2018 NC Spring Camp Recap – Nolan Parris Steps Up!

The road to Vegas XXXII is hitting stride as athletes from around the nation are preparing. The most recent camp on the 2018 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour took place in Charlotte on March 11th. North Carolina has become a hotbed for kickers, punters & long snappers over the past decade. Camden Lewis, Ben Kiernan & Evan Davis ‭of NC have already earned invitations to the TOP 12 Camp and many others will have a real shot coming up in Las Vegas this May. Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion
Nolan Parris (2019, NC) – The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student is really starting to come into his own. He shows great ability in all 3 skills (field goal, kickoff & punt). On this day he won the field goal completion by staying smooth and consistent all day and showing he had 50+ yard range off the ground. Nolan is a fantastic prospect that should dominate Vegas XXXII and challenge for a TOP 12 spot.

Kickoff Champion
George Georgopoulos (2018, SC) – George has had a tremendous run with Chris Sailer Kicking over the past 6 months. He was the Kickoff Champion at the 2017 NC Fall Camp. He followed that up by winning the overall Punt Championship at Vegas XXXI. Then signed a full scholarship with UMASS as a much deserved reward for his performances and abilities. He dominated kickoffs once again in NC and continues to prove that he will be special at the next level.

Punt Champion
Jonn Young (Transfer, NC) – Jonn is a punter that is transferring from West Virginia where he was on full scholarship. He still has 4 to play 4 and should be eligible immediately. The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student and former TOP 12’er & Vegas Punt Champion is a fantastic prospect. He is the compete package as a punter. His hands and footwork are clean, he is a smooth and consistent performer, he can directional punt with ease & he shows the ability to hit a big ball. He will make a fine addition to any college football program.

Top 2018 Prospects: George Georgopoulos, Jonn Young, Timo Bronn, Jimmy Chambers.

Top 2019 Prospects: Camden Lewis, Nolan Parris, Jason Stricker, Patrick Nations, Collin Smith, Avery Musick, Hunter Benton, Devin Baldwin, Jeremiah Kim, Logan Lupo, Justin Johnson, Mills Herlong, Will Griggs, Landon Fogleman, Brandon Dickerson, Avery Funderburk, Andrew Jenkins, Creed Ramsey, John Price, Lance Calcutt, Ryan Kasper, Zachary Baber.

Top 2020 Prospects: Holt Cloninger, Noah Burnette, Andrew Brown, Aidan Clark, Austin Browning, JonMichael Elliott, Luke Mickan, Tanner Robbins, Edward Dellinger, Henry Bishop, Jared Griffith, Jackson Kennedy.

Top 2021 Prospects: Zane Smith, Bailey Owens, Ayden McCarter, Brady Aldridge, Bryan Francis, Landon Knepp, Hunter Crupe IV.

Future Stars: Zane Davis, Cole Jordan.

The 2018 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour continues with camps in Seattle, WA (March 18), New Jersey (March 25), Phoenix, AZ (March 25), Chicago, IL (April 7), Atlanta, GA (April 22), Los Angeles, CA (May 6) and concludes with the big finale in Las Vegas on May 12-13, 2018. To more information and to register for future camps, visit ChrisSailerKicking.com


2017 Underclassmen Invitational – The Future is Here!

The 2017 Underclassmen Invitational took place in Tampa, FL on July 20-21, 2017. Two hundred plus of the nation’s top Class of 2019, 2020 & 2021 specialists made their way to Florida for one of the most popular camps of the year. This camp has quickly become my second favorite camp of the year, just behind the TOP 12 Camp.

The two day camp is about much more than just kicking and punting. This camp is as much about the parents and families as it is about the athletes. The two days are filled with kicking, punting, educational meetings, game shows, meals and gatherings. The three major goals of camp are improvement on the field, improvement off the field and becoming one family… #TeamSailer #SailerFamily. This camp sets up athletes and their families for a bright future in the world of kicking and punting.

The Underclassmen Invitational featured 200+ specialists from nearly every state in the U.S. ranging from Hawaii to New York. The camp also hosted a few players from outside of the U.S from as far away as Australia. Nearly 400 parents also attended and majority of participants brought the entire family along. Take a look at a day by day breakdown.

Day 1

Field Session: Four hours of total field time (2 Groups) where athletes are separated by position and graduation year. Each athlete was put into a group of 10 or less with 2 of Chris Sailer Kicking’s best instructors including Aaron Perez, Erik Folk, Tristan Vizcaino, Andrew Gantz, Blanton Creque, Cole Murphy and many more. Drills, field goals, kickoffs, punting and evaluation was the focus.

College & Pro Demo: Nick Folk of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made a special appearance to perform for the future of the sport. In the sprit of the Underclassmen Invitational he also brought along his 3-year old twin boys (they even attempted a few field goals). Folk, Vizcaino, Gantz, Creque, Murphy, Gonsoulin and more put on a show for the 500+ spectators.

Competition: At the end of each group session the athletes participated in a field goal last man standing competition. This is a famous Chris Sailer Kicking Competition that has challenged the best of the best for 17+ years of camps.

Class of 2019 Champion
Ryan Sanborn (CA) – The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking kicker/punter was stellar at all skills over the course of the two days. He won the field goal competition by connecting on 7-7 field goals with a long of 55 yards. Ryan continues to prove that he is a top national kicking and punting prospect. Ryan has a bright future with continued hard work.

Class of 2020 Champion
Tabor Allen (TX) – Tabor has been one of the most clutch performers in his class over the past few years. He is always at his best once it is time to compete. A great athlete that already kicks field goals off the ground. He went 6-6 on field goals with a long of 55 yards to win it. Even more impressive, he did it in rainy conditions toward the end of camp.

Class of 2021 Champion
David Kemp (KS) – David was clearly the standout performer in his class in Tampa. He is a fine young athlete with a big time leg. He kicks with nice technique and consistency. He also went 6-6 on on field goals with a long off 55 yards to win it. Look for David to be near the very top of the rankings with the Class of 2021 rankings are released this coming Fall.

Educational Meetings: Athletes and parents headed back to the hotel for two hours of educational meetings. Topics ranged from nutrition to training to social media to recruiting.

Game Show: The Kickers/Punters vs. Long Snappers Game Show has become one of the most popular Underclassmen Invitational traditions. This year, we decided to include the parents as well. After taking the crown in 2016, the Kickers/Punters were looking to go back-to-back. Unfortunately the Long Snappers came out on top. If you ask me, the questions were rigged ;). No worries, we will come back strong in 2018.

Family Dinner: Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping hosted a massive dinner in the hotel ballroom where all were invited. Salads, Pastas, Meatballs, Breads and an assortment of drinks were served. The atmosphere was full of smiles and laughter and the conversations were about much more than just football. It is safe to say that the dinner was a huge hit.

Day 2

Field Session: This was Competition Day. Athletes checked-in in groups of four and were charted individually through a circuit of field goals, kickoffs and punts. Results will be posted in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Competition: At the end of the charting session it was time for punters to compete in a head to head competition. Twenty three athletes qualified based on two days of evaluation. The intense competition put the punters head to head in a single elimination format.

Class of 2019 Champion
Austin McNamara (AZ) – The 6’4” punter stepped up when it counted the most. He punted several balls 40-50 yards with 4.3-4.7 hang time. In the end, he was able to edge out top prospects such as Ryan Sanborn and Ben Freehill with consistency. Austin has the tools to be a great college punter.

Class of 2020 Champion
Daniel Cristiani (IN) – Daniel did a great job over the course of the two days. This was his third camp with Chris Sailer Kicking and his hard work is paying off. Daniel is a talented athlete that has a bright future with continued hard work.

Q & A With Sailer & Rubio: Athletes and parents headed back to the hotel for a Question & Answer session. Questions were answered, pictures were taken and final goodbyes were said.

Underclassmen Invitational Additional Awards

Top 22 – 2019 Overall Standouts (in alphabetical order)
Andrew Weil (SC)
Anthony Tom-Makue (HI)
Austin McNamara (AZ)
Ben Freehill (IL)
Bijan Nichols (TX)
Brandon Petruescu (CA)
Bryce Law (CA)
Cale Nation (MS)
Chandler Caughron (TN)
Cole Johnson (AZ)
Dylan Orr (CA)
Gavin Wale (NV)
Jack Martin (AL)
Joseph Stoll (OH)
JT Turner (MI)
Mason Molique (KY)
Michael Hayes (SC)
Noah Grant (TN)
Ryan Fitzgerald (GA)
Ryan Sanborn (CA)
Tyler Keltner (FL)
Tucker Barefoot (MS)

Anthony Tom-Makue (HI)

Top 10 – 2020 Overall Standouts (in alphabetical order)
Andrew Brown (NC)
Brett Money (NM)
Brock Travelstead (GA)
Cole Hussung (IN)
Daniel Cristiani (IL)
Dillon Fedor (NV)
Holt Cloninger (NC)
James Williams (GA)
JJ Wadas (IN)
Tabor Allen (TX)

Cole Hussung (IN)

Top 5 – 2021 Overall Standouts (in alphabetical order)
Andres Borregales (FL)
David Kemp (KS)
Ivan Shuran (OH)
Joshua Lopez (FL)
Luke Wayson (MD)

Do you want to be a part of the 2018 Underclassmen Invitational? See you at Chris Sailer Kicking Camp soon. The Fall Schedule is now posted and open for registration. To be the best, train and compete with the best. Expect greatness! For more information, details and rankings visit www.ChrisSailerKicking.com


CSK Veteran Justin Smith Wins the NC Summer Camp!

The Chris Sailer Kicking 2017 Summer Camp Tour continued with a stop in Charlotte, NC on July 9th.  There was a great mix of talented veterans and newcomers hoping to step up and come out on top of the competition.  All in all, over 100 specialists from over a dozen states were in attendance ready to learn and compete with the best.  Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion
Justin Smith (2018, OH) – Coming off a strong performance at FBU Top Gun, the longtime Chris Sailer Kicking didn’t miss a beat.  He was the kickoff champion on the day with his biggest ball totaling 68 yards with 4.21 hang time.  He was also very competitive in both field goal and punt competitions.  Just is proving he is ready for the next level.

Field Goal Champions

Camden Wise (2018, VA) – The TOP 12’er proved exactly why he earned that honor earlier this year.  He won the field goal competition by hitting 6 straight field goals including a final kick of 55 yards.  He was also outstanding on kickoffs and punts.  Camden is a confident kicker that kicks and punts with great confidence.  He is going to be a fine college kicker.

Holt Cloninger (2020, NC) – Holt became one of the few 2020 specialists to win a major competition this year.  The #2 ranked kicker in the nation has a big time leg and already competes with the seniors.  On this day he won the field goal competition by hitting 5 straight field goals including a long of 53.  He was also very strong on kickoff.

Punt Champion
Hunter Braswell (2019, NC) – Hunter stepped up when it counted the most in Charlotte.  A top 2019 kicker, Hunter proved that he is also a very capable punter.  He averaged nearly 40 yards, with 4.3+ hang time.  The lefty has the ability to develop into a top national combo prospect.  Keep a close eye on this talented prospect.

Avery Fulton, Drew Gilbert, Micah Breckeridge, Michael Driscoll,  Wesley Strong, West Brownlee, Camden Wise, Hunter Baldwin, Jackson Brooks, Logan Bowers, Seth Harrison, Jimmy Chambers, Karch Kaspar, Justin Smith.

Top 2019 PROSPECTS: Jared Wheatley, Hunter Braswell, Lake Barrett, Ryan Castle, Caden Bonoffski, Camden Lewis, Joey Mitchell, Max Blitstein, Will Griggs, Evan Davis, Michael Boyle.

Top 2020 PROSPECTS: Benjamin Steele, Connor Rutledge, Graham Griffith, Jack Dunne, Luke Mickan, Grant Wood, Holt Cloninger, Quinn Castner.

Top Youth Prospects: Shane Nelson, Blake Craig.

This will be one of the biggest summers in Chris Sailer Kicking history. Up next, join us in Atlanta, GA (July 11), Chicago, IL (July 13) and Los Angeles, CA (July 27). This summer will also feature our 3 prestigious invite only camps (College, TOP 12 & Underclassman Invitational) in Tampa FL (July 14-21). For more information, rankings and camp registration visit ChrisSailerKicking.com To be the best, train & compete with the best. Get ready for greatness!


Chris Sailer Kicking, Vegas XXIX Competition Champions

Vegas XXIX – January 14-15, 2017

Camp Champions / Finals Round Results


Kicking – Evan McPherson (2018, AL)

Punting – Jake Camarda (2018, GA)

*Evan & Jake will receive FREE Chris Sailer Kicking Camps for 1 Full Year!

Saturday Competition Champions

Field Goal Last Man Standing Champions

Group 1 (Classes of 2020 & 2019) – Camden Lewis (2019, NC)
Group 2 (Class of 2018) – Matthew Brust (2018, FL) & Massimo Biscardi (2018, PA)
Group 4 (Class of 2018) – Evan McPherson (2018, AL)
Group 5 (Class of 2017, Junior College & Transfers) – Lorran Fonseca (JC, CA)

Punt Champions (Punters Only)

Consistency – Gavin Scully (JC, CA)
Last Man Standing – Matt Bazarevitsch (2017, CA)
Head to Head – Jack Brooks (TR, Australia)

Sunday Charting Results

Field Goal Champions:

Class of 2020: Holt Cloninger (NC) & JJ Wadas (IL)

Class of 2019: Carson Garrett (TX) & Brandon Petruescu (CA)

Class of 2018: Cody Williams (CA) & Quentin Wallace (IL)

Class of 2017/JC: Santiago Arango (CA) & Matt Hellen (IL)


Kickoff Champions:

Class of 2020: Brock Travelstead (GA)

Class of 2019: Chris Van Eekeran (IN)

Class of 2018: Evan McPherson (AL)

Class of 2017/JC: Daniel Gutierrez (CA) & Lorran Fonseca (CA)


Punt Champions:

Class of 2020: Holt Cloninger (NC) & Ethan DeLisle (UT)

Class of 2019: Chris Van Eekeran (IN) & Gavin Wale (NV)

Class of 2018: BT Potter (SC)

Class of 2017/JC: Daniel Gutierrez (CA) & Taylor Goettie (GA)


Sunday Finals Round Results


FINALS ROUND Field Goal Results – Head to Head (20 players advanced to the FINALS)

Round 1

Dylan Williams (CA) defeats Anthony Mosharrafa (AZ)

Brandon Petruescu (CA) defeats Carson Garrett (TX)

Keegan Weekley (TN) defeats Ashton Garner (MS)

Matthew Brust (FL) defeats Daniel Gutierrez  (CA)


Round 2

Quentin Wallace (IL) defeats Dylan Williams (CA)

Zach Sterr (NJ) defeats Micah Mizo (HI)

Santiago Arango (CA) defeats Brandon Petruescu (CA)

Matthew Hellen (IL) defeats Jake Smith (TX)

Cody Williams (CA) defeats Keegan Weekley (TN)

Evan McPherson (AL) defeats Blake Mazza (TX)

Matthew Brust (FL) defeats Holden Remme (CA)

Isaac Power (CO) defeats Jake Rittman (KS)


Round 3

Zach Sterr (NJ) defeats defeats Quentin Wallace (IL)

Matthew Hellen (IL) defeats Santiago Arango (CA)

Evan McPherson (AL) defeats Keegan Weekley (TN)

Matthew Brust (FL) defeats Isaac Power (CO)


Round 4

Zach Sterr (NJ) defeats Matthew Hellen (IL)

Evan McPherson (AL) defeats Matthew Brust (FL)



Evan McPherson (AL) defeats Zach Sterr (NJ)


FINALS ROUND Punting Results -Head to Head (16 players advanced to the FINALS)


Playoff Qualifiers, (selected by Chris Sailer Kicking Staff based on the results of the entire weekend)


Class of 2019: Gavin Wale (NV).


Class of 2018: Massimo Biscardi (PA), Dylan Brady (CA), Jake Camarda (GA), Landon Carter (TN), Drew Cassidy (OH), Chris Dunn (NC), Jake Haggard (CA), Preston Pitt (UT), Evan McPherson (AL), Anthony Mosharrafa (AZ), Bryson Porzenski (NC), BT Potter (SC), Isaac Power (CO), JP Rybus (CA), Clayton Stewart (TX), Nicholas Sciba (SC), George Triplett (WV).


Class of 2017: Matt Bazarevitsch (CA), Kane Bowen (CA), Bryan Clements (CA), Jack Geiger (CA), Taylor Goettie (GA), Daniel Gutierrez (CA), Jake Lane (AL), Tommy Martin (VA), Brian Papazian (CA), Bryce Webb (KY), Trevor Bowens (CA).


Junior College / Transfer: DJ Arnson (AZ), Cooper Garcia (CA), Gavin Scully (CA), Sean Young (FL), Jack Brooks (Australia).


Head to Head competition narrowed the field down to 16


Round of 16:

Jake Camarda (GA) defeats Jake Lane (AL)

Jack Geiger (CA) defeats Trevor Bowens (CA)

Isaac Power (CO) defeats Sean Young (FL)

Evan McPherson (AL) defeats Taylor Goettie (GA)

Bryan Clements (CA) defeats Gavin Scully (CA)

Jack Brooks (Australia) defeats Kane Bowen (CA)

DJ Arnson (AZ) defeats Massimo Biscardi (PA)

Tommy Martin (VA) defeats Chris Dunn (NC)



Jack Geiger (CA) defeats Jack Geiger (CA)

Isaac Power (CO) defeats Evan McPherson (AL)

Bryan Clements (CA) defeats Jack Brooks (Australia)

Tommy Martin (VA) defeats DJ Arnson (AZ)



Jake Camarda (GA) defeats Isaac Power (CO)

Tommy Martin (VA) defeats DJ Arnson (AZ)



Jake Camarda (GA) defeats Tommy Martin (VA)


Chris Sailer Kicking, Vegas XXIX Field Goal Results

Chris Sailer Kicking – Vegas XXIX 
January 14-15, 2017
Field Goal Results
Class of 2020/2021/2022
Place Name Score
T1 Cloninger, Holt 9
T1 Wadas, JJ 9
3 Fedor, Dillon 7
T4 D’Aquila, Ben 6
T4 Galluccio, Mitchell 6
6 Alvarez, George 5
T7 Awaida, Adam 4
T7 Buder-Nakasone, Treyden 4
T7 DeLisle, Ethan 4
T7 Maretzki, Quinn 4
T7 Money, Brett 4
T7 Olsen, Hayden 4
T7 Travelstead, Brock 4
T14 Correa, Christopher 2
T14 Farrell, Casey 2
T14 Stephenson, Sam 2
T17 Fetters, WIlliam 1
T17 Hausserman, Jacob 1
Class of 2019
Place Name Score
T1 Garrett, Carson 10
T1 Petruescu, Brandon 10
T3 Nation, Cale 9
T3 Schroeder, Cole 9
T3 Stricker, Jason 9
T3 Tom-Makue, Anthony 9
T3 Wale, Gavin 9
8 Molique, Mason 8
T9 Eisenkraft, David 7
T9 Turner, JT 7
T11 Horn, Timothy 6
T11 Lewis, Camden 6
T11 Martin, Jimmie 6
T11 Robertson, Trevor 6
T15 Baller, Cameron 5
T15 Law, Bryce 5
T15 McCoy, Josh 5
T15 Oswald, Jack 5
T15 Plaster, Josh 5
T15 Sanborn, Ryan 5
T15 Van Eekeren, Chris 5
T22 Jaridly, Ramzee 4
T22 Kempton, Asa 4
T22 Richardson, Taylor 4
T22 Schroeder, Ethan 4
T22 Vives, Basilio 4
T22 White, Jason 4
T28 Crosa, Griffin 3
T28 Cummins, Griffin 3
T28 Fowble, Luke 3
T28 Garelik, Joshua 3
T28 Hoban, Zach 3
T28 Vartanian, Christopher 3
T28 Ward, Thomas 3
T35 Abbes, Christopher 2
T35 Boschetti, Nico 2
T35 Dick, James 2
T35 Hier, Keaton 2
T35 Johnson, Cole 2
T35 Ross, Grant 2
T35 Yanni, Peter 2
T42 Hoiffman, Matthew 1
T42 Napuunoa, Garyn 1
44 Sharafatian, Cameron 0
Class of 2018
Place Name Score
T1 Wallace, Quentin 14
T1 Williams, Cody 14
3 Remme, Holden 12
4 Rittman, Jake 11
T5 Brust, Matthew 10
T5 Garner, Ashton 10
T5 McPherson, Evan 10
T5 Mosharrafa, Anthony 10
T5 Power, Isaac 10
T5 Smith, Jake 10
T5 Sterr, Zach 10
T5 Weekley, Keegan 10
T5 Williams, Dylan 10
T14 Calver, Jacob 9
T14 Camarda, Jake 9
T14 Campbell, Charles 9
T14 Cassidy, Drew 9
T14 Dunn, Chris 9
T14 Fineran, Mitchell 9
T14 Geddes, Campbell 9
T14 Gentner, Trevor 9
T14 Kiefer, Koby 9
T14 Likens, Jackson 9
T14 Morrell, Jack 9
T14 Rojas, Xavier 9
T14 Sciba, Nicholas 9
T14 Talley, Cole 9
T14 Wood, Chris 9
T29 Bader, Cade 8
T29 Biscardi, Massimo 8
T29 Brady, Dylan 8
T29 Lindquist, Jonathan 8
T29 Malsch, Hunter 8
T29 Mulreed, Aidan 8
T29 Sears, Aaron 8
T29 Sheidow, Campbell 8
T37 Cooney, Michael 7
T37 Culhane, Ajay 7
T37 Fellenzer, Eric 7
T37 Flintoft, Collin 7
T37 Haggard, Jake 7
T37 Hayes, Jake 7
T37 Karam, Victor 7
T37 Lipel, Jonah 7
T37 Rusch, Anthony 7
T37 Silverstein, Joshua 7
T37 Smelcer, Trey 7
T37 Stewart, Clayton 7
T49 Costello, Gavin 6
T49 Cutler, Nathen 6
T49 Fukuroda, Tyler 6
T49 Henderson, Sean 6
T49 Holous, Jacob 6
T49 Kooiker, Holden 6
T49 Krause, Adam 6
T49 Monkman, Ryan 6
T49 Price, Evan 6
T49 Rice, Javan 6
T49 Smith, Joshua 6
T49 Triplett, George 6
T49 Wolf, Jacob 6
T49 Faulkner, Bentley 6
T49 Clemente, Aidan 6
T64 Bobak, Michael 5
T64 Caves, Ryan 5
T64 Freibert, Christopher 5
T64 Heinrich, Matthew 5
T64 Jaeger, Matthew 5
T64 Kessler, Chris 5
T64 Meeks, Jacob 5
T64 Melton, Savana 5
T64 Porzenski, Bryson 5
T64 Potter, BT 5
T64 Rainey, Jacob 5
T64 Schoonover, Clark 5
T64 Taylor, McKay 5
T64 Veach, Jake 5
T64 Weires, Collin 5
T64 Wise, Camden 5
T80 Brody, Brandon 4
T80 Brooks, Jackson 4
T80 Byus, Drew 4
T80 Creed, Cody 4
T80 Dukes, Andrew 4
T80 Hardy, Alex 4
T80 Meader, Mark 4
T80 Moses, Hayden 4
T80 Narveson, Brayden 4
T80 Ruiz, Stephen 4
T80 Schorr, Dylan 4
T80 Trujillo, Jonathan 4
T92 Hanna, Cole 3
T92 Lerner, James 3
T92 March, Jared 3
T92 Pitt, Preston 3
T92 Shelbred, Perry 3
T92 Staurovski, Dalton 3
T98 Jones, Bryce 2
T98 Piwniczka, Zach 2
T98 Smith, Justin 2
T101 Brady, Con 1
T101 Goldy, Will 1
Class of 2017/JC
Place Name Score
T1 Arango, Santiago 11
T1 Hellen, Matthew 11
T3 Gutierrez, Daniel 10
T3 Mazza, Blake 10
T3 Mizo, Micah 10
T6 Fonseca, Lorran 9
T6 Leisle, Michael 9
T6 Norwood, Jefferson 9
T6 Todd, Gavin 9
T6 Vicente, Gabriel 9
T11 Maruyama, Kealii 8
T11 Padilla, Evan 8
T11 Schrag, Alex 8
T11 Sentkowski, Kyle 8
T11 White, Hunter 8
T16 Bowens, Trevor 7
T16 Carcamo, Tanner 7
T16 Eglin, Grady 7
T16 Grothaus, Parker 7
T16 McCartney, Grant 7
T16 Monaghan, Thomas 7
T16 Perez, Jose 7
T16 Zolferino, Torre 7
T24 Engel, Derrik 6
T24 Garcia, Cooper 6
T24 Kukahiko, Kalani 6
T24 Longhetto, Dario 6
T24 Testa, WIlliam 6
T24 Young, Sean 6
T30 Continente, Kyle 5
T30 Curtis, Joey 5
T30 Garcia, Daniel 5
T30 Goddin, Dallas 5
T30 Johnson, Chandler 5
T30 Usry, Alex 5
T36 Armstrong, Logan 4
T36 Aros, Aaron 4
T36 Cardillo, Jack 4
T36 Eggeman, Clay 4
T36 Hallman, Alec 4
T36 Hunt, Tyler 4
T36 Jensen, Storm 4
T36 Kharchenko, Mark 4
T36 Leonzo, Manuel 4
T36 Martin, Tommy 4
T36 Meyer, Tristan 4
T36 Miller, Trey 4
T48 Akubuo-Onweumeka, Prominence 3
T48 Barron-Rodriguez, Cesar 3
T48 Keasler, Hogan 3
T48 King, Liam 3
T48 Lane, Jake 3
T48 Weidlein, Matthew 3
54 Grant, Lane 2
T55 Andrew, Elton 1
T55 Mendez, Miguel 1
57 Ray, Hayden 0


Evan McPherson Comes Out On Top In Charlotte!

The road to Vegas XXIX continued with a stop in Charlotte, North Carolina on November 20th.  This was the largest fall camp to date filled with big time talent.  Dozens of athletes in attendance will soon be making an impact on Saturdays. The competition to make TOP 12 is heating up.  Take a look at the results.

img_2507Overall Camp Champion:
Evan McPherson (2018, AL) – The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking specialist is the real deal.  He is smooth and accurate on field goals and kicks with great consistency.  He has a D1 kickoff leg.  On this day he won the kickoff competition by hitting several balls over 70 yards with 4.0+ hang time.  Evan is also a strong punting prospect.  Overall he is a confident performer that does very well under pressure.

img_2520Field Goal Champions:
Nicolas Sciba (2018, SC) – Nicolas is proving that he has the tools to be an excellent college kicker/punter.  On this day he won a major field goal competition by hitting on 90% of his field goals with range up to 55 yards.  He averages over 65 yards on kickoffs with solid hang time.  He is also one of the more consistent punters in his class.  Nicolas has a great head on his shoulders and competes with the best of them.

img_2533Chris Dunn (2018, NC) – The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking specialist and Event Elite member is simply outstanding.  He is one of the strongest competitors that I have ever had the privilege of coaching.  He hits an extremely accurate ball and is unfazed.  He is also strong on kickoffs.  Chris is one of the most mentally ready high school players in recent years.  The NC State commit is special.


img_2518Camden Lewis (2019, NC) – Camden is starting to make some serious noise.  He is a great young athlete that is competing at the highest level.  He won a major field goal competition by nailing 8 straight field goals without a miss.  He is also well above his class on kickoffs.  Look for Camden to be one of the very best in his class.


img_1552Punt Champion:
John Brosnahan (2018, NC) – John has dominated several Chris Sailer Kicking camps with his consistency.  He averages well over 40 yards with 4.5+ hang time.  His footwork is solid and he’s able to control the ball well.  John has the tools to be excellent at the next level.


img_1536Top 2017 Prospect:
Tommy Martin (VA) – Tommy is a big time prospect.  He is a top 5 national punting prospect and a top 25 national kicking prospect.  A great athlete that has the tools to compete and excel at any college level.  Tommy is a competitor that does very well under pressure.  OFFER NOW!!!


2017 Standouts: Jefferson Norwood, Zach Stearns, Michael Leisle, Shawn Andrew

img_1478Top 2018 Prospect:
Skyler DeLong (SC) – Skyler is one of the best all around kicking/punting prospects in the nation without a doubt.  He has great range on field goals off the ground, kickoffs are college ready, and he crushes punts.  Skyler has all the tools to earn a D1 scholarship.


2018 Standouts: Ashton Garner, Bentley Faulkner, Bryce Christensen, Camden Wise, Cody Creed, Ford Williams, Hunter Malsch, Jackson Brooks, Robert Brown, Seth Harrison, Bryson Porzenski, Miller Kronk, Paxton Williamson, Ryan Caves

Other 2018 Top Prospects:  Aidan Mulreed, Andrew Curl, Andrew Souter, Daniel Brabaw, Hunter Baldwin, Jimmy Chambers, Josh Silverstein, LJ Miller, William Strain

Top 2019 Prospects: Jason Stricker, Evan Davis, Kyle Romenick, Jared Wheatley

2019 Standouts: Hunter Benton, Nolan Parris

Other 2019 Prospects: Ethan Barbee, Landon Fogleman, Max Blitstein, Will Griggs, Aldemar Jimenez, Caden Bonoffski, Christian McDonough, Drew Morais, Fletcher Whalen, Michael Hayes, Nathan Raney, Samuel Tindall, Trey Finison

Top 2020 Prospects: Holt Cloninger, Parker Hannon, Cole Hassung, Noah Burnette

Other 2020 Prospects: Mitchell Galluccio, Ben Dority, Grant Wood, Holland West, Justin Simmons, Nathan Veldman, Quinn Castner

Future Stars: Ivan Shuran, Braden Wood

Join Chris Sailer Kicking at the following locations to be a part of it: Dallas, TX (December 4), Phoenix, AZ (December 11), Atlanta, GA (December 18).  Then the big one, the Super Bowl for Kickers, Punters & Long Snappers, Vegas XXIX (January 14-15, 2017). To be the best, train and compete with the best.  For more information and complete results and player rankings, visit ChrisSailerKicking.com