A Quality Highlight Tape Can Make a Difference…

A quality highlight video showing your kicking/punting skills can be invaluable in the college recruiting process. A video that is professionally filmed and edited will go a long way to show coaches that you are serious about your kicking career.

At Chris Sailer Kicking, we are now pleased to offer highlight tapes of Kickers/Punters who attend our camps. Our experience has taught us what coaches are looking for in a highlight tape, and we provide the angles and results that they wish to see.

When your tape is produced you own it and you are welcome to do with it as you please. We of course suggest you email it to coaches, add it to your Chris Sailer Kicking Player Ranking Profile and your NCSA Player Profile. With YouTube the second largest search engine in the world, you should upload it there as well, making sure you use some appropriate keywords.

You have invested time, hard work, and money into moving forward with your kicking career. Take the next step and get a quality highlight video made. You can learn more about the videos available at Chris Sailer Kicking Camps by visiting our website.