Recruiting – “THE LIST”

The recruiting process can be quite confusing, especially when going through it for the first time.  So many questions will arise.  That is understandable.  Chris Sailer Kicking is here to help you through that process as we have been through it thousands of times.  The key to the recruiting process is education.  We stress this through personal communication and during camp seminars.  The more you know, the better off you will be.  The process is time consuming and filled with many ups and downs.  Remain patient and understand that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  There is a college opportunity out there for you as a kicker and punter as long as you handle the recruiting process properly.  The intention of this blog is to point out that there are NO EASY ANSWERS!

Step 1 before you read on: D1 Colleges Will Recruit You, You Have To Recruit D2 & D3 Colleges

There is no such thing as “THE LIST”.  The question that asked more than any other when it comes to recruiting is, “Can you please send me “THE LIST” of colleges that will be recruiting a kicker/punter this year”?  The answer to this question is, “There is no such things as “THE LIST”.  The list you are referring to consists of 800+ colleges that play college football.  Nearly every college in America will recruit a kicker/punter each and every year.  Whether that be on a Scholarship or Preferred Walk-On basis is yet to be determined.  As mentioned earlier, patience is required.  The answers will not be fully disclosed until the first day of fall camp your freshman year of college.

Step 2: Reread the above blog, D1 Colleges Will Recruit You, You Have To Recruit D2 & D3 Colleges

Every college in America, at every level, recruits every position on the football field, every single year.  They have a recruit board where they list athletes in numerical order that they are recruiting.  When the time comes, they make  offers.  Depending on the year, depending on needs at all positions, depending on scholarship numbers, etc., decisions are made over time in the recruiting process as to whom might get scholarship offers and preferred walk-on offers.  Each program is different.  Get your name on these recruiting boards and options are sure to come your way.

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College coaches reach out to Chris Sailer Kicking and ask about potential scholarship specialists nearly every day.  We provide answers to the questions asked.  Example: BCS school calls and says I need the best kicker in America.  The answer is simple and open to the public.  Visit and Click on PLAYER RANKINGS.  If a coach wants to talk about the next best available, we put them in contact with the next best available.  If a coach wants the next best available on the East Coast, we put them in contact with the next best available on the East Coast.  And so on and so forth.  This is how D1 programs will operate.  They want the best, they get the best.  They will recruit you.  Another Example: D3 school calls and says, Player A has reached out to us and used Chris Sailer Kicking as a reference.  Can you give us your opinion on him?  The answer is simple: Player A has many great qualities such as….  He has attended….  He has performed…..  etc. etc.

The recruiting process is like a 3,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.  Your freshman & sophomore season is like trying to find those first two pieces that fit.  Perhaps by the end of your junior season, the frame of the puzzle may be built.  The middle of the puzzle is like your senior year.  Figuring out the middle pieces requires time and a lot of patience.  As pieces begin to fit, it becomes easier and much more clear.  By the end it picks up and eventually the puzzle will be complete (August of your senior year).  Educate yourself, stay proactive, create options and by all means DO NOT ask for the “THE LIST”.  Fish with the biggest net possible and target every college in America.