Chris Sailer Kicking – 2011 Nike Spring Camp Recap

Chris Sailer Kicking – 2011 Nike Spring Camp Recap
The 2011 Chris Sailer Nike Spring Camp Tour recently came to an end.   All in all, over 250 athletes from 21 states participated in the popular 1-day camps.  Take a look at the camp champions, biggest ranking moves, best new talent, and other 2012 studs.  I was very happy with the talent and results. 
Los Angeles, CA – Travis Coons (CA)
Chicago, IL – Kyle Schmidt (IN)
Dallas, TX – Austin Shoemake (TX)
Charlotte, NC – Dylan Sims (VA)
Atlanta, GA – Ty Long (GA)
Travis Coons (Top JC K/P in the nation) OFFER NOW!!!
Biggest Ranking Moves:
Los Angeles, CA – Dylan Pritchard (CA)
Chicago, IL – Ron Coluzzi (IL)
Dallas, TX – Josh Lambert (TX)
Charlotte, NC – Worth Gregory (SC)
Atlanta, GA – Jimmy Hutchinson (GA)
Pictured: Worth Gregory (Jumped nearly 20 spots)
Best New Talent:
Los Angeles, CA -Lucas Alfonso (CA)
Chicago, IL – Joel Schipper (MI)
Dallas, TX – Daniel Schwarz (OK)
Charlotte, NC – Blake Brewer (NC)
Atlanta, GA – Blake Lucas (GA)
Daniel Schwarz (Great 2012 Prospect)
Other 2012 Studs: CA – Garrett Owens, IL – Anthony Farinella, TX – Evan Sobiesk, NC – Paul Griggs, and GA – Brooks Abbott
Up next, The 9th Annual National Kicking Event in Las Vegas, NV May 14-15!