College Camps – Part 2

College Camps – Part 2

It is that time of year again.  College Camps begin this weekend.  I wrote a blog on what to expect last year at College Camps.  Before reading this, make sure to go back and read my blog on COLLEGE CAMPS.

This blog will focus on exactly what to do before, during, and after a college camp.

1. Be realistic when it comes to which camps to attend.  If you want to attend these camps simply to enjoy being on a college campus, that is fine, but there is no reason to read this blog any further.  Make no mistake about it, these camps are tryouts for that school.  If you are not a prospect at that level, you will NOT be looked at.  Advice: If you have been ranked a 4.5 Star Chris Sailer Kicking player or higher, the D1A camps are for you.  If you have been ranked a 3.5 Star Chris Sailer Kicking player or higher, the D1AA – D3 camps are for you.

2. Contact the Special Teams Coach AND Recruiting Coordinator about 2-3 weeks before attending.  Do so via email and phone call.  The odds of them answering your phone call are slim, but call and leave a message anyway.  The intent of the call and email is to inform them that you will be attending their camp and expressing your interest in the program.  The more they hear your name and intentions, the better.  Feel free to include in your email: general info, GPA, Test Scores, References (Chris Sailer – 818-209-8921) & YouTube Highlight Video Link.

3. Set up an unofficial visit a week, two days or even a day prior to camp.  Make a trip of it.  You can do so by calling the football office.  You will get to see the campus, meet with academic counselors, see football facilities, and possibly even meet with a football coach.  This is HUGE.  Not only will you see if the school is a fit for you, but you are showing your strong interest, and making your name known to the program.

1. Find a good time to say hello to the Special Team Coach and / or any coach that you met on your unofficial visit.  Simply introduce or reintroduce yourself and tell them how excited you are to be there and show them what you can do.  Make sure to find the right time.  There is a right time.  This should be you and you alone, not your parents or coach.

2. Be ready to kick / punt many balls.  There will be a lot of kids at these camps.  It is not easy to get noticed.  Watch your reps and kick / punt when the time is right.  Quality over Quantity.  If you are someone they are looking at / recruiting, believe me when I say that they will see every kick that you hit.  There are eyes everywhere (even the sky).

3. Great programs will be watching your attitude and character more than your actual performance with a football.  What do you do when you shank a ball?  Who are you hanging out with? How do you warm up? What do you do when you win a competition?  What do you do when you lose a competition?  Which kicks are you choosing to kick / not kick?  How are reacting to coaching?  Are you paying attention at the meetings?  What are you doing at lunch time?  This list goes on and on and on.  If the answer is negative to any one of these questions, the guy next to you got the scholarship.

4. No matter what happens, stay positive.  You will get your chance.  Yes, there may be bigger names than yours coming into camp, but that doesn’t mean that they will be the bigger name leaving the camp.  Whether you think they are looking or not, you will get the chance to chart and compete in competitions.  Simple: STEP UP and you will get noticed.

5. Fine the right time to say goodbye and thank you to the staff, especially the Special Teams Coach, any other University Coach, and the Kicking/Punting Coach.  They are watching and still recruiting. It is easy.  Shake their hand, and say, “Thanks again coach for the opportunity to attend the camp.  My name is …… and I really enjoyed the camp and love the school”.

1. Follow up.  Wait a week or two and follow up with an email and phone call.  This is a chance to once again express your interest in the school, ask for an evaluation of your performance, and let them know that you would enjoy staying in touch and coming to a game in the Fall.

2. At the end of summer, call / email again and let them know how your summer went.  Also let them know that you would like to be added to their recruit list for the upcoming season so that you can attend the games.  Let them know that they are on your very short list of schools.

Good Luck!