Dan Bailey – The OT Clincher

Playing currently for the Dallas Cowboys, Chris Sailer trained kicker Dan Bailey is making people raise their eyebrows with his performance on the field. Signed up as a free agent last year, Bailey originally made his name playing college ball at Oklahoma State. Prior to that, local folks watched Bailey play in high school at Mustang High School in the same state. In those early years Bailey was awarded an all-state and conference ranking for his position as kicker, and he was also awarded all-city ranking as well. Bailey still holds his high school record of 50 yards for the longest scoring field goal.

Fast forward to current times, and Dallas has little complaint about their kicker pick with Bailey. He seems to have a knack for pulling teams through to a win when games go into overtime, which is the highest pressure situation for any kicker. San Francisco felt this impact when Bailey placed a 48 yard field goal against them in OT in 2011. This year, Bailey has pulled the same rabbit out of his hat three times against the Cleveland Browns, the Bengals, and the latest victim, the Pittsburg Steelers on December 16, 2012. All the effort has kept Dallas alive for the 2012 NFL Post Season play rather than an early Christmas dismissal.