Going to Las Vegas in 2013

Making Vegas Travel Easy…
After 10 years of holding the Chris Sailer Kicking Annual National Kicking & Snapping Event at UNLV in Las Vegas, things have finally changed.  Although change sometimes isn’t easy to accept, we will make this transition as easy as possible for all of Kickers, Punters, and Long Snappers.  The NCAA has enforced a new rule that states outside services can no longer run camps on D1A college campuses.  So we move on.

The 11th Annual National Kicking Event will take place at Faith Lutheran High School.  After months of research, we have found the ideal campus to host this huge event.  The days events and all scheduling will run just like in the past…exactly the same way you are used to.

After hundreds of emails and phone calls answering questions about the location, hotel, etc., I decided it would be best to take a trip and map out exactly what it is you should expect.  Take a look and plan your weekend accordingly.

Flight:The amount of time it took me from the time the plane pulled in to get to baggage claim: 10 Minutes, 11 Seconds

The amount of time it took me to get my bags (2) from baggage claim once I arrived at baggage claim: 1 Minute, 4 Seconds

Rental Car:The amount of time it took me to get from baggage claim to the Enterprise Rental Car Station: 12 Minutes, 1 Second

The amount of time if took me to get my rental car: 11 Minutes, 6 Seconds

Commute: The amount of time it took me to get to Faith Lutheran High School from Enterprise: 19 Minutes, 40 Seconds The number of miles from Enterprise to Faith Lutheran High School: 18.1 Miles

Hotel:The amount of time it took me to get from Faith Lutheran to the Marriott Hotel: 6 Minutes, 35 Seconds The number of miles from Faith Lutheran to the Marriott Hotel: 3.4 Miles

Everything ran very smooth, but as you know that may not always be the case.  Make sure to leave    plenty of time in your planning for any unexpected delays.  Faith Lutheran and the Marriott hotel are   ideal locations for the 11th Annual National Kicking & Snapping Event.  You will be very happy with the largest Kicking, Punting, & Long Snapping Event in the world!  See you January 19-20, 2013!


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