Qualities That Make Up The Perfect Kicker/Punter

Qualities That Make Up The Perfect Kicker/Punter

This Blog will again focus on one of the most common questions that I get asked.  “What qualities make up the  perfect kicker/punter?”  Many kickers and punters at the high school and college levels possess some of the qualities that make up a perfect kicker/punter, but it is rare however that one player possesses all those qualities.  That player is what we would call…. “A Scholarship Pick”, “An All-American”, or a “NFL Draft Pick”!   Take a look at some bullet points that describe the qualities that I look for, college coaches look for, and NFL coaches look for in a kicker/punter: 

    •    Leg Strength (Potential).  You must have a strong leg.   Get in the weight room and reach your full potential.  The stronger your leg, the more “potential” you will show. 
    •    Flexibility (Leg Speed).  The more flexible you are, the faster your leg will be.  Stretching, yoga, whatever it takes. This is key for adding distance and height to your ball.  And this will keep you healthy!
    •    Technique (Consistency). You may have a strong leg “potential”, you may be flexible and display “leg speed” – but you also must be able to make kicks and be both accurate and consistent at all skills.  Potential will only get you so far. Great technique will earn you the starting position.   Chris Sailer Kicking will help you get there. 
    •    Athleticism (Mental Strength).  This is often the separating factor.  A coach will ask, “Can he do it in a pressure situation”?, “Can I count on him to hit a game winner?”, “Will he be able to catch and punt the ball with guys with 4.4 speed coming off the edges to block his punt?”, “Will he be able to handle the pressure of kicking in front of 90,000 people?”  Kicking with confidence means being prepared.  If you believe in your preparation, you will succeed on the field.  My advice is to play many sports when you are growing up – be an athlete.  Attend Chris Sailer Camps to learn and eventually become your own coach.  Believe in what you are doing because it makes sense to you and you understand “Why” you are practicing those techniques.  Muscle Memory Drills 7-days a week!

The key is reaching your full potential in each of the four categories listed above. How badly do you want to get a scholarship?  How badly do you want to win the Chris Sailer Award? How badly do you want to be the starting kicker at a 4-year University? How badly do you want to make All-American?  How badly to you wand to play in the NFL and kick/punt for a living?  IT IS UP TO YOU!  MAKE IT HAPPEN!


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