Chris Sailer Kicking – 2015 TX Spring Camp Recap

The 2015 Chris Sailer Kicking Spring National Camp Tour is now in full swing.  The second stop was this past weekend in Dallas, TX…always a hotbed for exceptional specialists.  Over 100 specialists were on hand to get top notch instruction and gain the ultimate national exposure.  Who might be the next Justin Tucker, Dan Bailey or Randy Bullock?  There are many potential candidates! Take a look at the results.

Overall Camp Champion:  Damon Foncham (2015, TX)
The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking punter had a tremendous day.  He punts for a great combination of distance and hang time.  His consistency and ability to punt under pressure might be his greatest strengths.  Damon has proven that he can punt at the D1 level and will be a great addition to any college football team.  If you are still in need of a 2015 Punter, offer Damon NOW!!!

Field Goal Champion: Butch Hampton (2016, OK)
Butch has been attending Chris Sailer Kicking camps since his freshman year.  His incredible consistency and the ability to kick in all conditions have made him a D1 Scholarship Pick.  Butch has 55 yard field goal range off the ground and hits kickoffs 70+ yards with 3.9-4.10 hang time.  He is going to make a fine player at the next level.  OFFER NOW!!!

Field Goal Champion: Josh King (2015, TX)
Josh had a great day in Dallas.  The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student has proven himself time and time again.  He shows great quality as both a kicker and punter.  The junior college prospect is ready to step in and play at the college level.  If you need a consistent performer that you can count on, Josh is your guy.

Kickoff Champion: Bailey Raborn (2016, LA)
Bailey is a great all around talent.  A top national combo prospect, he has developed in to scholarship pick.  He shows 55-yard field goal range off the ground.  Kickoffs are 70+ yards, with 4.0+ hang time.  Hits punts 50+ yards, with 4.5+ hang time. One of the hardest workers out there that will impress college coaches this summer.

Other Class of 2015 Standouts: Jordan White, Tyler Tulare

Class of 2016 Standouts: Alvin Kenworthy, David Albert, Hayden Ashley, Holden Lyons, John Wengierski, Landen Saling, Marco Navarro, Riley Hatthorn, Phillip Keys, Tim Skapek

Class of 2017 Future Stars: Jovi Munoz, Eric Carrasco, Forrest Diaz, Geoffrey Pace, Josh Grant, Issac Garcia, Ryan Harwell, Thomas Cooper.

Top Young Star: Jacob Meeks

Video Recap

2015 Chris Sailer Kicking Schedule


Chris Sailer Kicking – NY Nike Fall Camp Recap!


PICTUREEEEChris Sailer Kicking continued on the 2013 Nike Fall Camp tour this past weekend in Albany, NY.  Kickers, punters and long snappers from many of the surrounding states traveled to New York on what was perfect a day for a specialist camp.  The number of specialists in attendance and the talent continues to improve with each trip to the East Coast.  Take a look at the results.

Camp Champion
Chris Miner (2014, MA): The veteran Chris Sailer Kicking student had a tremendous all around day.  He is a great athlete with a very strong leg.  His consistency and confidence were on display on this day.  He won two major field goal competitions by hitting consecutive 50 yard field goals.  Chris is going to be a fine college kicker one day.

Kickoff Champion
Christian Kapp (2014, NY): Christian was perhaps the most consistent and technically sound kicker on the day.  The Chris Sailer Kicking veteran competed until the end of nearly every competition.  His kickoffs measured 65 yards with 3.8+ hang time.  He is a strong competitor who should do very well a the next level.

Punt Champion
Rory O’Riordan (2016, NY): The young punter stepped up when it counted the most.  His consistency is what ultimately what got him to the end in the punting competition.  Most punts measured 40+ yards with 4.3+ hang time.  Look for this young combo prospect to ca

use some waves in the near future.

Other Standouts: David Vandenabee, Devin Dzikowicz, George Gendler, and Jeffery Beattie.

For more rankings, stats and results visit Chris Sailer Kicking will next make stops in Dallas, TX (November 10), Chicago, IL (November 24), Atlanta, GA (December 7), Charlotte, NC (December 8th) and Los Angeles, CA (January 12).  The season will conclude with the 12th Annual National Kicking Event in Las Vegas on January 18-19, 2014.  This is the biggest kicking, punting & long snapping camp in the world.  The early registration deadline for Las Vegas is this Friday October 18th!



Chris Sailer Kicking – College Football Week 5 Recap


Week 5 saw many Chris Sailer Kicking kickers have perfect games and huge punt averages.  But as always, only 1 player per position was selected Player of the Week!  Take a look.

Chris Sailer Kicking College Players of the Week (Week 5):


Nick Diaz (Utah State) – 4 for 4 Field Goals (Long 45), 4 for 4 Extra Points

Previous Players of the Week:
Week 1: Will Oliver (Colorado)
Week 2: Niklas Sade (NC State)
Week 3: Zach Paul (North Texas)
Week 4: Ryan Bustin (Texas Tech)

Cody Mandell (Alabama) 46.2 Yard Punt Average on 5 Punts (Long 56), 3 Punts Inside the 20-Yard Line

Previous Players of the Week:
Week 1: Drew Kaser (Texas A&M)
Week 2: Nick Bruno (Stephen F. Austin)
Week 3: Nate Freese (Boston College)
Week 4: Nathan Renfro (Maryland)

50+Yard Field Goals:
Week 5: Marshall Morgan (Georgia) 55, Cade Foster (Alabama) 53, Carey Spear (Vanderbilt) 50
Week 4: Brad Craddock (Maryland) 50
Week 3: Andrew Ritter (Ole Miss) 52
Week 2: None
Week 1: Ian Frye (Virginia) 53, Will Oliver (Colorado) 52, Will Conant (Air Force) 52, Andre Heidari (USC) 52, Ty Long (UAB) 52

Lou Groza Stars of the Week (3 Chosen Each Week):
Week 5: Nick Diaz (Utah State)
Week 4: Ryan Bustin (Texas Teach)
Week 3: Cody Parkey (Auburn), Trevor Romaine (Oregon State)
Week 2: Niklas Sade (NC State), Justin Sorensen (BYU)
Week 1: Will Oliver (Colorado), Niklas Sade (NC State), Wesley Feer (San Diego State)

The Chris Sailer Kicking College Players of the Week are selected each week from D1A kickers that are Chris Sailer Kicking Students.

Stay tuned as each week, Chris Sailer Kicking will update you on Chris Sailer Kicking in College Football!


Your Complete Guide – Kicking & Punting Highlight Videos

Your Complete Guide  – Kicking & Punting Highlight Videos

Highlight videos are a big part of the recruiting process.  Therefore, hundreds of questions are asked when it comes to highlight videos.  This blog will help answer majority, if not all, of those questions.


  1. How do I make a highlight video? 

Answer: READ THIS BLOG: Tips To Making a Highlight Video

2. When should I start making highlight videos?

Answer: As soon as possible.  Freshman & Sophomores, you are practicing.  This is a great time to learn the process, so that when the time is right, your highlight videos look exactly how it should.  It is also great to show college coaches your progress over time.  Junior & Seniors, college coaches will want and need to see your highlight videos.  Hopefully by now they look exactly how they should.

3. How often should I make highlight videos?

Answer:  As often as you would like.  You cannot have too much film available.

4. Where should I post my highlight videos?

Answer: YouTube.  Create your own YouTube Channel NOW!  Title it: (Your Name) Kicking & Punting

5. My coaches are providing me with HUDL video clips? Can’t I just send this college coaches?

Answer: No.  Although HUDL may be used by some college coaches, it is not used by all.  And often times it is difficult to view on all devices.   When performing a simple recruit internet search, the best place to find film is on YouTube.  When you have your own YouTube channel, a college coach can now view all of your highlight videos in chronological order from freshman to senior year and beyond.  Converting video from HUDL and uploading to YouTube is easier than you thing.  CLICK HERE

6. What type of highlight videos should I be loading to my YouTube Channel?

Answer: All types of videos.

7. Why types of highlight vides are there?

Answer: Chris Sailer Kicking Camp Video (field goal, kickoffs and punts) Skills video (field goals), Skills video (field goals off the ground), Skills video (kickoffs), Skills video (punts), Skills video (field goals, kickoffs and punts), Skills video (running film – no cuts). Single game highlight video, ¼ season highlight video, ½ season highlight video, ¾ season highlight video, full season highlight video, full season highlight video + skills video.

8. How should I send my highlight videos to college coaches?

Answer: The simplest way to do so is by email (send a clean link).  I also highly recommend working with NCSA (A Chris Sailer Kicking Recruiting partner).  NCSA makes it much easier to identify colleges and simplify the task of finding college coaches email addresses.  Sending hard copy DVD’s of your highlight videos is recommended to any coach/college that has shown significant interest.

9. Which highlight videos should I send to college coaches and when should I be sending them?

Answer:  Remember, your Freshman & Sophomore years are for practice. Most college coaches will not even take a look.  But getting used to the process and getting used to using the NCSA software is important.  So sending a full season highlight video + skills video is worthwhile.  It will get college coaches familiar with your name.  Also always make sure to send your personal YouTube Channel Link.  Juniors & Seniors, you should be sending film (To every college coach in America).   I recommend emailing college coaches on a quarterly basis.  So you will be sending your YouTube Channel Link.  You will be sending your ¼ season highlight video, then your ½ season highlight video, then your ¾ season highlight video, then your full season highlight video + skills tape.  If a certain coach/college is responding and showing interest, sending video each week or every other week is also called for.   Also sending certain skills videos that you are most proud of to these coaches is called for.  Sending skills videos and camp videos in the off season is also called for.

10. What should I send along with my highlight video to college coaches?

Answer: A simply form letter expressing your interest to play for their program.  Along with this form letter is simple basic information they will need to know. For an example:  CLICK HERE. Do not ask for a scholarship. Simply express your desire to compete for a position on their football team.

11. Should I send you, Chris Sailer, the links to my highlight videos? 

Answer: Yes!  I will add them to your player profile page on  It is also very important that you list me as a reference in everything that you ever submit to a college coach.

Good luck!

Chris Sailer Kicking Standard



Highlight Videos for Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camps

Chris Sailer Kicking is happy to announce that Highlight Videos will now be available for purchase for ALL Chris Sailer Kicking Camps this fall and in Las Vegas January 18-19, 2014! This is an incredible opportunity and will only be available to a limited number of Kickers, Punters & long snapers that reserve their video.  They are offering a rate of $150 for a video.  Here is how it will work:

1. You can preegister for this service by e-mailing with your contact info and, this is important, if you are Kicker, Punter or Long Snapper. The staff will get back to you, within 24 hours, with further instructions.

2. They are taking a LIMITED number of Kickers, Punter and Long Snappers. If you are interested, e-mail them immediately. I highly recommend these videos, if you want to play college football.  Here is what a great player profile page looks like with this type of video. 

Below is an example of the videos. I am very impressed with the company and their services. If you choose to purchase a highlight video, the video will be yours to use as you see fit.  My recommendation: Email the video to coaches, add the video to your Chris Sailer Kicking Player Ranking Profile, add the Video to your NCSA Player Profile and add it to your YouTube page.


Chris Sailer Kicking – College Football Week 4 Recap

Week 4 provided many more great moments for Chris Sailer Kicking College Kickers and Punters. With so many Chris Sailer Kicking trained specialists across the nation, its seems like each and every week players are involved in games with national ranking implications.  From game winners, to punting from deep in the endzone, to routine extra points…every kick counts.  As always, there were so many great performances.  Take a look at the Chris Sailer Kicking Week 4 Players of the Week!

Chris Sailer Kicking College Players of the Week (Week 4):


Ryan Bustin (Texas Teach) – 4 for 4 Field Goals (Long 36), 3 for 3 Extra Points

Previous Players of the Week:
Week 1: Will Oliver (Colorado)
Week 2: Niklas Sade (NC State)
Week 3: Zach Paul (North Texas)

Nathan Renfro (Maryland) 51.2 Yard Punt Average on 5 Punts (Long 64), 2 Punts Inside the 20-Yard Line

Previous Players of the Week:
Week 1: Drew Kaser (Texas A&M)
Week 2: Nick Bruno (Stephen F. Austin)
Week 3: Nate Freese (Boston College)

50+Yard Field Goals:
Week 4: Brad Craddock (Maryland) 50
Week 3: Andrew Ritter (Ole Miss) 52
Week 2: None
Week 1: Ian Frye (Virginia) 53, Will Oliver (Colorado) 52, Will Conant (Air Force) 52, Andre Heidari (USC) 52, Ty Long (UAB) 52

Lou Groza Stars of the Week (3 Chosen Each Week):
Week 4: Ryan Bustin (Texas Teach)
Week 3: Cody Parkey (Auburn), Trevor Romaine (Oregon State)
Week 2: Niklas Sade (NC State), Justin Sorensen (BYU)
Week 1: Will Oliver (Colorado), Niklas Sade (NC State), Wesley Feer (San Diego State)

The Chris Sailer Kicking College Players of the Week are selected each week from D1A kickers that are Chris Sailer Kicking Students.

Stay tuned as each week, Chris Sailer Kicking will update you on Chris Sailer Kicking in College Football!


Recruiting – “THE LIST”

The recruiting process can be quite confusing, especially when going through it for the first time.  So many questions will arise.  That is understandable.  Chris Sailer Kicking is here to help you through that process as we have been through it thousands of times.  The key to the recruiting process is education.  We stress this through personal communication and during camp seminars.  The more you know, the better off you will be.  The process is time consuming and filled with many ups and downs.  Remain patient and understand that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  There is a college opportunity out there for you as a kicker and punter as long as you handle the recruiting process properly.  The intention of this blog is to point out that there are NO EASY ANSWERS!

Step 1 before you read on: D1 Colleges Will Recruit You, You Have To Recruit D2 & D3 Colleges

There is no such thing as “THE LIST”.  The question that asked more than any other when it comes to recruiting is, “Can you please send me “THE LIST” of colleges that will be recruiting a kicker/punter this year”?  The answer to this question is, “There is no such things as “THE LIST”.  The list you are referring to consists of 800+ colleges that play college football.  Nearly every college in America will recruit a kicker/punter each and every year.  Whether that be on a Scholarship or Preferred Walk-On basis is yet to be determined.  As mentioned earlier, patience is required.  The answers will not be fully disclosed until the first day of fall camp your freshman year of college.

Step 2: Reread the above blog, D1 Colleges Will Recruit You, You Have To Recruit D2 & D3 Colleges

Every college in America, at every level, recruits every position on the football field, every single year.  They have a recruit board where they list athletes in numerical order that they are recruiting.  When the time comes, they make  offers.  Depending on the year, depending on needs at all positions, depending on scholarship numbers, etc., decisions are made over time in the recruiting process as to whom might get scholarship offers and preferred walk-on offers.  Each program is different.  Get your name on these recruiting boards and options are sure to come your way.

Now Read: Recruiting Tiebreakers

College coaches reach out to Chris Sailer Kicking and ask about potential scholarship specialists nearly every day.  We provide answers to the questions asked.  Example: BCS school calls and says I need the best kicker in America.  The answer is simple and open to the public.  Visit and Click on PLAYER RANKINGS.  If a coach wants to talk about the next best available, we put them in contact with the next best available.  If a coach wants the next best available on the East Coast, we put them in contact with the next best available on the East Coast.  And so on and so forth.  This is how D1 programs will operate.  They want the best, they get the best.  They will recruit you.  Another Example: D3 school calls and says, Player A has reached out to us and used Chris Sailer Kicking as a reference.  Can you give us your opinion on him?  The answer is simple: Player A has many great qualities such as….  He has attended….  He has performed…..  etc. etc.

The recruiting process is like a 3,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.  Your freshman & sophomore season is like trying to find those first two pieces that fit.  Perhaps by the end of your junior season, the frame of the puzzle may be built.  The middle of the puzzle is like your senior year.  Figuring out the middle pieces requires time and a lot of patience.  As pieces begin to fit, it becomes easier and much more clear.  By the end it picks up and eventually the puzzle will be complete (August of your senior year).  Educate yourself, stay proactive, create options and by all means DO NOT ask for the “THE LIST”.  Fish with the biggest net possible and target every college in America.


Form Letter to Send to a Coach

As Rubio and I told you about a month ago, (Make sure to follow recruiting would be slow in the month of August and early September. Now, it will begin to pick up just a tad and get really crazy about the time of the Vegas Event (funny how Rubio and I planned that out, huh?)

So, as things have the possibility of heating up with recruiting, you should send a school a simple letter/e-mail to let schools know you are interested and for you to get on their radar/mailing list.

First, make sure you send it to the Special Teams Coach and/or the Recruiting Coordinator. Remember to keep it very simply and to the point. The person reading your letter will almost always be male and they don’t need any fluff. They will want a bottom line and quick points.

We created a template for you and it should do the trick. Embrace….

Coach __________,

My name is _________________ and I am very interested in becoming a student-athlete for your university.  I am (Kicker, Punter or Combo Player Kicker / Punter).

I currently play at __________________ High School in ____ (put your home state) and will graduate in ________ (month) of 20__.

I attend Chris Sailer Kicking camps and am currently ranked ____ in my class and ____ in my state. You can see my profile, which will have Chris Sailer’s evaluation, my picture and a video of me HERE. (link your profile in the word HERE since it looks cleaner). Please feel free to contact Chris Sailer at either 818-209-8921 or if you would like more detailed information regarding me and my Kicking/Punting abilities.

You can also view my YouTube channel with more practice and game footage HERE. (Put a hudl link if you must, but immediately start the process of getting everything moved over to YouTube for THESE reasons)

I also noticed you have a home game coming up on Saturday, the ____ of _______________. I was hoping to be put on the recruit list for that game so I can see what game day is like for the _______________ (school mascot name).

Please let me know what the next step in the recruiting process is for me to become a member of your team.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you at one of your games this fall!

Thank you for your time,

John Smith
____________ High School, Class of ______
GPA: ______  ACT: ______ SAT: _________
E-Mail: _______________________________
Cell: _________________________________
Home Mailing Address: _________________________________________ (Street Address, City, State and Zip Code)
Other Honors: ________________________________________________  (Eagle Scout, All-League, MVP, Captain, Etc.)

Best of luck!  Chris Sailer Kicking is here to help you every step along the way.


Tips To Make a Kicking / Punting Highlight Video

Tips To Make a Kicking / Punting Highlight Video

Making a highlight video is one of the major responsibilities an athlete has when it comes to recruiting.  Here are some simple tips that will help you start the process.

•    A simple highlight video is what a college coach wants to see from an athlete.  You DO NOT have to pay hundreds of dollars to hire a videographer.  You can make the video yourself.  It is all about the content, not the fluff.
•    Get a digital camera and ask your friend to film for you.
•    Start by standing in front of the camera and say, “My name is _________.  I go to _________ High School in _________ and will graduate in the Class of ____.
•    Make sure to be wearing your Chris Sailer Kicking T- Shirt at all times. This will show that you have been to my camps and have been taught properly.
•    Insert simple graphics (Name, High School, State, Grade Year, Simple Stats, References (Chris Sailer & High School Coach), Reference Phone Numbers (Chris Sailer 818-209-8921), and your cell phone number. Have it as a set screen so they can pause on it to see. Do not have it as a scrolling screen.
•    Put your best footage first.  If you have one or two GREAT game highlights, add those first.  If you do not, add some practice footage here.  I recommend one field goal off the ground, one kickoff, and 1 punt.  This should capture the very best of what you are capable of doing.
•    Next add a simple graphic that says, FIELD GOALS.  Add game field goals first.  Add practice session field goals to complement the game footage.  If you do not have any good game footage, just add practice footage.  If you can kick well off the ground…do it.  If not, use a tee.  Film these kicks from directly behind the kicker.
•    Next add a simple graphic that says, KICKOFFS.  Add game kickoffs first.  Add practice session kickoffs to complement the game footage.  If you do not have any good game footage, just add practice footage. Film these kicks from the bleachers.
•    Next add a simple graphic that says, PUNTING.  Add game punts first.  Add practice session punts to complement the game footage.  If you do not have any good game footage, just add practice footage. Add a few directional punts and Inside the 40 punts.  If you are just a punter, you will want to add more punts than a combo player.  Film these punts from the bleachers.
•    Finally, add simple graphics to close your highlight video.  I would recommend copying and pasting the Chris Sailer evaluation from your CSK Player Profile page.  Also add all of your contact information (Name, Cell Number, Email Address, Home Address).
•    The video should be no longer than 3-4 minutes total.
•    Do not include any more than 1-2 extra points.
•    DO NOT have any background music playing.  It is distracting and coaches do not want to hear it.
•    DO NOT add statistical graphics or voiceover to your highlights.  Coaches want to time kicks themselves.
•    Cut the video well.  Get rid of downtime.  Coaches don’t need to see you setting up the ball or chasing down the ball before and after kicks.
•    Only add highlights.  Don’t force game footage to the video if the footage does not represent what you are capable of doing.
•    Immediately load the video to  I highly recommend creating your own channel and adding new workout videos as often as possible.  This is a great way for a college coach to search you and get immediate access to your videos.  They want to see progress, so do not be afraid to keep old videos up. Simply date them when you add them.  Tag Chris Sailer Kicking when you add a video.
•    Send me the online link.  I will add it to add it to your Player Profile Page.

Good luck.  Do not be intimidated by this process.  It really is not that difficult.  Start making videos your freshman and sophomore season for the experience and to show progress.  College coaches will really start to pay attention your junior season.