NLOI (National Letter of Intent) Day!

Tomorrow, high school football players around the country will be signing on the dotted line to play for their respective schools. It is a great time of the year for all involved. It is NLOI (National Letter of Intent) Signing Day. It is covered by major sports affiliates and it begins the process of which college will dominate tomorrow with the stellar high school athletes of today.

With all the hoopla, comes questions….allow me clear some things up for everyone. These are all from questions I have received over the years.

Eddy Pineiro Signs with Florida last year.

Is Signing Day the only day an athlete can sign with a college?
Absolutely not. It is just the first official day for the seniors to make their commitment official. A scholarship athlete can sign anytime on or after that day. You can literally sign the day you get on campus if you are a late pick-up for a school. The whole Signing Day Event is a celebration day that the media has turned it into a major event.

Do Preferred Walk-Ons sign on Signing Day?
No, they do not officially sign anything. However, many schools and parents like to have a simple ceremony that represents signing. A preferred walk-on, although verbally committed to a school is NOT locked into that respective school. They have the option to change their mind to another school at any point if a scholarship comes their way. Not exactly the most kosher thing to do to a coach/program but they would most likely understand. I look at it like this, an athlete not taking a scholarship would be similar to a person not taking a free car and opting to pay for the same car.

If I sign with a college on scholarship, can I adjust after?
Sure, BUT you will lose a year of eligibility. Once you sign, you are locked in. Don’t even think about transferring as it rarely works out and is an uphill battle to say the least. Think about it, why would a coach want an athlete that could not fit in at their first stop? A transfer athlete always brings up red flags…why is it going to work this time, why did he not get along with players and coaches at the first school, it is a homesick issue, is he a problem case, schooling? All are questions that a new coach is going to want to know about you. Bottom line, make your decision and stick with it.

How do the schools get the athletes signatures? 
Most athletes sign in the early morning and then fax them in to their new home (school).

Why have a Signing Day? 
It is the day your verbal commitment becomes official.

Can a junior that is offered a scholarship sign early?
Nope. They must wait just like the others within his graduating class. All of this waiting around gives way to all the committing and de-committing which coaches and sports writers absolutely love (dripping with sarcasm).

Is it true that scholarships have to be renewed every year by the school?
Yes. This is one of those things that not a lot of people know about but it is true. Every single year, the staff has to renew your scholarship for the next year. Therefore, if you are not producing as an athlete, student or person, your scholarship can not be renewed. It is not very common for it to happen, but I have witnessed it occur. Usually, a social issue is the final straw in saying bye bye to your education being paid for by the school.

All in all, Signing Day is a great thing that should be cherished by all but definitely don’t feel as though it is the end all be all. No matter when you sign, you are still going to be on full scholarship with your school paid for, and that is the most important thing.


Chris Sailer Kicking – NLOI Day (2016)