STATS…. Chris Sailer Kicking – 2017 NFL, College, TOP 12, Event Elite, High School, Sailer Award Leaderboard

Chris Sailer Kicking – 2017 Leaderboard

NFL, College, TOP 12 & Event Elite, High School, Sailer Award

Chris Sailer Kicking will update the leader boards as the season goes on:
Last Update: 10/3/17

1. Chris Sailer Kicking NFL Leaderboard
*All NFL kickers/punters that have worked with Chris Sailer Kicking Staff

2. Chris Sailer Kicking College Leaderboard (D1)
*All 4-year college kickers/punters that have worked with Chris Sailer Kicking Staff

3. Chris Sailer Kicking “TOP 12″ & “Event Elite”
*Chris Sailer Kicking students that were selected as the nation’s very best in LAS VEGAS in 2017

4. Chris Sailer Award Leaderboard
*All high school kickers/punters are eligible for the Chris Sailer Award

5. Chris Sailer Kicking High School & Junior College Leaderboard
*All high school & junior college kickers/punters that have worked with Chris Sailer Kicking Staff

NFL Kicking:
Ryan Succop (Titans) 10-11 FG’s (Long 52) 10-10 Extra Points
Chandler Catanzaro (Jets) 9-11 FG’s (Long 52) 6-6 Extra Points
Ka’imi Fairbairn (Texans) 9-9 FG’s (Long 50) 11-12 Extra Points
Giorgio Tavecchio (Raiders) 7-7 FG’s (Long 52) 10-10 Extra Points
Dustin Hopkins (Redskins) 7-9 FG’s (Long 33) 10-10 Extra Points
Dan Bailey (Cowboys) 6-6 FG’s (Long 48) 10-10 Extra Points
Blair Walsh (Seahawks) 6-7 FG’s (Long 41) 8-9 Extra Points
Kai Forbath (Vikings) 6-7 FG’s (Long 45) 7-9 Extra Points
Nick Folk (Buccaneers) 6-8 FG’s (Long 50) 5-7 Extra Points
Randy Bullock (Bengals) 5-6 FG’s (Long 46) 7-7 Extra Points
Cody Parkey (Dolphins) 4-4 FG’s (Long 54) 1-2 Extra Points
Justin Tucker (Ravens) 4-6 FG’s (Long 42) 6-6 Extra Points

NFL Punting:
Brad Nortman (Jaguars) 47.2
Drew Kaser (Chargers) 46.7
Bryan Anger (Buccaneers) 46.2
Colton Schmidt (Bills) 46.1
Jeff Locke (Lions) 45.5
Bradley Pinion (49ers) 45.2
Tress Way (Redskins) 44.5
Ryan Allen (Patriots) 42.2

College Kicking (Top 10):
Jameson Vest (Toledo) 11-12 FG’s (Long 49) 15-15 Extra Points
Jonathan Barnes (Louisiana Tech) 11-14 FG’s (Long 52) 15-16 Extra Points
Jet Toner (Stanford) 9-9 FG’s (Long 40) 24-24 Extra Points
Daniel LaCamera (Texas A&M) 9-11 FG’s (Long 48) 22-22 Extra Points
Austin MacGinnis (Kentucky) 9-14 (Long 50), 14-14 Extra Points
Erik Powell (Washington State) 8-9 FG’s (Long 44) 25-25 Extra Points
John Barron II (San Diego State) 8-10 FG’s (Long 43) 18-18 Extra Points
Cole Murphy (Syracuse) 8-10 FG’s (Long 42) 16-17 Extra Points
Andy Pappanastos (Alabama) 8-11 FG’s (Long 46) 28-28 Extra Points
Blanton Creque (Louisville) 7-7 FG’s (Long 44) 23-23 Extra Points

College Punting (Top 10):
Ryan Stonehouse (Colorado State) 47.8
Corey Bojorquez (New Mexico) 47.2
Corey Fatony (Missouri) 46.7
Reid Budrovich (Southern Cal) 45.6
Logan Cooke (Mississippi State) 45.3
Shane Tripucka (Texas A&M) 45.2
Drew Galitz (Baylor) 45.2
Joseph Davidson (Bowling Green) 45.2
Jake Bailey (Stanford) 44.7
Joe Schopper (Purdue) 44.6
Tyler Newsome (Notre Dame) 44.6

TOP 12 & EVENT ELITE (High School/JC)
Field Goals:
8-10 Cameron Dicker (2018, TX)
6-8 Carson Garrett (2019, TX)
5-5 Jonah Lipel (2018, CA)
5-5 Gabe Boring (2018, TN)
5-6 BT Potter (2018, SC)
5-7 Nick Sciba (2018, SC)
5-9 Brayden Narveson (2018, AZ)
5-10 George Triplett (2018, WV)
4-4 Campbell Geddes (2018, CA)
4-5 Caleb Griffin (2018, IL)
4-6 Issac Power (2018, CO)
4-7 Mitchell Fineran (2018, GA)
4-8 Charles Campbell (2018, TN)
3-3 Derek Ng (2018, NV)
3-3 Andrew Rodriguez (JC, CA)
3-4 Quentin Wallace (2018, IL)
3-5 Chris Dunn (2018, NC)
3-5 Camden Lewis (2019, NC)
2-2 Dylan Williams (2018, CA)
2-2 Matt Jaeger (2018, MN)
2-2 Clayton Stewart (2018, TX)
2-2 Nick Mihalic (2018, IL)
2-3 Jacob Meeks (2018, TX)
2-3 Chris Kessler (2018, TX)
2-4 Dylan Brady (2018, CA)
1-1 Cody Williams (2018, CA)
1-3 John Mayers (2018, TX)

Longest Field Goals:
60 – Evan McPherson (2018, AL)
58 – Brayden Narveson (2018, AZ)
55 – Dylan Brady (2018, CA)
53 – Cameron Dicker (2018, TX)
51 – Charles Campbell (2018, TN)
48 – Gabe Boring (2018, TN)
47 – Andrew Rodriguez (JC, CA)
46 – Carson Garrett (2019, TX)
46 – Clayton Stewart (2018, TX)
45 – BT Potter (2018, SC)
45 – Mitchell Fineran (2018, GA)
44 – Issac Power (2018, CO)
42 – Dylan Williams (2018, CA)
41 – Chris Dunn (2018, NC)
41 – George Triplett (2018, WV)
41 – Nick Mihalic (2018, IL)
40 – Campbell Geddes (2018, CA)
40 – Nick Sciba (2018, SC)
39 – Chris Kessler (2018, TX)
38 – Jonah Lipel (2018, CA)
37 – Derek Ng (2018, NV)
35 – Caleb Griffin (2018, IL)
35 – Jacob Meeks (2018, TX)
35 – John Mayers (2018, TX)
33 – Quentin Wallace (2018, IL)
31 – Matt Jaeger (2018, MN)
26 – Cody Williams (2018, CA)

Extra Points:
35-35 Dylan Williams (2018, CA)
29-31 Caleb Griffin (2018, IL)
28-29 Issac Power (2018, CO)
28-31 Derek Ng (2018, NV)
26-26 Cody Williams (2018, CA)
26-27 Quentin Wallace (2018, IL)
24-24 Cameron Dicker (2018, TX)
24-24 Nick Sciba (2018, SC)
24-25 Jonah Lipel (2018, CA)
21-24 Charles Campbell (2018, TN)
20-21 Dylan Brady (2018, CA)
19-20 Carson Garrett (2019, TX)
19-21 Brayden Narveson (2018, AZ)
15-15 Mitchell Fineran (2018, GA)
14-16 BT Potter (2018, SC)
13-13 Andrew Rodriguez (JC, CA)
12-12 George Triplett (2018, WV)
12-12 John Mayers (2018, TX)
12-13 Jacob Meeks (2018, TX)
11-12 Matt Jaeger (2018, MN)
10-10 Chris Dunn (2018, NC)
10-10 Nick Mihalic (2018, IL)
9-11 Clayton Stewart (2018, TX)
6-6 Gabe Boring (2018, TN)

Kickoff Distance Average:
71.0 – Issac Power (2018, CO)
70.0 – BT Potter (2018, SC)
70.0 – Charles Campbell (2018, TN)
70.0 – Prominence Akubuo-Onwuemeka(JC, CA)
69.5 – Dylan Brady (2018, CA)
69.0 – Jonah Lipel (2018, CA)
68.0 – Gabe Boring (2018, TN)
67.5 – Brayden Narveson (2018, AZ)
67.2 – Andrew Rodriguez (JC, CA)
67.0 – Mitchell Fineran (2018, GA)
66.8 – George Triplett (2018, WV)
66.5 – Chris Dunn (2018, NC)
65.8 – Clayton Stewart (2018, TX)
65.6 – Cody Williams (2018, CA)
65.5 – Quentin Wallace (2018, IL)
65.0 – Campbell Geddes (2018, CA)
65.0 – Chris Kessler (2018, TX)
65.0 – Nick Mihalic (2018, IL)
65.0 – Caleb Griffin (2018, IL)
64.0 – John Mayers (2018, TX)
63.3 – Cameron Dicker (2018, TX)
63.0 – Dylan Williams (2018, CA)
63.0 – Jacob Meeks (2018, TX)
61.1 – Nick Sciba (2018, SC)
60.5 – Matt Jaeger (2018, MN)
59.0 – Derek Ng (2018, NV)

Punt Distance Average:
47.5 – Porter Wilson (2019, OH)
45.8 – Gabe Boring (2018, TN)
44.6 – Cade Pollard (2018, TX)
44.0 – Chris Kessler (2018, TX)
43.9 – George Triplett (2018, WV)
42.5 – Dylan Williams (2018, CA)
42.4 – Clayton Stewart (2018, TX)
42.0 – BT Potter (2018, SC)
42.0 – Brayden Narveson (2018, AZ)
42.0 – Adam Krause (2018, IL)
41.5 – Issac Power (2018, CO)
41.0 – Cody Williams (2018, CA)
40.6 – Charles Campbell (2018, TN)
40.0 – Nick Mihalic (2018, IL)
40.0 – Prominence Akubuo-Onwuemeka(JC, CA)
39.7 – Cameron Dicker (2018, TX)
39.6 – Chris Dunn (2018, NC)
39.5 – Caleb Griffin (2018, IL)
39.0 – Dylan Brady (2018, CA)
38.0 – Campbell Geddes (2018, CA)
37.5 – Andrew Rodriguez (JC, CA)
35.7 – Matt Jaeger (2018, MN)
33.4 – Derek Ng (2018, NV)
33.1 – Nick Sciba (2018, SC)
33.0 – Jonah Lipel (2018, CA)
33.0 – John Mayers (2018, TX)

Chris Sailer Award Leaders (Top 10)
Dylan Schorr (2018, GA) 10-10 FG’s (Long 44) 17-17 Extra Points
Ben Hadley (2019, Canada) 10-11 FG’s (Long  38) 22-22 Extra Points
Cory Munson (2019, GA) 10-13 FG’s (Long 51) 13-16 Extra Points
Fernando Ramirez (2018, GA) 9-10 FG’s (Long 44) 26-26 Extra Points
Jack Morrell (2018, CA) 9-10 FG’s (Long 42) 12-12 Extra Points
Bryce Christensen (2018, GA) 9-10 FG’s (Long 48) 8-9 Extra Points
Bryce Louters (2018, CA) 9-11 (Long 47) 11-15 Extra Points
Ryan Fitzgerald (2019, GA) 9-12 (Long 45) 20-20 Extra Points
Stockton Lund (2018, UT) 9-17 FG’s (Long 50) 18-18 Extra Points
Drake Lacina (2018, MO) 8-8 FG’s (Long 42) 22-23 Extra Points
Carter Raupach (2018, PA) 8-8 FG’s (Long 37) 23-25 Extra Points
Johon Rodriguez (2018, AZ) 8-8 FG’s (Long 46) 21-22 Extra Points

High School / Junior College Field Goals (7 or more FG’s):
10-10 Dylan Schorr (2018, GA)
9-10 Jack Morrell (2018, CA)
9-10 Bryce Christensen (2018, GA)
9-12 Ryan Fitzgerald (2019, GA)
8-9 Milan Dezelich (2018, IN)
8-10 Cameron Dicker (2018, TX)
8-10 Trevor Thompson (2018, OH)
8-11 Bryson Porzenski (2018, NC)
8-12 Caden Davis (2019, TX)
7-7 Timmy Bleekrode (2018, GA)
7-10 Robert Brown (2018, NC)
7-10 Cristian Alvarez (2018, NC)
7-11 Stephen Ruiz (2018, IL)
7-11 Preston Pitt (2018, UT)

50+ Yard Field Goals:
60 – Evan McPherson (2018, AL)
58 – Brayden Narveson (2018, AZ)
55 – Dylan Brady (2018, CA)
53 – Cameron Dicker (2018, TX)
52 – Bryson Porzenski (2018, NC)
51 – Charles Campbell (2018, TN)
54 – Evan Price (2018, CO)
52 – Evan Price (2018, CO)
52 – Michael Bobak (2018, PA)
51 – Brayden Narveson (2018, AZ)
51 – Bryson Porzenski (2018, NC)
51 – Blair Zepeda (2018, TX)
51 – Bryce Jones (2018, GA)
51 – Caden Davis (2019, TX)
50 – Sean Henderson (2018, GA)
50 – Sean Henderson (2018, GA)
50 – Ben Freehill (2019, IN)
50 – John Brosnahan (2018, NC)
50 – Stephen Ruiz (2018, IL)

** Bold = Kicker with multiple 50+ Yard FG’s

Punting (Top 10):
48.0 – Gabe Boring (2018, TN)
47.5 – Porter Wilson (2019, OH)
46.2 – Preston Pitt (2018, UT)
46.0 – Brandon Petruescu (2019, CA)
44.6 – Cade Pollard (2018, TX)
44.5 – Bryson Porzenski (2018, NC)
44.0 – Chris Kessler (2018, TX)
43.9 – George Triplett (2018, WV)
43.4 –  Joanly Martinez (2018, TX)
43.0 – Jacob Barnes (2019, LA)
42.9 – Adam Ieyoub (2018, LA)

*Stats are submitted personally by individual players or researched via Before any awards are given, stats will be double checked through proper resources.

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Chris Sailer Kicking – Week 2 College Players of the Week

Each week Chris Sailer Kicking will select College Players of the Week based off of performances from that week only.  Players selected are students of Chris Sailer Kicking and must have attended Chris Sailer Kicking camps or lessons.

Chris Sailer Kicking College Players of the Week:

Week 2: Redford Jones (Tulsa) 4 for 4 Field Goals (Long 34), 4 for 4 Extra Points
Week 1: Garrett Owens (Oregon State) 4 for 4 Field Goals (Long 45), 2 for 2 Extra Points

Week 2: Michael Carrizosa (San Jose State) – 56.5 Yard Punt Average on 6 Punts (Long 73)
Week 1:  Drew Kaser (Texas A&M) – 52.8 Yard Punt Average on 6 Punts (Long 64)

50+Yard Field Goals:
Week 2: Conrad Ukropina (Stanford) 52, Daniel Portillo (UTSA) 50
Week 1: None

Lou Groza Stars of the Week (3 Chosen Each Week):
Week 2: Erik Powell (Washington State)
Week 1: Garrett Owens (Oregon State), Brad Craddock (Maryland)

Stay tuned as each week, Chris Sailer Kicking will update you on Chris Sailer Kicking in College Football!


2016 U.S. Army All-Americans Selected! 2016 FBU Youth All Americans Selected!

The FBU Top Gun camp took place July 17-18, 2015 in Dublin, OH.  Over 1,000 of the world’s best athletes competed in Top Gun this year.  Chris Sailer Kicking and Rubio Long Snapping ran 11 regional FBU camps in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Orlando, Dallas, Columbus, New Jersey and Miami searching for the nation’s best specialists.  Those athletes were invited to Top Gun to compete for the most prestigious All-American Games in the world for youth and high school athletes.  Over 150 specialists assembled in Ohio taking advantage of this massive opportunity.  Take a look at the results….

2021 FBU Youth All-American
Carter Davis (FL) – Carter is a special young talent.  Heading into only the 7th grade, he stepped up as if he were already in high school.  He hit field goals of 35, 40 and 45 yards to beat out Connor Lytton for this honor.  He excels mentally as much as physically.  Carter was a staff favorite from the start.  The future is bright for Carter.  The world will see him on center stage in San Antonio in January.

Other 2021 Standouts: Connor Lytton, Dom Pittman

2020 FBU Youth All-Americans
Hayden Olsen (GA) – Hayden is one of the most consistent field goal kickers that we have ever seen at this age.  Most importantly, he performs under pressure.  Now a back to back youth All-American, Hayden hopes to follow in the footsteps in the likes of Rodrigo Blankenship & Skyler Southam who both went on to become U.S. Army All-Americans.

Brock Travelstead (GA) – Brock is a FBU veteran. He came up just short last year, but wasn’t going to be denied this year.  He is a great young athlete with a very strong leg for his age.  Brock enjoys pressure and seems to do his best when the most is on the line.  He should excel in San Antonio.

Other 2020 Standouts: Tommy Christakos, Ian Stadtler, Paker Hannon, Kellen Grave De Peralta, Damian Chowaniec

Class of 2019 MVP
Griffin Crosa (OH) – Griffin was selected as the Class of 2019 MVP because of his ability to do all three skills at a high level.  He shows great future college ability as a kicker and punter.  Griffin is a talented player that should compete with the best in his class for years to come.

Other 2019 Standouts: Brayden Johnson, Jason Stricker, Brandon Dickerson, Hayden Hairston, Cole Johnson, Mason Molique, Billy McConnell

Class of 2018 MVP
Chris Dunn (NC) – Chris is a big time young talent.  He dominated all competitions throughout the weekend.  He already hits 55 yard field goals and puts the ball deep into the end zone on kickoffs.  Chris is a great athlete and competitor.  The future is bright.

Other 2018 Standouts: Nate Craft, Esteban Flores, Matthew Jaeger, Chanse Lanham, Justin Smith

Class of 2017 MVP
Adam Stack (HI) – Adam is proving early on that he is without a doubt a D1 scholarship pick.  The Chris Sailer Kicking top rated kicker and punter won both the field goal and kickoff competitions.  Adam is an early favorite to earn a spot as a 2017 U.S. Army All-American.  He is the real deal.

Other 2017 Standouts: Alex Usry, Cooper Graham, Liam Bunnell, Austin Burnham, Matt Hellen, Tristan Meyer, Billy Mitchell, Tyler Padilla, Brian Papazian, Marco Salani, Zach Stearns, Jacob Tanguay, Jake Brickell

2016 U.S. Army All-Americans
Drue Chrisman (OH) – Drue is a very impressive punter all the way around.  He has the size, strength and athleticism to dominate the next level.  He punts for excellent hang time and distance.  He consistently his 45 plus yard punts with 4.8 plus second hang time. He was the top punter over the course of the two days and the very first to be named U.S. Army All-American.  The Ohio State commit is going to be a great addition to the history of this prestigious game.

Marshall Long (NC) – Marshall stepped up big time and in the process earned his spot as an All-American.  He is big, tall, strong and athletic.  Marshall consistency punted the ball 45 plus yards with 4.6 second hang time.  When it came time to compete, he took down several punters that are already committed to major D1 programs.  He is a D1 scholarship pick and this selection will vault him into the national spot light.

JJ Molson (Canada) – JJ was a favorite to earn a selection coming into Top Gun and he didn’t disappoint.  He hit consecutive field goals of 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 63 and 65 yards to earn the first U.S. Army All American kicking position.  The UCLA commit is a special one.  The long time Chris Sailer Kicking student is well deserving.

Skyler Southam (Utah) – Skyler Southam is the #1 kicker in the nation.  He defended that title with another outstanding performance.  His field goals and kickoffs are both superb.  Skyler dominates when it counts the most.  The BYU commit is a big time player that will make a difference in this game.

Other 2016 Standouts: Connor Culp, Jared Smolar, Bailey Raborn, Kekoa Sasaoka, Braxton Pickard, JD Dellinger, David Cote, Seth Kujawski, Jared Porter, Jose Borregales, Butch Hampton, Austin Kent, Blake Patterson, Collin Riccitelli, Eric Silvester, Cole Bunce, Alex Woznick, Ben Rice, Noah Ball, Dane Borges, Edwin Noyes, Andrew Anckle

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Recruiting Update – Jared Smolar is the TOP Combo Player Available!

The 2015 Chris Sailer Kicking Summer Tour is going strong.  Instruction, Competition, Scholarships, All-American selections have all been a part of it.  We have seen well over 1,000 athletes already this summer.  So much has happened and so much is yet to still happen.  One player making waves, is long time Chris Sailer Kicking combo player Jared Smolar, a 2016 prospect from Indiana.

Jared has trained with Chris Sailer Kicking since his freshman year of high school.  He has developed into a big time D1 scholarship athlete.  He is proving his worth by dominating all three kicking skills (field goals, kickoffs, and punts).  He shows 60 yard field goal range off the ground.  His kickoffs are perhaps the best in the nation, averaging 70-75  plus yards and 4.1+ hang time.  Punting is also a major strength.  Most importantly Jared is a tremendous athlete that competes with great confidence.  He recently was inches away from earning the 2016 U.S. Army All-American selection.

Jared will excel at the D1 college level.  He is far and away the #1 available combo prospect in the nation.  OFFER NOW!!! Stay tuned to find out where Jared Smolar will commit!

Jared Smolar, #1 available combo prospect in the country!

Jared Smolar, #1 available combo prospect in the country!


Vegas XXVI – What You Need to Know!

Vegas XXVI in Las Vegas, NV is less than a month away.  While many specialists are taking this time of year off, those that seriously want to play in college and know what it takes are working harder than ever.  Those hard workers will be in Las Vegas May 9-10, 2015 ready to impress and gain the most valuable national exposure in the nation.  Here is some useful information for those attending and those that are still considering attending.

•    Event Date: May 9-10, 2015
•    Arrive Friday May 8th.  The earlier that you arrive, the more well rested you will be for the weekend.
•    Plan on being at camp until 4PM Sunday May 10th.  There is no way of knowing if you will make the Finals Round Sunday until you and all other participants have completed the initial round of charting Sunday morning.  Whether you make the Finals Round or not, you should plan on staying on watching the Finals Round.  Get the full experience from the camp!
•    Friday Small Group Sessions (3:00 – 4:00 & 4:00 – 5:00) are OPTIONAL.  These were designed to knock some rust off, get rid of jet lag legs, and gain confidence heading into Saturday.  If you can make it, I highly recommend you attend. CLICK HERE
•    Location: Las Vegas Outdoor Soccer 1400 N. Rampart Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89128
•    There is no bleacher seating.  Bring chairs or buy some cheap chairs if you would like to sit while you watch.
•    Why May? May is also known as “Evaluation Period” for college coaches.  This is a very HOT time for recruiting for all classes.  May offers maximum exposure.  Chris Rubio and myself will be handing 100′s of calls after this event.  Recruiting Boards will be set based on results and our evaluations.  Want to be offered a scholarship at those college camps this summer?  Attending this camp is how they will know about you!
•    Vegas XXVI gives you a chance to make the “Event Elite”.  There is NO set number of specialists that will be selected.  The number selected is based on the number of participants that can compete at that VERY HIGHEST LEVEL.  Usually 20-25 are selected to join the “TOP 12″ at the most prestigious Invite Only Camp in the world.  CLICK HERE
•    Think you are good enough to make the “Event Elite” – CLICK HERE to see who you are competing with and to get a little history about the “TOP 12″ & “Event Elite”
•    It is no surprise that from Vegas XXV in January that the “TOP 12” are already getting major attention and full scholarship offers.  Who will be next?
•    The Spring Event in NOT an Invite Only Camp.  This camp offers a great experience to kickers, punters, and long snappers of all levels.  Expect a wide range of talent from beginners to the best of the best from around the world in the Classes of 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, Junior Colleges and 4-Year Transfer Students.  The best of the best, The “Event Elite”, selected from the Spring Event will be invited to attend the “TOP 12″ and “Event Elite” Camp in June.
•    Come prepared to enjoy your experience.  Do NOT put to much pressure on yourself.  Come with open eyes and ears.  Learn from your instructors and your peers.  Look around and take it all in.  Watch other groups.  Watch the college and pro demo.  Attend the Meetings.  There are so many things to learn and that you can and will benefit from if you take advantage.  Leave the camp with goals and a motivation to work harder than ever!
•    Saturday – Instructional Day.  You will get plenty of reps.  Pace yourself.  Saturday ends with a Chris Sailer Kicking Original Last Man Standing Competition. Your group numbers will be emailed to you about a week prior to camp.
•    Sunday – Competition Day.  You will be charted.  You can compete in 1, 2, or all 3 skills.  This is up to you.  Your competition start time will be assigned to you at Check-In Saturday.
•    Those that just punt – you are automatically in Group #2 on Saturday.
•    Class of 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 – You may use tees up to 2″ for both Field Goal and Kickoffs.  The choice is yours.  Class of 2015, JC, and Transfers you must kick off the ground for Field Goals and use a 1″ tee for Kickoffs.
•    Saturday Meetings are the the Group Rate Hotel – JW Marriott.  I highly advise that participants and their parents attend.  Get there early and enjoy.
•    What makes Chris Sailer Kicking the best in the business?  1st National Camp Ever for Specialists.  1st Kicking Company to ever to rank Kickers, Punters, and Long Snappers on a true national scale.  Chris Sailer is physically at EVERY camp associated with Chris Sailer Kicking.  Chris Sailer is the ONLY one that handles the evaluations and rankings for the Kickers and Punters.  Same holds true for Chris Rubio with the Long Snappers.  Talk to any college coach in America or any kicker or punter that has been to multiple camps and will see that Chris Sailer Kicking is the place to be for the best possible instruction and exposure.  Our advertising is word of mouth.  Come see for yourself!  See you in May!

Chris Sailer Kicking Add


Chris Sailer 2014 NC Spring Camp Recap

Chris Sailer Kicking made a recent stop in Charlotte, NC on the second stop of the Spring Tour.  Over 100 specialists from the region attended hoping to impress.  The group provided a good mixture of veterans and new comers to the program.  The weather cooperated very well and gave an accurate depiction of the regions top talent.  Take a look at the results.

Camp Champion:
Luke Carter (2015) – Luke is a long time Chris Sailer Kicking student who continues to excel.  The combo player caught fire in the finals round.  Luke has a strong leg and kicks with excellent consistency.  He has all the tools to take his game to the college level.

Field Goal Champion:
Tyler Gallitz (2015) – Tyler is another long time student who kicks with great consistency.  His field goals were solid all day long.  His kickoffs and punts also show great promise.  Tyler should have a strong off season and impress college coaches around the country.  Nice prospect.

Kickoff Champion:
Michael Rubino (2015) – Michael proved once again to be the most talented kicker in the North Carolina in the Class of 2015.  He is a great athlete with huge upside.  His field goals get outstanding height off the ground.  His kickoffs are D1 ready.  Michael is a D1 Scholarship Pick!

Punt Champion:
Steven Sawicki (2015) – Steven won his second consecutive NC punting championship.  Steven punted for nice distance and hang time all day.  Steven has the tools to be an outstanding D1 punter.  Keep a close eye on this talented prospect this summer.

Class of 2015 Standout:
Evan Rabon – Evan continues to impress each time that we see him. His field goals are strong off the ground.  His kickoffs are nearing college ready and his punting is coming along nicely.  He’s a fine young man that will make a great college fit.

Other Class of 2015 Standouts: Ben Utter, Josh Boham, Marion Watson, Nick Marshall, Shea Rodgers.

Class of 2016 Standouts:
Jonn Young – Jonn has the ability and potential to be special.  He’s a great looking athlete that shows flashes of being one of the very best.  Also a solid punter.  He will only continue to improve over time.
Keep a close eye on him.

Keith Duncan – Keith really stepped up on this day.  The Chris Sailer Kicking veteran continues to improve at an impressive rate.  His field goals were very consistent all day long.  His kickoffs are showing college level potential.  He has a bright future.

Jaxon Clark – Jaxon is a great young kicker.  His field goals and kickoffs are nearing the top of his class.  He is one of the hardest workers in the country and it is paying off.

Kyle Corbett – Kyle has the potential to be one of the very best.  He has a very strong leg and shows outstanding range on field goals.  His kickoffs are also coming along nicely.

Other Class of 2016 Standouts: Gage Russell, Henry Atkeson, Jonathan McDaid, Seth Kujawski.

Class of 2017 Future Stars: Aidan Marshall, Christian VanSickle, Cooper Graham, Clayton Howell, Jacob Grimm, Zach Stearns.


Chris Sailer Kicking will next travel to Chicago, IL (March 30), Dallas, TX (April 27), and Los Angeles, CA (May 4).  The Spring Camp Tour will conclude with the 12th Annual National Kicking Spring Event in Las Vegas May 10-11, 2014!

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Chris Sailer Kicking is an official partner of FBU, the U.S. Army All-America Bowl, and East Bay All-America Games.  The Road to the U.S. All-America Bowl & East Bay All-American Games begins now.

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Chris Sailer Kicking “TOP 12” K/P Logan Cooke Commits to Mississippi State!

Longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student and “TOP 12” Member Punter/Kicker Logan Cooke has committed to Mississippi State.  He chose Mississippi state over an offer from Louisiana Monroe.  The highlight recruited Combo Player has always had Mississippi State listed as his dream school, so when they offered he had no hesitation when it came to committing.

Logan is a big time talent.  He has attended multiple Chris Sailer Kicking camps and has impressed since day 1.  Each time he progresses at lighting rate.  Although I see him as a Punter / Kickoff guy, he also has huge field goal ability.  Overall, he is one of the very best prospects in the nation without a doubt.  I expect him to have a huge college career.  Well deserved!



Nike Summer Camp in TX – RECAP

Chris Sailer Kicking Kickers and Punters came out to TX on Sunday, June 9th from all over the country to get the best instruction and exposure in the country for Kickers and Punters. The talent level at this camp was off the charts. Easily, the best I have seen in one location. The overall winner of the camp was Sam Wyand (2015 TX).  Wyand was extremely smooth and consistent all day long. He handled the pressure of the competition very well! Other Kickers and Punters that were exceptional throughout the day were…

Sam Wyand (TX 2015)

Champion: Sam Wyand (TX 2015)

Competition Winners:

Top 2014 Prospects:


  • Cole Hedlund: Top 10 national kicking prospect. Field goals are near the top in the country. Kickoffs are exceptional and consistent. D1 Scholarship Pick.
  • Trent Manuel:  D1 written all over him. A great athlete that has natural talent. Has a bright future.
Ben Sweet

Ben Sweet

  • Ben Sweet:  A great punting talent. Has great ability and punts with excellent consistency. Could be special.


Top 2015 Prospects:

  • Andrew Galitz:  Shows great potential as a kicker and a punter. Longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student who continues to rise to the top of his class.
  • Connor Crow: One of the most naturally young kickers in the nation.  He has a huge leg and hits a big ball.
  • Damon Foncham: Very talented young punting prospect. Shows amazing ability and punts with great consistency for his age. Also solid kickoff guy.
  • Jack Gonsoulin:  Jack is a special talent. He has one of the strongest legs in the nation. Could be special.
  • Jon Coppens:  Jon stepped up big time. Makes kicks and competes at a high level. Is going to be a great college kicker one day.

Class of 2016 Prospects:

img_2796Butch Hampton: Has all the tools. I love his attitude, work ethic & overall ability. Fine young man and great future prospect.




Others of note:

Josh King

Josh King







Chris Sailer Kicking will continues it’s summer tour with stops at UCLA (6/10, University of Oregon (6/15), University of Washington (6/17), The TOP 12 and EVENT ELITE Camp (6/21-23), The Underclassmen Invite Event (6/29-30), CA (7/11), LSU (7/13), NC (7/15), GA (7/17), The College Camp (7/19-21), MA (7/25), IL (7/27) and CA (7/29)


Meet Mick Ellis

Mick Ellis is an 18 year old Texas native who grew up surrounded by football.  However, he didn’t always know he was going to be a kicker, an excellent kicker at that.  He was first thrown into the world of kicking when the football team he was playing for had an open position no one wanted to fill, Ellis stepped in.

“I was the only guy on the team that had played soccer so I gave it a try and ended up being good at it, so I stuck with it” said Ellis.

Wanting to improve his kicking skills Ellis began working with the professionals at Chris Sailer Kicking.  “The technique he teaches at all his camps I have used for all of my kicking” said Ellis of his experience at Chris Sailer Kicking.

In addition to great technique, Ellis found the atmosphere of camp to be beneficial to his football career, “how you go from practice to game [is important] and we practice like it is a game situation.”

Ellis spent last fall playing for Lovejoy High School in Lucas, Texas; but he doesn’t plan on ending his football career there.  He hopes to continue on to college football, with his top choices being Stanford, Ohio State, OSU, LSU, and Arkansas.  Along with his incredible leg, Ellis plans on taking everything he has learned at Chris Sailer Kicking with him to the college level.

“We practice with a lot of pressure and when you go to college there are 100 times more fans than you are used to, and it’s the exact same situation at all the camps” said Ellis.

His most recent accomplishments include: 2013 Vegas Event Class of 2014 FG Last Man Standing Champion, 2013 NC Nike Spring Camp Overall Champion, 2013 NC Nike Spring Camp Field Goal Champion, 2013 NC Nike Spring Camp Kickoff Champion and 2013 Vegas Spring Event Co-Kickoff Champion.

To find out more about Chris Sailer Kicking, and players like Mick Ellis, contact Chris Sailer Kicking today.


College Camps, How to Act?


If you are attending a college camp this summer, here are a few tips to help you maximize the experience and get noticed for the right reasons.

  • Always go in with a positive outlook. Positive attitudes will not just help you mentally, it can help a coach evaluate you as someone he would like on his team.


  • Get rid of distractions. Camp is important and it deserves your full attention. Focus on the task at hand and not on your smart phone. This means paying attention even when you are not the focus…because you just might be! Always act as if your coach is standing behind you.
  • Remain calm and stay confident. Coaches watch for how you react to negativity. This includes missing kicks. Keep your head up and maintain a “get ‘em next time” attitude.
  • Maintain your respect and listen to suggestions. “Yes sir coach, let me try that” is a simple way you can show respect for the coaches position AND for what he is saying. Coaches don’t expect you to be as good today as you are going to be tomorrow. Let them know you are willing and eager to improve.
  • Always compete at your best. Most coaches are more competitive than their players. They will respect a player who is always giving their best.

Remember, you are not in your hometown anymore. Players at college camps will have skills that can surprise you. You are literally “Kicking it up a notch”. Chris Sailer Kicking wishes you success!