Highlight Videos Now Available Through Chris Sailer Kicking

Chris Sailer Kicking is happy to announce that Highlight Videos will now be available for purchase at Chris Sailer Kicking Camps/Events.  The very first opportunity to purchase a professional quality highlight video will be this weekend at the 11th Annual National Kicking Spring Event in Las Vegas May 4-5.  This is an incredible opportunity and will only be available to the first 30 Kickers, Punters, or Long Snappers that reserve their video.  We are offering a discounted promotional rate of $100 for Vegas this year.  Here is how it will work:

1. You can preegister for this service by emailing info@varsitytape.com.  In the subject line type: “Vegas Video”.  The staff will get back to you with further instructions.

2. You can register for this service in Las Vegas.  However, if 30 others preegister, unfortunately the service will no longer be available.  If you choose to take this route, you are taking a big risk.

Sample Videos were taken this past weekend at the 11th Annual National Kicking Preparation camp in Los Angeles.  These are rough cuts, so you can imagine how great the finished products will look.  If you choose to purchase a highlight video, the video will be yours to use as you see fit.  My recommendation: Email the video to coaches, Add the video to your Chris Sailer Kicking Player Ranking Profile, Add the Video to your NCSA Player Profile.

I highly recommend that you take advantage of this service.  Creating a quality kicking / punting highlight video can be a difficult task.  This small investment is well worth the reward.


Inside the Kickers Mind

Few would argue that the mental part of the kicking game is far more important than the physical. While preparing yourself physically can be done through diet, exercise, training and practice, that will not provide the mental toughness needed to be the best.

Each individual kicker gains mental toughness from different experiences. The first key for a kicker is perhaps recognizing that the mind can be trained. You can develop and increase the mental muscle necessary to develop a kicker’s mentality.

Some can do it by focusing on how the opposing team’s kicker is performing. This keeps the kicker mentally focused on a one-on-one competition rather than putting the whole weight of his team on his shoulders.

Another way is to focus on success. If a player is kicking in a game situation he certainly has had plenty of success in practice. By getting in a state of mental review, a kicker can remember how it feels to kick successfully, and get his mind focused on that state.

It is all part of the training we do here at Chris Sailer Kicking. We understand the mental aspects of the game and can help a kicker discover the mental toughness within. Being prepared mentally and physically is the focus of Chris Sailer Kicking. Contact us for more details on how we can increase your odds of success.


The Value of 1 on 1 Coaching

While practicing with the team is a great way to improve a player’s overall football abilities and helps create a solid base of teamwork, there are certain skills that are hard to master when working in a team situation. Some of the most notable examples of this are kicking and punting. In a normal practice situation, the Kicker does not get the opportunity to utilize these skills as often as is necessary to develop them to their fullest. Additionally, many great football coaches do not have the knowledge necessary to bring out the best in a Kicker or Punter. Because of this, finding 1 on 1 coaching for kicking and punting is essential—to help a player reach his potential.

A professional kicking instructor and kicking camps prove to be the best way to teach this important skill. The best in the business is Chris Sailer Kicking. In addition to providing the coaching necessary to develop the player and bring out the best, Chris Sailer Kicking is THE SOURCE for college recruiting and exposure as well—offering a wellounded package of benefits to up and coming Kickers and Punters of all skill levels.

Stay tuned for updates from our National Events this week in Las Vegas:





Dean Crozier has Committed to Rutgers!

Every February, on a yearly trip to Australia to evaluate Australian Punters, Chris Sailer Kicking discovered Dean.  He had only been punting for a few months when we took him on and trained him just February of this year.

During his training, realizing he was a special kicker, he was encouraged to attend our 11th Annual National Kicking Spring Event in Las Vegas, which happens in May.  Coming from Aussie football, he really performed at a high level and impressed everyone.  Chris Sailer Kicking then got him publicity by getting him all over the National Radar for schools looking for a punter of his caliber.

Dean may end up being one of the best punters to ever come through Chris Sailer Kicking.  He has the physical size and strength to dominate the D1 level.  Even though he just has recently picked up punting, he has made tremendous strides in a short amount of time. A big time prospect that has NFL written all over him with hard work.  At 6’7″ tall and 242lbs, he is a very big prospect for kicking!

Dean Crozier is the second of CSK’s Australian Punters to commit in this class (we have 3 per year).  Daniel Cadona committed to Lousiana Lafayette early this year also.

Here is a link to Dean’s Chris Sailer Kicking Profile.  Take note that his National Rank is currently 9th!

Watch this video now and see for yourself!


Making Vegas Travel Easy…

Making Vegas Travel Easy…

After 10 years of holding the Chris Sailer Kicking Annual National Kicking & Snapping Event at UNLV in Las Vegas, things have finally changed.  Although change sometimes isn’t easy to accept, we will make this transition as easy as possible for all of Kickers, Punters, and Long Snappers.  The NCAA has enforced a new rule that states outside services can no longer run camps on D1A college campuses.  So we move on. 

The 11th Annual National Kicking Event will take place at Faith Lutheran High School.  After months of research, we have found the ideal campus to host this huge event.  The days events and all scheduling will run just like in the past…exactly the same way you are used to. 

After hundreds of emails and phone calls answering questions about the location, hotel, etc., I decided it would be best to take a trip and map out exactly what it is you should expect.  Take a look and plan your weekend accordingly. 

The amount of time it took me from the time the plane pulled in to get to baggage claim: 10 Minutes, 11 Seconds

The amount of time it took me to get my bags (2) from baggage claim once I arrived at baggage claim: 1 Minute, 4 Seconds

Rental Car:
The amount of time it took me to get from baggage claim to the Enterprise Rental Car Station: 12 Minutes, 1 Second

The amount of time if took me to get my rental car: 11 Minutes, 6 Seconds

The amount of time it took me to get to Faith Lutheran High School from Enterprise: 19 Minutes, 40 Seconds
The number of miles from Enterprise to Faith Lutheran High School: 18.1 Miles

The amount of time it took me to get from Faith Lutheran to the Marriott Hotel: 6 Minutes, 35 Seconds
The number of miles from Faith Lutheran to the Marriott Hotel: 3.4 Miles

Everything ran very smooth, but as you know that may not always be the case.  Make sure to leave    plenty of time in your planning for any unexpected delays.  Faith Lutheran and the Marriott hotel are   ideal locations for the 11th Annual National Kicking & Snapping Event.  You will be very happy with the largest Kicking, Punting, & Long Snapping Event in the world!  See you January 19-20, 2013!