Where did Adam Vinatieri play college football?  Exactly. 

3. Major – If you have a specific major you know you want to earn a degree in, make sure you find a school that offers that major. 


1. Coaching Staff – Believe me when I tell you, there is a good chance the coach that recruits you won’t be your coach by the time you graduate.  Do not pick a school simply because you like the coach…believe me.  Now, if you do NOT like the coach, this may be a reason to NOT pick a school.  If that coach does end up staying there for your entire career, you will be spending A LOT of time with him!

2. They Recruited Me First – Who cares!  Be patient. Work the system. Use one school to get recruited by another.  Compile options, then pick the school that is best for you.  Do NOT worry about hurting someone’s feelings.  This is your future that we are talking about.

3. They Have Cool Uniforms – Again, who cares!  Whether you like blue, red, green, or purple – play in Mustard and Pink if you have to.  It’s about the BIG THREE (Education, Location, Financial Obligation), not the uniforms. 

Finally, NEVER pick a school where going into it, transferring is an option.  “If things don’t work out they way I hope they will, I’ll just transfer”!  Nope.  Transferring is incredibly difficult for many reasons.  Avoid this situation at all costs.  Even if you transfer, chances are you will end up right back in the same situation.  If you have focused on the BIG 3 (Education, Location, Financial Obligation), transferring probably won’t be in your future. 

There are many other factors to look at (and you should look at) when making your college choice.  This should get you started off on the right track.  Once you have laid out which factors are most important to you are your family, rank each school based on who has the most of what you are ultimately looking for.  Remember this is a choice that will effect the rest of your life, not just the next 4-5 years.  Your education, your degree, your alumni will shape who you are and what you will become.  Take your time and make a choice looking at the BIG PICTURE!


End Of The Season….What Now?

As most of you approach the end of your freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior season, the obvious question is, WHAT NOW?  All the preparation, all the hard work, the high of the start of the season, the high of the playoffs, the high of attempting a game winner is all of a sudden….over.  You now have 9 months to wait before you kick or punt another live football in a game.  What do most do, they lose focus.  But not you, read on to see what you should be doing now. 

  • You may take a little time off.  Maybe a week or two, but no more than that.  Even during that time, make sure to do your muscle memory drills every day.  Remember this is a year round sport.  If you want to be the best of the best, do your muscle memory drills every day until you retire.  
  • Time to set more goals.  Your first goal should be making the “TOP 12” January 14-15, 2012 at the 10th Annual National Kicking Event – Sponsored by Nike in Las Vegas.  Other goals should include off-season progress (technique and strength), a recruiting game plan, setting winter spring and summer schedules, and starting to think about the upcoming season (how will you improve).  
  • After your week off, its time to get focused on Vegas.  Use the month of November and December the same way you used the months of July and August heading into your season.  You should be that ready.  Lifting, cardio, kicking, punting, muscle memory drills, flexibility work should all be a part of the plan.  
  • Set your Spring/Summer Kicking/Punting calendar.  What Chris Sailer Kicking camps will you attend?  What summer college camps will you attend?  What colleges will you visit?  My advice is to attend the Chris Sailer Kicking Nike Spring and Summer camps in your area and the 10th Annual National Kicking Spring Event – Sponsored by Nike in Las Vegas May 12-13, 2012.  If you are a junior or senior to be – pick some college camps to attend and start getting mentally prepared. If you are a senior to be take some trips to see some colleges (get a feel for each area of the country).  If you just finished your senior year – time to work harder than ever, its almost time for college.  
  • Set goals in the classroom.  See you counselor.  Get everything in line so that you can play at ANY college.  Seniors, football may be over, but school isn’t.  Continue working hard all the way through the finish line. 
  • Players that just finished your senior season.  Stay focused on recruiting.  It will start to pick up now.  Keep all options open and be proactive.  Continue to be patient and know that you will end up in the spot that is best for you.  

See you all soon in at a Nike Fall Camp or Vegas! 


Qualities That Make Up The Perfect Kicker/Punter

Qualities That Make Up The Perfect Kicker/Punter

This Blog will again focus on one of the most common questions that I get asked.  “What qualities make up the  perfect kicker/punter?”  Many kickers and punters at the high school and college levels possess some of the qualities that make up a perfect kicker/punter, but it is rare however that one player possesses all those qualities.  That player is what we would call…. “A Scholarship Pick”, “An All-American”, or a “NFL Draft Pick”!   Take a look at some bullet points that describe the qualities that I look for, college coaches look for, and NFL coaches look for in a kicker/punter: 

    •    Leg Strength (Potential).  You must have a strong leg.   Get in the weight room and reach your full potential.  The stronger your leg, the more “potential” you will show. 
    •    Flexibility (Leg Speed).  The more flexible you are, the faster your leg will be.  Stretching, yoga, whatever it takes. This is key for adding distance and height to your ball.  And this will keep you healthy!
    •    Technique (Consistency). You may have a strong leg “potential”, you may be flexible and display “leg speed” – but you also must be able to make kicks and be both accurate and consistent at all skills.  Potential will only get you so far. Great technique will earn you the starting position.   Chris Sailer Kicking will help you get there. 
    •    Athleticism (Mental Strength).  This is often the separating factor.  A coach will ask, “Can he do it in a pressure situation”?, “Can I count on him to hit a game winner?”, “Will he be able to catch and punt the ball with guys with 4.4 speed coming off the edges to block his punt?”, “Will he be able to handle the pressure of kicking in front of 90,000 people?”  Kicking with confidence means being prepared.  If you believe in your preparation, you will succeed on the field.  My advice is to play many sports when you are growing up – be an athlete.  Attend Chris Sailer Camps to learn and eventually become your own coach.  Believe in what you are doing because it makes sense to you and you understand “Why” you are practicing those techniques.  Muscle Memory Drills 7-days a week!

The key is reaching your full potential in each of the four categories listed above. How badly do you want to get a scholarship?  How badly do you want to win the Chris Sailer Award? How badly do you want to be the starting kicker at a 4-year University? How badly do you want to make All-American?  How badly to you wand to play in the NFL and kick/punt for a living?  IT IS UP TO YOU!  MAKE IT HAPPEN!


Herbalife Presents…The Chris Sailer Award

The world of kicking has changed forever. Herbalife presents the Chris Sailer Award for the National High School Placekicker of the Year!  Think of it as the Heisman Trophy for high school placekickers.  The award will be given to the top placekicker this high school football season at a banquet at L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles on December 17, 2011.  The Chris Sailer Award is a part of the Herbalife National High School Football Awards.  Never has a placekicker been honored to this degree at the high school level.  THIS IS HUGE!

Here are some bullet points that will help you understand the Chris Sailer Award:

  • The Chris Sailer Award will be given to the top placekicker in high school football on an annual basis starting in 2011. 
  • The winner will be chosen by the Chris Sailer Award Selection Committee through a voting process.
  • There are three stages to the voting process:  1. The midseason Watch List (already announced) 2. Selection of three Finalist 3. Selection of the Winner
  • The three Finalists will be flown into Los Angeles along with a family member to enjoy a weekend of festivities as a guest of Herbalife.  The weekend includes transportation, hotel stay, complimentary dinner, Herbalife 24 education, and the banquet dinner.  
  • The Winner will receive the Chris Sailer Award Trophy.  This is a massive, hand crafted sculpture that stands well over one foot tall and weighs over 30 pounds. 
  • The Winner will also have his name etched into history on the Chris Sailer Award that will permanently stay with Herbalife. 
  • To see how to qualify for the Award – CLICK HERE
  • Be sure to email me your season total statistics each week – CLICK HERE to see the format.
  • To see the Watch List – CLICK HERE
  • To view the Herbalife product that Chris Sailer Kicking supports – Herbalife 24 
  • Be sure to follow the High School Football Awards on Twitter 
  • Be sure to Like the High School Football Awards Facebook Page – This is where you have the chance to share your stats and story in social media forum as to why you should be the first recipient of this life changing award. 
  • Visit www.HighSchoolFootballAwards.com for more information.

Chris Sailer Kicking is excited to see placekickers receive the recognition they rightfully deserve.  This is a huge step towards getting the necessary exposure to college coaches.  Who will win?  We will know December 17th!


When Should I (My Son) Start Attending Camps?

One question that I get asked perhaps more often than any other is, “When Should I (or my son) start attending camps”?  When I first start running camps, this was a difficult question to answer.  But, with experience, and through the trial and error process, the answer to this question has become much easier.  First, you have to understand that each athlete develops at a different age, both physically and mentally.  An athlete must be ready in both areas.  My oldest son is 10 years old, so believe me when I say, I am asking myself the same questions.  Take a look at the best advice I can offer:
  • We have found that sometime in the 8th Grade is the best average time to attend.  Taking everything into consideration, this is when a camp is worth the money.  Freshman season is about to begin, the kids are anxious to learn, and they are usually ready both physically and mentally.  If an athlete is not ready physically, he will not want to practice the proper techniques that we will teach.  If an athlete is not ready mentally, he will not be able to focus and take in the instruction that you are paying for. 
  • We have had many athletes begin as early as 7th Grade (even 6th).  You know your son best.  If he wants to be out there, and you feel as though he is ready, then it is possible and has worked out in the past.  Note that he will be working with High School aged players.  If he is intimidated, this decision will backfire.  However, kicking is kicking.  It is not as if he is competing physically with them.  He is just kicking directly next to them. 
  • Your son has to want to attend a camp.  It should not be you that wants your son to attend a camp.  Believe me, if you push him to do something he doesn’t want, you are wasting your money and ruining a possible future career.

Things To Do Before Then:

  • Kickers/Punters are ATHLETES.  Keep your son in sports.  The more active he is, the better.  Play multiple sports.  Have him learn both team and individual sports.  And of course, one sport you might want to look very closely at is soccer.  If he plays football, by all means, have him try out to be the kicker. 
  • Focus on grades early. It is an important lesson to learn early on.  This will play a big role as to which high school he gets into in the coming years, and which college he will get into in the future.  It is never to early.  
  • Buy the Chris Sailer Kicking Instructional DVD.  For $55 this is a much better value at a young age.  The athlete can watch the DVD over and over both before and after he kicks/punts. 
  • A private lesson for 1 hour may be beneficial at some point after watching the DVD.  Feel free to call me and I will set you up with a great college kicker/punter that has trained under us and now works for us.  That way he can teach by example.  Your child will have a blast kicking with someone that he watches on TV.
  • Attend any Chris Sailer Kicking Camp, but do not participate.  There is no cost for this. Come introduce yourself to me, and have your child stay on the field for the instructional portions of the camp.  Many have taken advantage of this.  This is a great way to see if your son wants to attend the next camp, or if it is just too early.  Experience is the key to any development!

See your son at a future camp!  You better hope he is not in the graduating Class of 2019 or 2021 because my sons are already ranked #1 in the nation in their respective classes ;)!


September Recruiting – What Do I Do Now?

 September Recruiting – What Do I Do Now?

The anxiety that surrounds kicking, punting, and long snapping families this time of year is unparalleled.  It is September and you have not received an offer, you have not received a phone call, you aren’t getting responses from coaches, and the mail has slowed down.  The classic response…..panic.  Let me tell you from experience, there is absolutely no reason to panic.  (For reference read Rubio’s Blog – Waves of Recruiting)  This slow period of recruiting and lack of offers and communication is what 99% of specialists feel this time of year.  12 Chris Sailer Kicking Kickers/Punters have verbally committed to D1 school.  Hundreds are still waiting for that sigh of relief.  Take a deep, remain calm, and keep your focus on the goal.  If you do the right things from now until August, you will end up where you belong!  Read below a few pointers that will help you relieve some anxiety.

1. College coaches are focused on the season right now.  They have the first game of the year coming up and their stress level is off the charts.  Believe me when I say, the last thing on their mind is recruiting a kicker/punter.  They want to win that game, be the coach responsible for the win, and save their job so that they have a chance to recruit you down the line.  I always take my vacation in late August because I know how slow this time of year is.

What should you do?  Focus on the season.  Let your mind at ease when it comes to recruiting.  Start to gather some great practice footage and get it loaded to YouTube for future use.  Also contact any and all schools and ask to be put on their recruit list for their upcoming games.  You will get free tickets and get your face and name in front of that college coach at a crucial time (believe me). 

2. The games begin.  Some college team win games.  Some college teams lose games.  Some kickers and punters have tremendous success.  Other kickers and punters cost their team the game.  Some that were expected to be great, wet the bed.  Some that were expected to struggle, step up.  The bottom line is, neither you nor the college coach can predict what will happen.  But, after 2-3 games college coaches need to make moves to save their jobs and because the head coach is all over them.  So, they open up recruiting again to specialists.

What should you do?  After each game put together highlight clips.  Add of a few of those practice shots you stored.  Get it on YouTube and call it Week 1 Highlights.  Do the same after Week 2 and Week 3.  After 3 weeks, email that film to every single college coach in America.  This isn’t hard.  Get online and find the email addresses.  Or get with NCSA immediately to help you. Or both.  Call any school that you had previous contact with, reestablish the connection and your interest in that school. Call new schools that you have done research on.  Don’t ask for a scholarship, simply express your desire to play for them.  Focus on all levels, not just D1. 

3.  More and more kickers and punters start to get offers and commit.  Odds are, you still aren’t one of them.  It’s ok, don’t panic.  Your time will come when the school and fit is right for you.

What to do?  Keep on the same pattern as #2.  Never get too high and too low.  You will get disappointed more times then not.  Most important keep every option open.  You never know what can and will happen.  I have seen it all.  Load video and email after every game.  Have it ready for college coaches to view.  Be patient and know that your time will come.

Final Pointers:
A. D1A schools will recruit you.  Believe me, they will find the best of the best.  D1AA – NAIA schools need you to recruit them.  Express interest, make calls, send emails, take visits to schools of all levels that have what you are looking for (location, academics, major, weather, etc. etc.).  Small schools would love to get a call from a top 20 kicker, punter, or long snapper.

B. Take unofficial visits.  Get your face in front of coaches.  Set up tours on campuses.  Get to games as as a recruit (see earlier point).  The more proactive you are, the better.

C. The kicker, punter, or long snapper should be the one speaking, not the parent.  The parent can and should help with letters, making film, prepping conversations, etc.  But the coach wants the player to be the one that wants this.  He wants to see the desire and focus of the player.  READ RUBIO’S BLOG FOR REFERENCE

D. It is never too late.  Get this out of your head.  I have hundreds of stories – too many to share (way more than those precious 12 early commitments).  If you are reading this blog and follow what I say, you will be added to that list of stories.  Make sure to get to a Chris Sailer Kicking Nike Fall Camp & the 10th Annual National Kicking Event in Las Vegas.  THESE ARE HUGE FOR YOU! Ask any college coach in America. Recruiting ends in August of your senior year, until then, stay focused on the task at hand.  It will pay off for the rest of your life. 

Best of luck….this is just a sample.  Keep reading the Chris Sailer Kicking Blogs and the Chris Rubio Long Snapping Blogs for more information!  Have a great season and get to work!


Nike Fall Camps

Chris Sailer Kicking – Nike Fall Camps
As the season gets under way, questions are beginning to pour in asking….what’s next?  How do I get better? How do I get recruiting exposure?  The answer is simple – do your muscle memory drills 7 days a week, continue with private and group lessons (Chris Sailer Kicking small group lessons will resume the weekend of September 10-11), and attend an upcoming Chris Sailer Kicking Nike Fall Camp.  The next question is…..What exactly is a Nike Fall Camp and how do I benefit?  Take a look!

Nike Fall Camp Facts:

  • 1-day camps (9:00 – 4:00) run by Chris Sailer Kicking.  Nike is the sponsor that helps promote Chris Sailer Kicking.  
  • Camps that are open on a first come, first serve basis.  You DO NOT have to be invited to attend.  These are also NOT qualifying camps for the 10th Annual National Kicking Event (also open on a first come, first serve basis.) Players of ALL skill levels may attend.  There is a positive experience for everyone. 
  • All camps are run by Chris Sailer.  I am present at every single camp that I run.  
  • Camps are kept to a maximum number of students.  I am very involved in the instruction.  Camps are kept small to insure the best possible learning experience.  The instruction is top notch. 
  • Camps include: instruction, film evaluation, recruiting meetings, and competition.
  • The winner of each Nike Fall Camp receives a FREE admission to the 10th Annual National Kicking Event (camp fee only). 
  • Articles are written on ChrisSailerKicking.com, ESPN.com, Scout.com, Rivals.com and many more.  No one offers better exposure. 
  • Camp Dates: CA – 9/25 (Notre Dame HS), IL – 10/2 (Saint Patrick HS), TX 10/30 (TBD), NC 12/10 (Charlotte Christian HS), 12/11 (Roswell HS).
  • Every camp will SELL OUT.  Register early to get in and enjoy a great experience. Most camps sell out about a month prior.  CLICK HERE
Former NC Winner Paul Griggs went on to earn a full scholarship to Purdue!  Who will be next?


Chris Sailer Kicking – The Camp System

Chris Sailer Kicking – The Camp System

There seems to be a lot of confusion with the kicking camp process these days.  With the dozens of start up kicking camp businesses per month, the huge marketing campaigns, and bogus “invite only” camps where everyone seems to be invited, I can understand why our new students might be confused about the Chris Sailer Kicking camp process.  Here it is in the most precise way I can explain it. 

First and most important:


Chris Sailer Kicking, along with its sponsor Nike, run dozens of local, regional, and national kicking and snapping camps per year.  We visit Chicago IL, Charlotte NC, Atlanta GA, Dallas TX, and Los Angeles CA three times per year for our regional Nike Fall (September – December), Nike Spring (February – May), and Nike Summer (June – August) camps.  These camps are limited in attendance and offer the best 1-day kicking camp experience in the business.  These are NOT invite only camps.  They are open on a first come first serve basis.  These are not qualifying camps, they are simply a great way to get instruction and possibly get ranked by Chris Sailer Kicking.

The Annual National Kicking Events in Las Vegas are run each January and May (Spring Event).  These are the biggest and most important kicking camps in the world.  They are held during the most important recruiting times of the year.  Participants from every state and many countries attend.  Ask any college coach, high school coach, and former participant and you will understand the magnitude and exceptional experience these camps offer.  These are NOT invite only camps.  They are open on a first come first serve basis.  They are great for players of ALL skill levels.  The experience is one of a kind. 

Along with the National Events come 2 great ways to prepare.  The Prep Camps (run one week prior) and the Small Group Sessions (run one day prior). These camps offer the opportunity to prepare for the biggest kicking camps in the world.  These are NOT invite only camps.  They are open on a first come first serve basis.

We run 1 (ONE) “Invite Only” camp per year.  This is the “TOP 12” and “Event Elite” camp that is run in June/July.  You must be invited by Chris Sailer (K/P) or Chris Rubio (LS) to attend this camp.  To be invited, we must see you participate on the biggest stage (The Vegas Events).  Those that prove they are D1 Scholarship Level Players, get invited.  This is ONLY the best of the best.  We must see you in person.  This is the highest quality kicking, punting, and long snapping camp in the world at the high school/junior college level.  Ask anyone is this business and they will tell you.  The reputation of this camps speaks for itself.  You must earn that yellow shirt, they are not handed out. 

Chris Sailer Kicking has been approached by over 80 D1A Universities to help run their college summer camps.  We are currently working with Alabama, Oregon, LSU, and Tennessee per our choice and current relationships.  These are NOT Chris Sailer Kicking camps, they are University camps.  There is no ranking and evaluation done for Chris Sailer Kicking at these camps.  These are camps that are run and processed by the universities and the NCAA. 

Chris Sailer Kicking has recently developed a strong relationship with the incredible talent in Australia.  I will travel to Australia once per year to make sure the college scouts are aware of the exceptional talent in Melbourne and Sydney and surrounding cities.  Kicking is worldwide and I will be there.  

We also hold both private and small group sessions throughout the year.  We also have available staff throughout the country if additional help is needed.  We work with youth, high school, junior college, college, and pro athletes.  We are available to specialists almost everywhere year round.

We work with ESPN, SCOUT, RIVALS and every other major recruit website on the internet.  Don’t be fooled –  no one is exclusive.  But we are the most trusted. 

Pictured: Rubio and Sailer

Chris Sailer Kicking is not a recruiting company.  We are the best instructional camp and exposure business for specialists in the nation. 

See you soon at a Chris Sailer Kicking camp near you!


Recruiting – 5 Separating Factors

Recruiting for Kickers/Punters: 5 Separating Factors

Recruiting is a very difficult, yet extremely rewarding process to go through.  Throw in the fact that you are a kicker or punter, makes it that much challenging.  Let’s assume that your on the field talent is identical to the thousands of national prospects going through the same process as you (this happens ALL THE TIME).  College coaches will look for separating factors when making a decision worth thousands of dollars and 4 to 5 years of their time.   They are making an investment and they will do the proper research to find “their guy”.  No matter what level prospect you are, you are competing for a prized position on a football team that will help you earn a valuable degree. Take a look at 5 of the most important separating factors that may land you a big time scholarship or walk on opportunity. 

1. Grades and Test Scores
The prospect with the best grades and test scores (SAT & ACT) will jump out to a big lead.  A coach wants their kicker or punter to cause no problems with admissions and boost the GPA of the football team for years to come.  See you school counselor, understand the NCAA clearinghouse, and seek information for what it takes to get into every school in the country! 

2. Character
No off the field problems.  No problems with a football coach, teacher, etc.  Coaches want a leader.  When a college coach does his research, he will talk to your kicking coach, football coach, principal, teachers, counselors, etc.  The answers better come back clean and with key words such as: leader, punctual, hard working, coachable, etc.  Clean up your facebook, twitter, blog, myspace, etc. now.  It is your online application.

3. Extracurricular Activities
The more you do, the more valuable you are.  Anything you can list on your application such as school president, clubs, charity work, etc. will get you one step ahead.  Coaches love to see a wellounded student athlete. 

4. Combo Player
The more you can do on the field, the more recruitable you are.  If you are a kicker, the question, “Can he punt”?, will come up.  If you are a punter, the question, “Can he kick”?, will come up.  If the answer is yes, you have just taken a major lead in the recruiting game.  If your skill level shows starting ability at both positions, you save a team a scholarship.  If your skill level shows adequate ability, you can be counted to back up the starter on the road.  In college football, due to roster limits, this is HUGE! 

5. Relationship With The Coach
Coaches are recruiting YOU, not your parents.  If your parents annoy a coach, they will not recruit you.  So, you make the phone calls, answer the questions posed on trips and visits, and ultimately show the desire to play for that program.  Parents are encouraged to help you through the process, but coaches want to recruit a self-motivated athlete.   Get yourself in front of that coach as often as possible, make visits, get on the recruit list for games.  The more the coach gets to know you in a positive way, the better chance you have of being recruited.  They will go with who they are familiar with and who they “like” the most in the end.  They will spend every day with you for the next 4 to 5 years, think about it. 

Keep these 5 separating factors in mind and start setting your goals early on.  Everything you do from this day forward will ultimately effect your opportunity to play college football, where you play college football, and the degree you will earn and use for the rest of your life!


College Camps

College Camps

I’ve never received more calls, emails, texts etc. concerning college camps.  The confusion surrounding these camps is more than apparent.  Here are some answers to the most common questions.

  • College camps are put on by the University and more specifically the football department.  These are NOT Chris Sailer Kicking or any other kicking services camps.  Don’t be confused or fall for any false advertising.  Universities may hire an outside kicking services to come in and coach.  I  have been asked to run over 80 of these camps over the years.  Due to limited time, we can only do a handful.  We currently work for LSU, Alabama, Oregon, and Tennessee. 
  • We cannot and will not rank you on www.ChrisSailerKicking.com based on your performance at a college camp.  This is per NCAA rules.  We do not evaluate at these camps.  Do not mistake a college camp as a Chris Sailer Kicking camp or any other kicking service camp. 
  • These camps are tryouts.  Treat them as such.  There are 3 reasons to attend (try out for the coaches, gain experience, simply enjoy being on a college campus and football field).  
  • Be smart about the camps you choose.  Attend camps that you have a legitimate shot at playing at that level.  Otherwise you will get lost in the crowd.  
  • Contact coaches both before and after camp via phone and email.  Let them know you will be attending and link your highlight video.  Ask them to keep an eye on you.  Also try to set up a campus tour, meetings, etc.  Follow up after the camp to ask you did and where you stand. 
  • Make sure to introduce yourself to the coach you have been contacting once you arrive at camp and have a chance.  He needs to put the name and face together.  Also thank him, say your name, and shake his hand after camp.  
  • Many of these camps are way to long and allow for way to much kicking.  Watch your reps and kick when it counts.  
  • If the instruction is not what you are used to or believe in, nod your head, smile, and continue to go about your business.  
  • You cannot sign up through www.ChrisSailerKicking.com.  You must register through the University.  
  • Why do these camps cost less?  They hire one kicking coach for sometimes over 100 players.  You will not receive the individual attention, instruction, and evaluation as you normally would at a CSK camp.  
  • College camps are a great chance to have a coach see you perform in person which may ultimately decide scholarship decisions. How do they notice you….you have to be the best.  I recommend top D1 seniors to be and the top 10 K/P in the nation juniors to be attend.  
  • Don’t just visit D1 schools during the summer.  Hit all levels.  Be realistic and create opportunities.  
  • If you can’t make the camp due to a scheduling conflict, ask the coach if you can come on a different date.  If he makes an effort, he is interested.  If he doesn’t, you know where you stand. 

Best of luck to all of our Chris Sailer Kicking specialists!