Kickers: How To Handle The Pressure

Kickers: How To Handle The Pressure

A common definition of a kicker, as defined by the outside world is “Head Case”.  For those that don’t know how to handle pressure, this may be true.  But for those that are trained properly, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  It all begins with a simple rule: Do the same thing, the same way, every time.  Being a confident kicker simply means being prepared.  The minute you step onto a football field for the first time, that preparation begins.  Take every session seriously, make every kick count, train like a pro.  I won’t get into great detail as to what that training means (that might come in a future blog), but I will scratch the surface and explain how to handle pressure. 
Step 1:  Learn how to kick with proper technique.  Attend a Chris Sailer Kicking lesson, attend a Chris Sailer Kicking camp, buy the Chris Sailer Kicking Instructional DVD.  We are the #1 kicking camp in the world for a reason.  Buy into the years of study that we have put into being able to teach the core mechanics needed for kickers of any and all styles.  Believe in what you are learning and practicing and you will have accomplished the first step.

Step 2: Training sessions are about quality, not quantity.  Make every kick count.  Treat it like a game winner.  Create a routine for yourself and go through that routine every single time.  Do not get lazy. Challenge yourself.  Remember, do the same thing, the same way, every time you do it.  Train like a pro. 

Step 3:  Film yourself and watch film after every training session.  Once you know and understand the proper technique, film yourself, and make sure you are practicing it.  If you are making mistakes, that is ok.  Make sure to fix them in step #4. 
Step 4:  Do the muscle memory drills (bench, contact, and line) that you will learn from Chris Sailer Kicking every day.   There are NO excuses.  You can do these on a field, at home, on vacation, etc.  You want to be the best, train your body to do things one way, the correct way.  Your body will learn, through muscle memory drills, to kick with the proper technique. 
Step 5:  Treat kicking as a year round sport.  Without proper training and consistency in training, you will never be prepared.  The harder you work, the better you will be.  Enter a season having zero doubt about your abilities and preparation. 
If you do the above you will be a CONFIDENT KICKER, not a “Head Case”.  Having confidence will allow you to handle any and every pressure situation.  Go through your routine (like you do every time in practice), know that your preparation (film study, muscle memory drills, on field work, weight room work, flexibility work) will pay off, kick with confidence.  No matter how nervous you may be, routine and muscle memory will always get you through it.  Your body will no nothing else to do but what you’ve trained it to do. 
If you need to see a sports psychologist, not step on lines, wear the same dirty socks it may be to late for you.  You are already a “head case”.  Get that all out of your head.  Start now.  Follow steps 1-5 and be a CONFIDENT KICKER.  Chris Sailer Kicking will never recommend a head case.  We recommend well-trained, confident, hard working, competitive, athletes. 
See you on the field!

Chris Sailer