Chris Sailer Kicking – 2020 Rising Seniors Invitational: Kickoff Results

Scoring: 4 Kickoffs. Average Distance & Average Hang Time were calculated.

The combination of both scores equals place of finish.

Best Ball = Best 1 Ball

NO Kicks were dropped.

PLACENAMEAvg. DistanceAvg. Hang TimeBest 1 Ball
1Denis Lynch663.8568 / 3.98
2Bryant Thao673.6772 / 3.56
3Joshua Click663.7164 / 3.86
4Gunnar Weidick663.6169 / 3.56
5Camron Colwell643.7364 / 3.81
6Henry Osmer633.8862 / 4.08
T7Andrew Thomas Martin683.5570 / 3.7
T7Christian Pavon693.5165 / 3.78
9Bryan Ryks663.570 / 3.65
10Alejandro Quintero663.4972 / 3.53
T11Ethan Spearman643.563 / 3.72
T11Pearson Bates673.467 / 3.65
T13Francisco Castillo613.6566 / 3.57
T13Justin Bohrer663.3969 / 3.65
15Brayden Blevins603.6364 / 3.73
16Kyle O’Brien643.3865 / 3.6
17Ty Reid603.5959 / 3.82
T18Carson Compton623.4963 / 3.61
T18Derek Bass633.4365 / 3.7
20Liam Boyd603.5763 / 3.64
T21Jorge Figueroa603.4962 / 3.53
T21Jake Gaster633.3668 / 3.28
23Richie Brutto593.5964 / 3.78
24Nathan Ellisor603.4464 / 3.82
25Braeden Haynes623.3659 / 3.72
T26Seth Martin533.7556 / 3.86
T26Nick Serpa633.3263 / 3.52
T28Luke Wayson573.656 / 3.69
T28Gavin Dalziel613.3764 / 3.4
T28Johnathan Medlin633.363 / 3.35
31Tandy Miller603.3862 / 3.52
T32Kevin Ryan563.663 / 3.82
T32Abiel Lepe613.3668 / 3.64
T32Caden Baughman643.2369 / 3.31
35Luke Moffett623.2965 / 3.4
36Constantine Hontzas603.3461 / 3.43
37Ethan Youmans573.4761 / 3.41
38Antonio La Mura623.1465 / 3.78
39Ryan Young603.2759 / 3.65
40Jason Garcia593.3357 / 3.60
41Jackson Erminio603.0960 / 3.64
T42Kealan Hawk583.363 / 3.32
T42Michael Terriquez583.362 / 3.47
44Ben Kendall533.3753 / 3.60
45Landon Knepp563.3560 / 3.52
T46Keaton Huff583.1761 / 3.1
T46Maximus Kennedy593.165 / 3.35
48Ryan Feinberg563.2553 / 3.43
49Konnor Bye583.0664 / 3.4
50Luke Stagg433.1453 / 3.53
T51AJ Rhodes532.8558 / 3.35
T51Hayden Hall542.754 / 2.93
53Cooper Meyer493.0557 / 3.78
54Ethan Childress472.956 / 3.44


CSK 2020 Rising Seniors Invitational Punt Charting Results

Scoring: 6 Punts. Average Distance & Average Hang Time were calculated.

The combination of both scores equals place of finish.

Best Ball = Best 1 Ball

NO Punts were dropped.

NAMEAvg. DistanceAvg. Hang TimeBest 1 Ball
1Connor Dailey434.2453 / 4.31
2Ty Reid39.24.3442 / 4.52
3Christian Pavon36.84.1342 / 4.61
4Nick Serpa41.53.8351 / 4.4
5Kyle O’Brien39.73.8844 / 4.17
6Henry Osmer36.54.0442 / 4.49
T7Andrew Thomas Martin35.3441 / 4.61
T7Alejandro Quintero344.2535 / 4.7
9Jorge Figueroa38.33.851 / 4
T10Jackson Erminio39.83.7653 / 3.91
T10Bryan Ryks34.14.0838 / 4.38
T10Cooper Allan334.3338 / 4.53
T13Antonio La Mura37.23.847 / 3.82
T13Konnor Bye35.23.8948 / 3.87
15Ryan Feinberg37.53.7647 / 4.25
16Carson Compton41.63.6450 / 4.36
17Constantine Hontzas38.33.7141 / 4.17
18Jake Gaster32.54.0239 / 4.53
19Kevin Ryan324.0542 / 4.3
20Derek Bass32.53.9835 / 4.55
21Joshua Click36.23.7538 / 4.34
22Peyton Cariaco34.33.7843 / 4.34
23Braeden Haynes34.83.7536 / 4.33
24Nick Rhinehart36.83.5949 / 4.01
T25Johnathan Medlin39.83.3551 / 3.95
T25Cooper Meyer32.83.7750 / 4.29
T27Bryant Thao34.33.6638 / 3.99
T27Michael Terriquez31.73.8339 / 4.17
T27Francisco Castillo31.53.8435 / 4.37
30Caden Baughman41.83.1147 / 3.56
31Landon Knepp29.63.9732 / 4.24
T32Hayden Hall37.23.4238 / 3.75
T32Justin Bohrer323.7739 / 4.2
34Camron Colwell343.6539 / 4.12
35AJ Rhodes34.53.5641 / 3.39
36Liam Boyd343.5635 / 4.08
37Keaton Huff27.83.8932 / 4
3828.53.8131 / 3.6
39Abiel Lepe30.73.7539 / 4.24
40Ben Kendall33.13.4638 / 4.07
41Ethan Spearman32.63.4236 / 3.50
42Ethan Childress30.53.633 / 3.78
43Nathan Ellisor303.5933 / 4.17
44Gavin Dalziel28.13.6635 / 4.29
45Luke Wayson31.13.4733 / 4.18
46Ryan Young263.6929 / 3.64
47Jason Garcia32.13.1940 / 3.71
48Kealan Hawk28.83.5530 / 4.5
T49Richie Brutto31.23.3237 / 3.8
T49Ethan Youmans29.53.4535 / 3.89
51Denis Lynch28.33.5230 / 4.08
52Seth Martin29.33.3337 / 4.41
53Maximus Kennedy253.3525 / 4.13
54Tandy Miller27.73.2238 / 3.4
55Luke Moffett263.0431 / 3.54


CSK 2020 Rising Seniors Invitational Field Goal Charting Results

Scoring: 40 Yard FG (1 Point), 40 Yard FG (1 Point), 45 Yard FG (1 Point), 45 Yard FG (1 Point), 50 Yard FG (1 Point), 50 Yard FG (1 Point), 55 Yard FG (2 Points)

*Max Point Total of 8 Points

Joshua Click was the only Kicker to score a perfect score of 8!
1Joshua Click8
T2Derek Bass7
T2Francisco Castillo7
T2Henry Osmer7
T2Luke Stagg7
T2Seth Martin7
T7Bryant Thao6
T7Ethan Youmans6
T7Jason Garcia6
T7Landon Knepp6
T11Alejandro Quintero5
T11Andrew Thomas Martin5
T11Braeden Haynes5
T11Christian Pavon5
T11Gavin Dalziel5
T11Gunnar Weidick5
T11Johnathan Medlin5
T11Justin Bohrer5
T11Ryan Young5
T20Antonio La Mura4
T20Brayden Blevins4
T20Camron Colwell4
T20Carson Compton4
T20Cooper Meyer4
T20Ethan Childress4
T20Jorge Figueroa4
T20Kealan Hawk4
T20Keaton Huff4
T20Kevin Ryan4
T20Luke Wayson4
T20Nick Serpa4
T20Richie Brutto4
T33Ben Kendall3
T33Bryan Ryks3
T33Caden Baughman3
T33Ethan Spearman3
T33Jake Gaster3
T33Kyle O’Brien3
T33Liam Boyd3
T33Luke Moffett3
T33Maximus Kennedy3
T33Michael Terriquez3
T33Pearson Bates3
T44Abiel Lepe2
T44AJ Rhodes2
T44Denis Lynch2
T44Jackson Erminio2
T44Konnor Bye2
T44Nathan Ellisor2
T44Nick Rhinehart2
T44Ryan Feinberg2
T44Tandy Miller2
T44Ty Reid2
T54Constantine Hontzas1
T54Hayden Hall1


2020 Spring Illinois Punters Only Camp Recap: Collyn Hopkins Sweeps the Day!

The 2020 Punt Factory Spring Camp Series was finally able to continue this past Saturday in Crown Point, Indiana at the Crown Point Sports Complex. Punters from across the Midwest came out to train, develop and compete on a hot, windy Summer morning.  It was great to be back on the field, here is how the day went!

Overall Camp Champion / Winner of Last Man Standing AND the Head to Head Competition! – Collyn Hopkins (2021, IL)

Collyn Hopkins is a now a 5-Star Punter

The overall camp champion on the day was Collyn Hopkins from Illinois.  Collyn hit some absolute MASSIVE punts on the day, with his biggest punt being 68 yards with 5.2+ seconds of hang time. Collyn was extremely consistent on a day that had a very stuff wind in one direction.  He was a 2-step punter and had solid footwork.  During the last man standing competition, Collyn hit several punts over 4.85 and was extremely smooth.  He also won the last man standing competiton which saw him sweep both competitions for the day. A few of Collyn’s best punts were: 60 4.75, 63 4.79 and 68 5.2.  Overall a great day form an amazing talent.

Class of 2023 Standouts: Emilio Duran

Class of 2022 Standouts: Brook Honore Jr, Evan Sundermann, Lemark Veasey

Class of 2021 Standouts:  Collyn Hopkins, Jack McCallister, Bryce Morris, Teagan Lenderink

The PuntFactory Spring Camp Series will be in Charlotte, NC this upcoming weekend on June 27th, followed by Atlanta on July 25 and finishing up in Los Angeles July 26th.

Register for any and all camps at

Follow us on social media:

Instagram/Twitter: @ThePuntfactory

Instagram: @chrissailerkicking Twitter: @Chris_Sailer


Announcing Virtual RANKING Evaluations – NOW OPEN

For the first time ever Chris Sailer and Chris Sailer Kicking will be offering the opportunity get ranked on via an innovative virtual evaluation process. I have spoken with 60+ college coaches over the past several weeks gathering information during these trying times. With Vegas XXXV being postponed, College Camps being cancelled and an uncertain future… now is the time to take things into our own hands. College coaches are hesitant to recruit without new information (evaluations). Rankings have been stagnant for months. Chris Sailer Kicking will be the first to offer exactly what our athletes and college coaches need!


We are currently in PHASE 2 of the Virtual Ranking Evaluations. This will be an in depth evaluation from start to finish to ensure that each athlete is gaining a valuable exposure opportunity during these difficult times.

PHASE THREE will open up once PHASE TWO is complete. PHASE THREE will offer this same opportunity up to many more of our athletes.

Chris Sailer will be working directly with each Kicker or Punter and their parents. The evaluation and ranking during PHASE ONE will include five Stages.

Stage 1: Phone Consultation
Stage 2: Video Submission / Evaluation
Stage 3: Follow Up Phone Call
Stage 4: Ranking on by Chris Sailer

The new rankings will also be used to determine who will be selected to participate in the TOP 12 Camp. Chris Sailer will be selecting 20 more Kickers and Punters to join those that were already selected at Vegas XXXV.

Who will be added to this list? Rankings will determine who gets invited next!

I am excited to offer this unique opportunity. Remember, this is only open to the first TEN athletes to register on a first come, first serve basis. GO TIME!


Chris Sailer Kicking Update – May 20th, 2020


Like the rest of the world, we have spent the last few months dealing with the COVID-19 situation and its impact. We have been following the recommendations from the CDC and state and local government health officials in the areas our events are held.

We are working with our venues to secure future dates to help you become the best specialist you can be! This can be complicated to coordinate as we typically use schools which are mostly closed right now. 

You can be sure we will continue to plan our events to provide a safe and healthy environment for all the athletes and families.  Our main focus is to insure we meet our customers’ needs all while keeping you, our instructors, and communities safe.

As an alternative to traveling, Sailer is offering Live Virtual Mentoring Sessions and weekly Webinars. You can learn more about online options HERE


Seattle, WA: March 15 *NEW DATE June 26
San Francisco, CA: March 22 *NEW DATE June 28
Dallas, TX: April 5 *NEW DATE June 14
Chicago, IL: April 19 *NEW DATE June 28
Boston, MA – April 26 *NEW DATE June 20

All paid registration fees will be honored for the new dates. You do not need to do a thing.  Your registration will automatically be transferred to the new date. If you are not able to attend the new date, we will gladly transfer your fees to any of our upcoming, camps, live sessions or webinars.

We will be taking the following precautions for all future events:

  • Smaller group numbers
  • Additional cleaning of equipment
  • Any athlete, parent, or guardian who is sick or showing symptoms is strongly encouraged to stay home
  • We will encourage frequent hand washing
  • Disinfect your own equipment as well
  • Do not share water bottles


This program has been paused.


The TOP 12 camp scheduled for mid July has not been changed.  Sailer will be selecting the remaining invitees prior to June 1st.  He will make selections based on specialists he sees on social media and in virtual lessons.  The Polynesian Bowl All Stars will be chosen at this event.  This is an INVITE ONLY event.


If you purchased a 2020 All Access Pass, we will extend your pass from December 31, 2020 to February 1st, 2021.  This extension enables you to attend the January LA Camp, the Friday Warm Up  Session and Vegas XXXVI for no additional fee.


Sunday, June 14: Dallas, TX
Monday, June 15: Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, June 20: Boston, MA
Friday, June 26: Seattle, WA
Sunday June 28: San Francisco, CA
Sunday, June 28: Chicago, IL

Saturday-Sunday, July 11 & 12: Los Angeles, CA (Rising Seniors Invitational Camp)
Monday-Wednesday, July 13 – 15: Los Angeles, CA (TOP 12 Invitational Camp)
Thursday-Friday, July 16 & 17: Los Angeles, CA (Underclassmen Invitational Camp)

If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to

Again, please refer the blog, social media and our email updates to stay in the loop on the status of our upcoming events.

Thank you so much for your support and stay safe!


WEBINAR Series hosted by Chris Sailer & Chris Rubio

We still have a lot of great information to share so we are coming to you LIVE through a Webinar!


Chris Sailer (Chris Sailer Kicking) AND Chris Rubio (Rubio Long Snapping) will be sharing their recruiting tips and how to adapt your style during this unprecedented time.  We have also gathered VALUABLE information from recent interviews with college coaches.

The Webinar will be hosted on Zoom. This format will allow families to ask questions, chat with others and gain a HUGE advantage over the competition. You will need a phone, laptop or tablet equipped with a camera and the Zoom app to participate. Upon registration, the confirmation email will have specific meeting access details.

Registration is LIMITED! Keeping group sizes smaller ensures that all questions and topics can be addressed fully. Parents/Guardians are HIGHLY encouraged to attend.


This is the first in a hopefully long series of LIVE Webinars with Chris Rubio (Rubio Long Snapping) and Chris Sailer (Chris Sailer Kicking).

Rubio and Sailer will discuss how to adapt your recruiting style during this unprecedented time. They will share valuable information gathered from recent interviews with college coaches. There will also be time for questions.

Recruiting During Quarantine

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

6:00pm – 6:40pm
*All times are Pacific Standard Time



We are excited to host our first online event and hope there are many more to come!


LIVE Virtual Mentoring Sessions w/ Chris Sailer

Here is your chance to have a LIVE virtual mentoring session with Chris Sailer.

Starting on Monday, April 20th at 10am PST, I will be doing one-on-one live virtual mentoring sessions.  ‪There will only be a set amount of sessions per day and they will get filled quickly‬.


What are these?
These are personal one-on-one LIVE sessions with me over FaceTime or Zoom if needed. Once you sign up for your time slot HERE, I will use the athlete’s number on file to contact you. 

When are these?
Sessions start Monday at 10am pst and extend throughout the week as needed.  There are only two sessions per day.  All times listed are Pacific Standard Time. Go HERE to see which time slots are still available.

What do you need?
You will need either a phone, laptop or tablet with a working camera. Please bring any questions and/or topics for the session. Parents/guardians are HIGHLY encouraged to attend as well.

All sessions will be at least 30 minutes, but may go as long as 45.

These sessions are $100 each 

If you have any questions about your time slot, contact number or how to connect, reach out to me directly at (818) 209-8921.




With many states observing Stay At Home Orders and discretionary travel being HIGHLY discouraged, we have to adjust our schedule. VEGAS XXXVI is postponed two weeks.

With California now pushing their Stay at Home Order to May 15th, we have made the adjustments below. As new information comes in we have to adapt our schedule. If anymore schedule changes are needed, we will update you again on May 1, 2020.

Seattle, WA: March 15 *NEW DATE May 31
San Francisco, CA: March 22 *NEW DATE June 28
Dallas, TX: April 5 *NEW DATE May 30
Chicago, IL: April 19 *NEW DATE June 28
Boston, MA – April 26 *NEW DATE TBA
Los Angeles, CA – May 3 *NEW DATE May 17
Vegas XXXVI – May 9 & 10 *NEW DATE May 23 & 24

Los Angeles, CA – Sunday May 17
Vegas XXXVI – Saturday & Sunday, May 23 & 124
Dallas, TX – Saturday, May 30
Seattle, WA – Sunday, May 31
San Francisco, CA – Sunday June 28
Chicago, IL – Sunday, June 28


All paid registration fees will be honored for the new dates – See you there!  You do not need to do a thing.  Your registration will automatically be transferred to the new date.

We are respecting the most up to date CDC recommendations and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. However, we are excited to get back to training some of the best specialists in the world!

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Admin. Coordinator, Samantha, at

See you soon!

Chris Sailer
(818) 209-8921



We hope we are finding you safe and healthy. As a dedicated small business, we are respecting the current CDC recommendations and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. However, we are excited to get back to training all of our athletes very soon!


Seattle, WA: March 15 *NEW DATE May 31

San Francisco, CA: March 22 *NEW DATE June 28

Dallas, TX: April 5 *NEW DATE  May 30

Chicago, IL: April 19 *NEW DATE June 28


Boston, MA – Sunday, April 26

Vegas XXXVI – Saturday & Sunday, May 9 & 10

Dallas, TX – Saturday, May 30

Seattle, WA – Sunday, May 31

San Francisco, CA – Sunday June 28

Chicago, IL – Sunday, June 28


Our National Event: VEGAS XXXVI is set to take place on May 9 & 10, 2020. We are very excited to see you all there!

Ways to ensure the safest environment for all:

• The event will be held completely outdoors

• Check-in and on field group sizes will be much smaller

• Stations for wipes and sanitizer will be available

• Balls will be wiped every hour and in between groups

• There will be limited contact with equipment, staff and the other athletes.

• Spectators will be spread out and stay at least 6 feet from one another.

• Encouraging those that are sick or showing symptoms to stay home


The best of the best will be invited to meet in the middle of July for our week of invitational camps! The Top 12 Camp, Rising Seniors Camp and The Underclassmen Invitational have a long standing history of hosting the best specialists in the world. We are very confident that by July we can focus on giving the best instruction and exposure there is to offer!


Starting Monday, March 30 we will be sending out email invitations for those July camps. BE ON THE LOOKOUT! Upon receiving your invite we also recommend registering for these camps and booking flights ASAP in order to take advantage of these low travel prices.

Stay safe and see you soon!

Chris Sailer – President/Owner