How Important Is Exposure?

 How Important Is Exposure?

Chris Sailer Kicking is the #1 kicking, punting, and long snapping business in the world.  Teaching young players and developing current college and pro players is the core of what we do.  Understanding proper technique, training the correct way, preparing and being prepared, kicking and punting with mental and physical confidence, and ultimately becoming your own coach should be the goal of every kicker, punter, and long snapper.  We are here to get you there!

Fortunately I have been put in a situation to help young high school kickers and punters achieve their goals and live out there dreams of taking their game to the college level.  Through scholarships, walk-ons, try-outs, etc. thousands of Chris Sailer Kicking athletes have gone on to play D1, D2, D3, JC, NAIA, etc. college football.  How did they get there?  They were well trained and worked hard (see you at the next Chris Sailer Kicking camp) and they gained the necessary exposure (see you in Vegas at the National Events). 

There are hundreds of worthy K, P, and LS scholarship candidates each and every year.  A small percentage of these athletes land the scholarships.  There are only so many to go around.  So what decides it?  That’s easy….exposure.  Who got the exposure early on?  Who are the college coaches familiar with?  Who are they looking for at their own college camps?  Exposure, exposure, exposure. 

What can Vegas do for you?  Take a look:

Thomas Weber 2004 Spring Event (May):

Comes out of no where after years of training with Chris Sailer Kicking.  Was an easy selection. 
What happened: He ends up on full scholarship at Arizona State.  He wins the Lou Groza Award for the nations top collegiate place kicker.  Ends up a top performer in the PAC-10 as a 4-year starter.
Where is he now: Draft eligible this spring.  Seen as a top tier NFL prospect.  Have spoken with 10 different NFL Special Teams Coaches about him in the past month.  Thomas is also a CSK staff member.  Come to Vegas in May and you’ll see him. 

Blair Walsh 2006 Spring Event (May):
This was Blair’s first camp as a young sophomore.  Showed a big leg and great potential.  One of the few sophomores to make “Event Elite”.  Others were Quinn Sharp (Oklahoma State) and Justin Tucker (Texas). 
What Happened:  Went on to get a scholarship to Georgia.  Started as a true freshman.  Has been a Lou Groza Award Finalist and All-SEC performer. 
Where is he now: Had an opportunity to leave early to the NFL as a junior.  In my opinion, will be the best place-kicker in college football next year.  The ultimate example in character, dedication, hard work and loyalty. 

Cody Parkey 2007 Spring Event (May):
One of only 2 freshman to ever get invited to the “TOP 12” and “Event Elite” camp.  Cody was a great talent and wouldn’t be denied.  Proved he belonged and easily cemented his #1 kicker in the nation ranking for years to come.  Never dropped once in the rankings. 
What Happened: Went on to get a scholarship to Auburn.  Started as a true freshman and won the BCS National Championship. 
Where is he now: Cody will take over all kicking duties this coming year.  Will be a top collegiate kicker and future NFL prospect.  CSK staff member. 

Ross Martin 2010 Spring Event (May):
Ross came with something to prove, and he proved it.  An easy selection and ultimate standout at the “TOP 12” and “Event Elite” camp.
What happened: Currently ranked #2 in the nation in the Class of 2012.  Has offers from Pitt and Iowa State with many more on the way. 
Where is he now: A longtime student of CSK, a future D1A kicker,  and future CSK Staff Member. 

Ryan Succop 2004 Event (January):
Ryan came to the Event and was an easy selection for the “TOP 12”.  Had the skill, the potential, and work ethic to go a long long way. 
What happened:  Went on to get a scholarship to South Carolina.  Was a 4-years starter and All-Conference Performer.  Was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs. 
Where is he now:  A 2 year NFL starter with the Chiefs.  A longtime CSK student and current staff member. 

David Buehler 2006 Event (January):
David was a junior college safety that was convinced to attend Vegas to give kicking a shot.  Showed a HUGE leg and amazing potential.  Through hard work he was able to combine his talent with technique.  By May Vegas, he received perhaps more attention that anyone we have ever seen in Vegas. 
What happened:  Went on to get a scholarship to USC.  Had a great college career and was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. 
Where is he now: A 2 year NFL starter with the Dallas Cowboys.  Perhaps the best kickoff man in the NFL and had a great 1st season as a place-kicker.  A longtime CSK student and current staff member.

These are just a few examples of what exposure can do for you.  Who will be the next added to this list?  See you May 14-15, 2011 in Las Vegas. 

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