Nike Fall Camps

Chris Sailer Kicking – Nike Fall Camps
As the season gets under way, questions are beginning to pour in asking….what’s next?  How do I get better? How do I get recruiting exposure?  The answer is simple – do your muscle memory drills 7 days a week, continue with private and group lessons (Chris Sailer Kicking small group lessons will resume the weekend of September 10-11), and attend an upcoming Chris Sailer Kicking Nike Fall Camp.  The next question is…..What exactly is a Nike Fall Camp and how do I benefit?  Take a look!

Nike Fall Camp Facts:

  • 1-day camps (9:00 – 4:00) run by Chris Sailer Kicking.  Nike is the sponsor that helps promote Chris Sailer Kicking.  
  • Camps that are open on a first come, first serve basis.  You DO NOT have to be invited to attend.  These are also NOT qualifying camps for the 10th Annual National Kicking Event (also open on a first come, first serve basis.) Players of ALL skill levels may attend.  There is a positive experience for everyone. 
  • All camps are run by Chris Sailer.  I am present at every single camp that I run.  
  • Camps are kept to a maximum number of students.  I am very involved in the instruction.  Camps are kept small to insure the best possible learning experience.  The instruction is top notch. 
  • Camps include: instruction, film evaluation, recruiting meetings, and competition.
  • The winner of each Nike Fall Camp receives a FREE admission to the 10th Annual National Kicking Event (camp fee only). 
  • Articles are written on,,, and many more.  No one offers better exposure. 
  • Camp Dates: CA – 9/25 (Notre Dame HS), IL – 10/2 (Saint Patrick HS), TX 10/30 (TBD), NC 12/10 (Charlotte Christian HS), 12/11 (Roswell HS).
  • Every camp will SELL OUT.  Register early to get in and enjoy a great experience. Most camps sell out about a month prior.  CLICK HERE
Former NC Winner Paul Griggs went on to earn a full scholarship to Purdue!  Who will be next?