Your Complete Guide – Kicking & Punting Highlight Videos

Your Complete Guide  – Kicking & Punting Highlight Videos

Highlight videos are a big part of the recruiting process.  Therefore, hundreds of questions are asked when it comes to highlight videos.  This blog will help answer majority, if not all, of those questions.


  1. How do I make a highlight video? 

Answer: READ THIS BLOG: Tips To Making a Highlight Video

2. When should I start making highlight videos?

Answer: As soon as possible.  Freshman & Sophomores, you are practicing.  This is a great time to learn the process, so that when the time is right, your highlight videos look exactly how it should.  It is also great to show college coaches your progress over time.  Junior & Seniors, college coaches will want and need to see your highlight videos.  Hopefully by now they look exactly how they should.

3. How often should I make highlight videos?

Answer:  As often as you would like.  You cannot have too much film available.

4. Where should I post my highlight videos?

Answer: YouTube.  Create your own YouTube Channel NOW!  Title it: (Your Name) Kicking & Punting

5. My coaches are providing me with HUDL video clips? Can’t I just send this college coaches?

Answer: No.  Although HUDL may be used by some college coaches, it is not used by all.  And often times it is difficult to view on all devices.   When performing a simple recruit internet search, the best place to find film is on YouTube.  When you have your own YouTube channel, a college coach can now view all of your highlight videos in chronological order from freshman to senior year and beyond.  Converting video from HUDL and uploading to YouTube is easier than you thing.  CLICK HERE

6. What type of highlight videos should I be loading to my YouTube Channel?

Answer: All types of videos.

7. Why types of highlight vides are there?

Answer: Chris Sailer Kicking Camp Video (field goal, kickoffs and punts) Skills video (field goals), Skills video (field goals off the ground), Skills video (kickoffs), Skills video (punts), Skills video (field goals, kickoffs and punts), Skills video (running film – no cuts). Single game highlight video, ¼ season highlight video, ½ season highlight video, ¾ season highlight video, full season highlight video, full season highlight video + skills video.

8. How should I send my highlight videos to college coaches?

Answer: The simplest way to do so is by email (send a clean link).  I also highly recommend working with NCSA (A Chris Sailer Kicking Recruiting partner).  NCSA makes it much easier to identify colleges and simplify the task of finding college coaches email addresses.  Sending hard copy DVD’s of your highlight videos is recommended to any coach/college that has shown significant interest.

9. Which highlight videos should I send to college coaches and when should I be sending them?

Answer:  Remember, your Freshman & Sophomore years are for practice. Most college coaches will not even take a look.  But getting used to the process and getting used to using the NCSA software is important.  So sending a full season highlight video + skills video is worthwhile.  It will get college coaches familiar with your name.  Also always make sure to send your personal YouTube Channel Link.  Juniors & Seniors, you should be sending film (To every college coach in America).   I recommend emailing college coaches on a quarterly basis.  So you will be sending your YouTube Channel Link.  You will be sending your ¼ season highlight video, then your ½ season highlight video, then your ¾ season highlight video, then your full season highlight video + skills tape.  If a certain coach/college is responding and showing interest, sending video each week or every other week is also called for.   Also sending certain skills videos that you are most proud of to these coaches is called for.  Sending skills videos and camp videos in the off season is also called for.

10. What should I send along with my highlight video to college coaches?

Answer: A simply form letter expressing your interest to play for their program.  Along with this form letter is simple basic information they will need to know. For an example:  CLICK HERE. Do not ask for a scholarship. Simply express your desire to compete for a position on their football team.

11. Should I send you, Chris Sailer, the links to my highlight videos? 

Answer: Yes!  I will add them to your player profile page on  It is also very important that you list me as a reference in everything that you ever submit to a college coach.

Good luck!

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