Dan Bailey Hits Game Winning Field Goal to Beat Bengals!

In an emotional filled game, due to the tragic loss of teammate Jerry Brown the day before, Chris Sailer Kicking Alum Dan Bailey hit a game winning 40 yd. field goal as time ran out to seal the victory for the Cowboys over the Bengals Sunday

Dan Bailey is a 2006 alum of Chris Sailer Kicking. He was a member of the Top 12 and assumed the starting place kicker role for Oklahoma State University in 2007 upon his graduation from kicking camp. After graduating from OSU, Bailey was signed as an undrafted free agent to the Dallas Cowboys in July 2011. Bailey’s first season with the Cowboys was stated to be one of the most successful kicking seasons by a rookie in both the Dallas Cowboys franchise history and NFL league history.

For the 2012 NFL season, Bailey is still at his best. His field goal stats are 100% for field goals attempted between 20 and 49 yards. While he’s only at 50% for field goals of more than 50 yards, his overall field goal average is 92%. While his first year was amazing and left little room for improvement in this area, he’s actually managed to improve by about 4%.

Bailey is an excellent player and an asset for the Cowboys and we will definitely see more good things from him in the future.