End Of The Season….What Now?

As most of you approach the end of your freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior season, the obvious question is, WHAT NOW?  All the preparation, all the hard work, the high of the start of the season, the high of the playoffs, the high of attempting a game winner is all of a sudden….over.  You now have 9 months to wait before you kick or punt another live football in a game.  What do most do, they lose focus.  But not you, read on to see what you should be doing now. 

  • You may take a little time off.  Maybe a week or two, but no more than that.  Even during that time, make sure to do your muscle memory drills every day.  Remember this is a year round sport.  If you want to be the best of the best, do your muscle memory drills every day until you retire.  
  • Time to set more goals.  Your first goal should be making the “TOP 12” January 14-15, 2012 at the 10th Annual National Kicking Event – Sponsored by Nike in Las Vegas.  Other goals should include off-season progress (technique and strength), a recruiting game plan, setting winter spring and summer schedules, and starting to think about the upcoming season (how will you improve).  
  • After your week off, its time to get focused on Vegas.  Use the month of November and December the same way you used the months of July and August heading into your season.  You should be that ready.  Lifting, cardio, kicking, punting, muscle memory drills, flexibility work should all be a part of the plan.  
  • Set your Spring/Summer Kicking/Punting calendar.  What Chris Sailer Kicking camps will you attend?  What summer college camps will you attend?  What colleges will you visit?  My advice is to attend the Chris Sailer Kicking Nike Spring and Summer camps in your area and the 10th Annual National Kicking Spring Event – Sponsored by Nike in Las Vegas May 12-13, 2012.  If you are a junior or senior to be – pick some college camps to attend and start getting mentally prepared. If you are a senior to be take some trips to see some colleges (get a feel for each area of the country).  If you just finished your senior year – time to work harder than ever, its almost time for college.  
  • Set goals in the classroom.  See you counselor.  Get everything in line so that you can play at ANY college.  Seniors, football may be over, but school isn’t.  Continue working hard all the way through the finish line. 
  • Players that just finished your senior season.  Stay focused on recruiting.  It will start to pick up now.  Keep all options open and be proactive.  Continue to be patient and know that you will end up in the spot that is best for you.  

See you all soon in at a Nike Fall Camp or Vegas!