Highlight Videos for Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camps

Chris Sailer Kicking is happy to announce that Highlight Videos will now be available for purchase for ALL Chris Sailer Kicking Camps this fall and in Las Vegas January 18-19, 2014! This is an incredible opportunity and will only be available to a limited number of Kickers, Punters & long snapers that reserve their video.  They are offering a rate of $150 for a video.  Here is how it will work:

1. You can preegister for this service by e-mailing info@VarsityTape.com with your contact info and, this is important, if you are Kicker, Punter or Long Snapper. The staff will get back to you, within 24 hours, with further instructions.

2. They are taking a LIMITED number of Kickers, Punter and Long Snappers. If you are interested, e-mail them immediately. I highly recommend these videos, if you want to play college football.  Here is what a great player profile page looks like with this type of video. 

Below is an example of the videos. I am very impressed with the company and their services. If you choose to purchase a highlight video, the video will be yours to use as you see fit.  My recommendation: Email the video to coaches, add the video to your Chris Sailer Kicking Player Ranking Profile, add the Video to your NCSA Player Profile and add it to your YouTube page.


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