September Recruiting – What Do I Do Now?

 September Recruiting – What Do I Do Now?

The anxiety that surrounds kicking, punting, and long snapping families this time of year is unparalleled.  It is September and you have not received an offer, you have not received a phone call, you aren’t getting responses from coaches, and the mail has slowed down.  The classic response…..panic.  Let me tell you from experience, there is absolutely no reason to panic.  (For reference read Rubio’s Blog – Waves of Recruiting)  This slow period of recruiting and lack of offers and communication is what 99% of specialists feel this time of year.  12 Chris Sailer Kicking Kickers/Punters have verbally committed to D1 school.  Hundreds are still waiting for that sigh of relief.  Take a deep, remain calm, and keep your focus on the goal.  If you do the right things from now until August, you will end up where you belong!  Read below a few pointers that will help you relieve some anxiety.

1. College coaches are focused on the season right now.  They have the first game of the year coming up and their stress level is off the charts.  Believe me when I say, the last thing on their mind is recruiting a kicker/punter.  They want to win that game, be the coach responsible for the win, and save their job so that they have a chance to recruit you down the line.  I always take my vacation in late August because I know how slow this time of year is.

What should you do?  Focus on the season.  Let your mind at ease when it comes to recruiting.  Start to gather some great practice footage and get it loaded to YouTube for future use.  Also contact any and all schools and ask to be put on their recruit list for their upcoming games.  You will get free tickets and get your face and name in front of that college coach at a crucial time (believe me). 

2. The games begin.  Some college team win games.  Some college teams lose games.  Some kickers and punters have tremendous success.  Other kickers and punters cost their team the game.  Some that were expected to be great, wet the bed.  Some that were expected to struggle, step up.  The bottom line is, neither you nor the college coach can predict what will happen.  But, after 2-3 games college coaches need to make moves to save their jobs and because the head coach is all over them.  So, they open up recruiting again to specialists.

What should you do?  After each game put together highlight clips.  Add of a few of those practice shots you stored.  Get it on YouTube and call it Week 1 Highlights.  Do the same after Week 2 and Week 3.  After 3 weeks, email that film to every single college coach in America.  This isn’t hard.  Get online and find the email addresses.  Or get with NCSA immediately to help you. Or both.  Call any school that you had previous contact with, reestablish the connection and your interest in that school. Call new schools that you have done research on.  Don’t ask for a scholarship, simply express your desire to play for them.  Focus on all levels, not just D1. 

3.  More and more kickers and punters start to get offers and commit.  Odds are, you still aren’t one of them.  It’s ok, don’t panic.  Your time will come when the school and fit is right for you.

What to do?  Keep on the same pattern as #2.  Never get too high and too low.  You will get disappointed more times then not.  Most important keep every option open.  You never know what can and will happen.  I have seen it all.  Load video and email after every game.  Have it ready for college coaches to view.  Be patient and know that your time will come.

Final Pointers:
A. D1A schools will recruit you.  Believe me, they will find the best of the best.  D1AA – NAIA schools need you to recruit them.  Express interest, make calls, send emails, take visits to schools of all levels that have what you are looking for (location, academics, major, weather, etc. etc.).  Small schools would love to get a call from a top 20 kicker, punter, or long snapper.

B. Take unofficial visits.  Get your face in front of coaches.  Set up tours on campuses.  Get to games as as a recruit (see earlier point).  The more proactive you are, the better.

C. The kicker, punter, or long snapper should be the one speaking, not the parent.  The parent can and should help with letters, making film, prepping conversations, etc.  But the coach wants the player to be the one that wants this.  He wants to see the desire and focus of the player.  READ RUBIO’S BLOG FOR REFERENCE

D. It is never too late.  Get this out of your head.  I have hundreds of stories – too many to share (way more than those precious 12 early commitments).  If you are reading this blog and follow what I say, you will be added to that list of stories.  Make sure to get to a Chris Sailer Kicking Nike Fall Camp & the 10th Annual National Kicking Event in Las Vegas.  THESE ARE HUGE FOR YOU! Ask any college coach in America. Recruiting ends in August of your senior year, until then, stay focused on the task at hand.  It will pay off for the rest of your life. 

Best of luck….this is just a sample.  Keep reading the Chris Sailer Kicking Blogs and the Chris Rubio Long Snapping Blogs for more information!  Have a great season and get to work!