The Class of 2013 Stepped Up in Texas!

The Class of 2013 Stepped Up in Texas!
I have been asking for months, making it known, that it was time for the Class of 2013 to step to the plate.  Well, they finally did.  The scene….Dallas, TX at the TX Nike Spring Camp.  Four prospects stepped up in a big way and the rankings will reflect it.  It is still early and much will change, but these 4 athletes deserve recognition for their performances.
Elliot Fry – The new #1 Kicker in the nation.  Kicked off the ground and killed it all day.  Didn’t advance to the semi-finals, but proved that he will near the top of his class for years to come.  Clanked a 60-yarder midway up the left upright, yes there was some wind, but still very impressive.  “TOP 12” Future?
Austin Shoemake – Became the 1st Class of 2013 Champ on the Chris Sailer Kicking Nike Spring Tour.  Showed a nice leg and great consistency.  He has the tools to continue to impress.  Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Austin.  
Brett Rattan – Potentially the best we have seen in this class.  A big, tall, strong athlete that shows huge potential.  A bit raw, but the sky is the limit.  Can’t wait to see him in action again in the near future.  Big time prospect.  

Colin McGuire – Colin didn’t stand out quite as much as the other 3 listed, but I noticed him.  A great athlete that showed great potential.  I anticipate a bright future for Colin.  He is smooth and will only continue to get better.  

Look for updated Rankings post TX Nike Spring Camp to be complete by Friday.  Elliot, Austin, Brett, and Colin will be ranked near the top of their class. 


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