College Camps

College Camps

I’ve never received more calls, emails, texts etc. concerning college camps.  The confusion surrounding these camps is more than apparent.  Here are some answers to the most common questions.

  • College camps are put on by the University and more specifically the football department.  These are NOT Chris Sailer Kicking or any other kicking services camps.  Don’t be confused or fall for any false advertising.  Universities may hire an outside kicking services to come in and coach.  I  have been asked to run over 80 of these camps over the years.  Due to limited time, we can only do a handful.  We currently work for LSU, Alabama, Oregon, and Tennessee. 
  • We cannot and will not rank you on based on your performance at a college camp.  This is per NCAA rules.  We do not evaluate at these camps.  Do not mistake a college camp as a Chris Sailer Kicking camp or any other kicking service camp. 
  • These camps are tryouts.  Treat them as such.  There are 3 reasons to attend (try out for the coaches, gain experience, simply enjoy being on a college campus and football field).  
  • Be smart about the camps you choose.  Attend camps that you have a legitimate shot at playing at that level.  Otherwise you will get lost in the crowd.  
  • Contact coaches both before and after camp via phone and email.  Let them know you will be attending and link your highlight video.  Ask them to keep an eye on you.  Also try to set up a campus tour, meetings, etc.  Follow up after the camp to ask you did and where you stand. 
  • Make sure to introduce yourself to the coach you have been contacting once you arrive at camp and have a chance.  He needs to put the name and face together.  Also thank him, say your name, and shake his hand after camp.  
  • Many of these camps are way to long and allow for way to much kicking.  Watch your reps and kick when it counts.  
  • If the instruction is not what you are used to or believe in, nod your head, smile, and continue to go about your business.  
  • You cannot sign up through  You must register through the University.  
  • Why do these camps cost less?  They hire one kicking coach for sometimes over 100 players.  You will not receive the individual attention, instruction, and evaluation as you normally would at a CSK camp.  
  • College camps are a great chance to have a coach see you perform in person which may ultimately decide scholarship decisions. How do they notice you….you have to be the best.  I recommend top D1 seniors to be and the top 10 K/P in the nation juniors to be attend.  
  • Don’t just visit D1 schools during the summer.  Hit all levels.  Be realistic and create opportunities.  
  • If you can’t make the camp due to a scheduling conflict, ask the coach if you can come on a different date.  If he makes an effort, he is interested.  If he doesn’t, you know where you stand. 

Best of luck to all of our Chris Sailer Kicking specialists!


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