The Value of Exposure

The Definition of Exposure is: the condition of being presented to view or to be made known.

This definition couldn’t be more relevant to the ultra-competitive landscape of High School Football and College Recruiting. It is more important now than ever to expose your talents to various Universities looking for top-level talent. Obviously, there are many ways to do this especially with the rise of various technologies like YouTube, Social Media and recruiting websites. However, this is not enough, you need to surround yourself with camps, organizations and people who are connected to these various Universities and whose opinions and recommendations are taken into the highest of consideration.

Chris Sailer Kicking is this Organization. CSK offers the MOST exposure in the country for high school Kickers and Punters. When a College Football Program is looking for a top level Kicker or Punter CSK is its first stop. Chris Sailer Kicking covers all aspects of exposure for its players including; Camps, National Events, Online Media, Player Rankings, Player Profiles, Social Media and probably the most important is the relationships CSK has with major College Football programs.

This has never been more evident than the recent story of Nicolas O’Toole. O’Toole was a virtually unknown Punter at Fullerton JC in Southern California. That all changed in a matter of days after attending the Chris Sailer Kicking National Event last month, where O’Toole performed at a very high level. This performance landed him a Top 12 ranking by Chris Sailer. Major College Football programs wait for this covenant list to come out after every one of CSK’s National Events to see who is ranked where and which players are still available. O’Toole was snatched up immediately by West Virginia University and was offered a fullide scholarship as a Punter.  Click Here to read more about O’Toole.

Exposure: the condition of being presented to view or to be made known.

Chris Sailer Kicking


National Signing Day Recap – Chris Sailer Kicking





Chris Sailer Kicking is proud to announce this years crop of Kickers and Punters that have signed national letters of intent to play at their respected schools. We couldn’t be more proud of these young men. Here is a list of today’s commits (click on their name to learn more about them):


Michael Geiger – Michigan State

Matt Wogan – Oregon

Connor Derby – Central Washington

Austin Macginnes – Kentucky

Daniel Cadona – Louisiana Lafayette

Jimmy Hutchinson – Auburn

Nicholas O’Toole – West Virginia

Jed Barnett – Oklahoma

Matt Anderson – CAL

Ty Cummings – Houston

Cameron Van Winkle – Washington

Sean Covington – UCLA

Joey Cejudo – Youngstown State

Jonathan King – Tennessee Tech

Jonathan Barnes – Louisiana Tech

Cody Thornton – Graceland

Mitchell Howard – Army

Joe Pierik – Cornell

Chris Callahan – Baylor

Canon Rooker – Middle Tennessee

Bryan Holmes – Yale

Blake Brewer – Charlotte

Austin Shoemake – Southern Arkansas

Colin McGuire – Fresno State

Stephen Brauchle – Louisiana Lafayette

Aron Morgan – Penn

Brett Rattan – Stephen F. Austin

Roldan Alcobendas – Eastern Washington

Mateo Buraglia – Bucknell

Joseph Occhipinti – Western Kentucky

Sean Slattery – Illinois State

Ike Fuchs – Wesleyan

Tyler Sarrazin – Southern Miss

Michael Mesh – Kansas

Mitchell Ludwig – Virginia Tech

Nick Neidig – Southern Illinois

Robert Boggs – Air Force

James McGee – Arkansas Monticello

Alex Gakenheimer – Dartmouth

Ben Kepley – Dartmouth

Brandon McKee – South Alabama

Luc Swimberghe – Sam Houston State

Dylan Torgerson – Mayville State

Colby Wadman – UC Davis


Preferred Walk Ons:

Andrew Antognoli – Notre Dame

Elliott Fry – South Carolina

Andrew Gantz – Tennessee

Cody Wicker – Texas A&M

Will O’Briant – North Carolina

Chris Gulla – Penn State

Bret Miller – Arizona

Redford Jones – Tulsa

JJ McGrath – Michigan

Spencer Landfried – North Carolina

Alex Louthan – West Virginia

Mikael Sroka – UTEP


Chris Sailer Kicking Punter Nicholas O’Toole commits to West Virginia

The exposure that Chris Sailer Kicking gives to its players has never been more evident in the recent success story of Fullerton JC Punter Nicholas O’Toole.  A virtual unknown on the recruiting scene after his first year at Fullerton Junior College, O’Toole planned on returning to the school for his sophomore season. Those plans changed after the Chris Sailer Kicking National Event last month in Las Vegas.

After an impressive showing at the Event, O’Toole was named to the “Top 12” coming out of the camp and opened many eyes at the D1 level. The 6’4” 215 pound O’Toole possesses the ideal size and strength to thrive at the next level and into the NFL.

Chris Sailer Kicking introduced O’Toole to the staff at West Virginia University and to say they were impressed is an understatement, in fact they were so impressed they offered O’Toole a full scholarship. O’Toole will sign his letter of intent to play for the Mountaineers on National Signing Day February 6th 2013.

This is true example of the power of exposure and relationships in the world of Kicking and Punting and Chris Sailer Kicking has both. O’Toole no doubt has the skills and talent to warrant a D1 Scholarship, but he needed the added exposure and CSK gave it to him. Chris Sailer Kicking couldn’t be more excited and proud of the future that awaits Nicholas O’Toole at West Virginia.

Look for O’Toole to star for the Mountaineers in the coming years.



Chris Sailer Kicking’s Jonathan King Commits to Tennessee Tech

The no. 4 punt prospect in the nation, Jonathan King, has committed to Tennessee Tech after careful consideration of multiple programs.  The 6’1”, 160 pound King has chosen to stay close to home as he fulfilled his wishes of nestling in to a school that feels like the perfect academic fit. As a 2012 National Event Punt finalist, and the 2012 Vegas Initial Round Punt Champion (Class of 2013,) King has been a student of CSK since 2011. King’s technique and consistency rank among the best in his class, and we wish him well as we send him off to college ball.

Jonathan King



The Value of 1 on 1 Coaching

While practicing with the team is a great way to improve a player’s overall football abilities and helps create a solid base of teamwork, there are certain skills that are hard to master when working in a team situation. Some of the most notable examples of this are kicking and punting. In a normal practice situation, the Kicker does not get the opportunity to utilize these skills as often as is necessary to develop them to their fullest. Additionally, many great football coaches do not have the knowledge necessary to bring out the best in a Kicker or Punter. Because of this, finding 1 on 1 coaching for kicking and punting is essential—to help a player reach his potential.

A professional kicking instructor and kicking camps prove to be the best way to teach this important skill. The best in the business is Chris Sailer Kicking. In addition to providing the coaching necessary to develop the player and bring out the best, Chris Sailer Kicking is THE SOURCE for college recruiting and exposure as well—offering a wellounded package of benefits to up and coming Kickers and Punters of all skill levels.

Stay tuned for updates from our National Events this week in Las Vegas:





Chris Sailer Kicking and Rubio Long Snapping Alums Square off in Denver this Weekend!

This weekend’s Divisional AFC Playoff game in Denver, CO featuring the Baltimore Ravens vs. the Denver Broncos includes two Chris Sailer Kicking and Rubio Long Snapping alums. The featured alums are both rookies and stars in the making.

Justin Tucker Kicker for the Baltimore Ravens is having a phenomenal season and was just a few votes away from being selected for the Pro Bowl. Tucker has connected on 30 of 33 field goals this year and has been a reliable asset on special teams for the AFC North Champs Ravens.

Denver Broncos Long Snapper Aaron Brewer is another standout Rookie out of San Diego State. Brewer has started all 16 games this season and will look for his first playoff victory this weekend. Brewer beat out veteran Long Snapper Lonie Paxton in training camp and has never looked back.

Look for these two Rookies in the game’s most critical moments to see who comes out on top.

Chris Sailer Kicking and Rubio Long Snapping are proud of the success of these two great football players on and off the field.

Good Luck guys!

Aaron Brewer Denver Broncos Long Snapper

Baltimore Raven's kicker Justin Tucker

Baltimore Raven’s Kicker Justin Tucker


Semper Fi All American Bowl Kickers and Punters chosen by Chris Sailer Kicking

Look for the 4 Kickers and Punters chosen by Chris Sailer Kicking in tonight’s Semper Fi All American Bowl. The game is nationally televised on the NFL Network and kickoff is tonight at 6pm PST at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA.

The 4 nationally ranked kickers and punters include:

Punters – Jimmy Hutchinson (Auburn Commit) Andrew Antognoli (Harvard Commit)

Kickers – Michael Geiger (Michigan State Commit)  and Matt Anderson (CAL Commit)

Click Here for more information on tonight’s game. Congratulations to these 4 fine young men!

Andrew Antognoli (Harvard Commit)

Jimmy Hutchinson (Auburn Commit)

Matt Anderson (CAL Commit)

Michael Geiger (Michigan State Commit)



Michael Geiger commits to Michigan State!

Number 1 ranked Chris Sailer Kicking standout Michael Geiger has committed to Michigan State University. This news comes as a bit of a shock, not cause of Geiger’s talent (he has a ton), but the fact that he was previously committed to Boston College.

The 5’9″ Geiger will have an opportunity to compete for the starting kicker role in 2013, since Michigan State’s current kicker Dan Conroy is a Senior.

Look for Geiger to make an early impact in 2013 for the Spartans!


Dean Crozier has Committed to Rutgers!

Every February, on a yearly trip to Australia to evaluate Australian Punters, Chris Sailer Kicking discovered Dean.  He had only been punting for a few months when we took him on and trained him just February of this year.

During his training, realizing he was a special kicker, he was encouraged to attend our 11th Annual National Kicking Spring Event in Las Vegas, which happens in May.  Coming from Aussie football, he really performed at a high level and impressed everyone.  Chris Sailer Kicking then got him publicity by getting him all over the National Radar for schools looking for a punter of his caliber.

Dean may end up being one of the best punters to ever come through Chris Sailer Kicking.  He has the physical size and strength to dominate the D1 level.  Even though he just has recently picked up punting, he has made tremendous strides in a short amount of time. A big time prospect that has NFL written all over him with hard work.  At 6’7″ tall and 242lbs, he is a very big prospect for kicking!

Dean Crozier is the second of CSK’s Australian Punters to commit in this class (we have 3 per year).  Daniel Cadona committed to Lousiana Lafayette early this year also.

Here is a link to Dean’s Chris Sailer Kicking Profile.  Take note that his National Rank is currently 9th!

Watch this video now and see for yourself!


Going to Las Vegas in 2013

Making Vegas Travel Easy…
After 10 years of holding the Chris Sailer Kicking Annual National Kicking & Snapping Event at UNLV in Las Vegas, things have finally changed.  Although change sometimes isn’t easy to accept, we will make this transition as easy as possible for all of Kickers, Punters, and Long Snappers.  The NCAA has enforced a new rule that states outside services can no longer run camps on D1A college campuses.  So we move on.

The 11th Annual National Kicking Event will take place at Faith Lutheran High School.  After months of research, we have found the ideal campus to host this huge event.  The days events and all scheduling will run just like in the past…exactly the same way you are used to.

After hundreds of emails and phone calls answering questions about the location, hotel, etc., I decided it would be best to take a trip and map out exactly what it is you should expect.  Take a look and plan your weekend accordingly.

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