I Love My Snapper Because…..

I Love My Snapper Because…..

1. It all begins with the snap.  As many high school / junior college / college / pro kickers and punters know,  your stats, and even your FG/PAT attempts rely heavily on the quality of your snapper.  He is the guy that starts it all.  Your comfort, your rhythm, your get off time all depend heavily on your snapper.  It all begins with the snap. 

2. One piece of the puzzle to get a college scholarship, a pro contract,  is your high school / junior college / college stats.  A good snapper puts those stats squarely on your shoulders.  You have the ability to control your stats because he never makes a mistake. 

3.  If I love him, he will work to be the best.  Give him praise, tell him you need him, give him credit for your success.  Then he will be there with you on the field in the off season.  He will be there before practice for extra reps.  He will be there after practice for more extra reps.  He may even work on his own to perfect his skill.  He may start attending Rubio Long Snapping (Chris Sailer Kicking) camps to perfect his skill.  All huge wins. 

4. If I do, he may compete with me to be the best specialist, to be the special teams player of the year, to earn a college scholarship or pro contract.  All big wins for you the kicker.  If he is good, you have a chance of being good.  Stroke his ego, make him want it! 

5. Behind every All League, All City, All State, All American, Lou Groza Award Winner, and All-Pro is a GREAT snapper.  They should all receive the same award you get.  A few examples: Sailer/Rubio, Forbath/Yount. 

So, some advice from a kicker who benefitted from having a great snapper (insert Rubio).  Hand pick your snapper.  Make him a friend.  Work as a team.  Thank him every time he snaps (every kick, every session, every game).  Give him a hug, high five, tap on the behind after every successful game kick.  I made sure Rubio got on the jumbo tron after every kick in the Rose Bowl or on the road.  I made sure he was mentioned in every article that was ever written on me.  We were a team.  And to no surprise….still are a team.  Success in the kicking and punting world, just might be a direct result of your relationship with your snapper!

So see you AND your snapper at the next Chris Sailer Kicking / Rubio Long Snapping Camp!


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