Inside the Kickers Mind

Few would argue that the mental part of the kicking game is far more important than the physical. While preparing yourself physically can be done through diet, exercise, training and practice, that will not provide the mental toughness needed to be the best.

Each individual kicker gains mental toughness from different experiences. The first key for a kicker is perhaps recognizing that the mind can be trained. You can develop and increase the mental muscle necessary to develop a kicker’s mentality.

Some can do it by focusing on how the opposing team’s kicker is performing. This keeps the kicker mentally focused on a one-on-one competition rather than putting the whole weight of his team on his shoulders.

Another way is to focus on success. If a player is kicking in a game situation he certainly has had plenty of success in practice. By getting in a state of mental review, a kicker can remember how it feels to kick successfully, and get his mind focused on that state.

It is all part of the training we do here at Chris Sailer Kicking. We understand the mental aspects of the game and can help a kicker discover the mental toughness within. Being prepared mentally and physically is the focus of Chris Sailer Kicking. Contact us for more details on how we can increase your odds of success.


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