Every year many very deserving kickers/punters slip through the cracks and do not get a scholarship.  Why does this happen?  Simple, there just aren’t enough to go around.  So, those that take the necessary steps, when all is equal, are the ones that end up getting them.  I could right a 20-page formal or informal piece on this subject, but for now, here are 10 THINGS TO DO TO GET A SCHOLARSHIP:

1. Attend Chris Sailer Kicking camps as early as possible (as soon as 8th Grade).  Why?  To get proper technique coaching, to gain knowledge of how the kicking world works, and to get early exposure. Then keep going. 

2. Set goals and create a plan as a freshman in high school.  Form a team.  You are the captain.  Now you need reliable teammates.  Your team should consist of your parents, your coach, your school guidance counselor, NCSA (recruit service), and a kicking coach (Sailer). 

3. Earn your scholarship.  The sooner you realize that a scholarship is earned, not given, you will begin to work hard.  Work hard and reach your full potential as a person (character), in the classroom (grades and test scores), in the weight room (strength, speed, and flexibility), and on the field (kicking and punting).  You will earn your scholarship – not your coach, not your parents, not your kicking coach.  Make it happen and it will. 

4. Use social networking….the right way.  Use Facebook, Twitter, Blog and many others to learn, stay up to date (follow Chris_Sailer), and most importantly promote yourself.  The internet is very powerful.  The more a coach sees your name, the better.  Understand that this is your online resume.  As much as the internet can help you, it can also kill your chances.  Be smart…enough said. 

5. Create highlight videos.  You can never have enough.  Get them up on CSK, NCSA, and YouTube.  Just like social networking, turn yourself into a virus.  Start early to learn.  During your junior and senior season, you better have one ready when a coach calls.  It should be a click away. 

6.  Have a good high school career.  Sometimes this is out of your control due to the quality of your team, coach, snapper, holder, etc.  However, it is up to you to make the best out of bad situation.  Let your coach know you want to be the best.  Show him you’ll work hard.  Set up a game plan with him for extra time spent on special teams.  Get with your snapper and holder as often as possible (year round).  If you don’t have one, pick one.  Ask a friend, recruit and athlete, etc.  Get it done.  Send your snapper to Rubio (they will get WAY better in one lesson – trust me).  Stats can help you, do your best to make this your advantage. 

7.  Attend College Camps during the summer of your sophomore year (a good idea) and during the summer of your junior year (a must).  These are tryouts.  If you are good enough, here is where you can prove it to them.  Regardless of how much exposure you have had, most coaches still want to see it with their own eyes.  Seal the deal!

8. YOU Make the phone calls.  Coaches want to talk to you.  Tell your parents to encourage you, but to “spread out”. (See RUBIO BLOG for the definition of “spread out”) These coaches have to spend the next 4-5 years with you.  They will make sure that they like you.  When you meet a coach in person, answer your own questions, don’t let your parents answer for you. 

9. Take your SAT and ACT early and often.  The sooner you qualify, the better.  The more schools that you can qualify for, the better.  Make sure you are a qualifier so that if you have to go to a junior college for any reason, you can get out before getting your AA.  You only have to go through this once in life, so suck it up. 

10.  Get to Vegas for the National Event early and often.  Early to learn, gain experience, and get exposure.  Be the guy we know, not the guy we are just finding out about.  Simple, put it on your calendar now….I am going to Vegas 8 times (every January and May for all 4 years of high school).  This is the biggest stage.  Trust me.  See you May 14th!

Three CSK Kickers that got it correct: 
Matt Goudis (Miami), Andre Heidari (USC) & Connor Loftus (Penn)