Meet Mick Ellis

Mick Ellis is an 18 year old Texas native who grew up surrounded by football.  However, he didn’t always know he was going to be a kicker, an excellent kicker at that.  He was first thrown into the world of kicking when the football team he was playing for had an open position no one wanted to fill, Ellis stepped in.

“I was the only guy on the team that had played soccer so I gave it a try and ended up being good at it, so I stuck with it” said Ellis.

Wanting to improve his kicking skills Ellis began working with the professionals at Chris Sailer Kicking.  “The technique he teaches at all his camps I have used for all of my kicking” said Ellis of his experience at Chris Sailer Kicking.

In addition to great technique, Ellis found the atmosphere of camp to be beneficial to his football career, “how you go from practice to game [is important] and we practice like it is a game situation.”

Ellis spent last fall playing for Lovejoy High School in Lucas, Texas; but he doesn’t plan on ending his football career there.  He hopes to continue on to college football, with his top choices being Stanford, Ohio State, OSU, LSU, and Arkansas.  Along with his incredible leg, Ellis plans on taking everything he has learned at Chris Sailer Kicking with him to the college level.

“We practice with a lot of pressure and when you go to college there are 100 times more fans than you are used to, and it’s the exact same situation at all the camps” said Ellis.

His most recent accomplishments include: 2013 Vegas Event Class of 2014 FG Last Man Standing Champion, 2013 NC Nike Spring Camp Overall Champion, 2013 NC Nike Spring Camp Field Goal Champion, 2013 NC Nike Spring Camp Kickoff Champion and 2013 Vegas Spring Event Co-Kickoff Champion.

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