College Camps, How to Act?


If you are attending a college camp this summer, here are a few tips to help you maximize the experience and get noticed for the right reasons.

  • Always go in with a positive outlook. Positive attitudes will not just help you mentally, it can help a coach evaluate you as someone he would like on his team.


  • Get rid of distractions. Camp is important and it deserves your full attention. Focus on the task at hand and not on your smart phone. This means paying attention even when you are not the focus…because you just might be! Always act as if your coach is standing behind you.
  • Remain calm and stay confident. Coaches watch for how you react to negativity. This includes missing kicks. Keep your head up and maintain a “get ‘em next time” attitude.
  • Maintain your respect and listen to suggestions. “Yes sir coach, let me try that” is a simple way you can show respect for the coaches position AND for what he is saying. Coaches don’t expect you to be as good today as you are going to be tomorrow. Let them know you are willing and eager to improve.
  • Always compete at your best. Most coaches are more competitive than their players. They will respect a player who is always giving their best.

Remember, you are not in your hometown anymore. Players at college camps will have skills that can surprise you. You are literally “Kicking it up a notch”. Chris Sailer Kicking wishes you success!


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