The Pros and Cons of Early Enrollment for Spring Football

More and more college football recruits who have satisfied their high school credits are taking the opportunity to graduate early, allowing them to qualify for early enrollment in college. Getting into college for the spring semester means the ability to participate in spring practice and that can be huge.

Graduating in December and getting on the college practice field in the spring allows for the player to learn the system, get to know the coaches and become acclimated to college life quicker. He will have access to the college weight room, trainers and game film.

The downsides tend to be more on the emotional side. A student who leaves his high school in December is perhaps leaving the most memorable days of his high school years unfulfilled.

There is also another down-side. The player is removing an option he has by only verbally committing to a school. Should a player change his mind after enrollment, there will be repercussions. He can always change a verbal commitment before enrollment.

There would appear to be a big advantage in getting a college football career started for the early high school graduate, both academically and in the sport. The choice of course, is that of each individual.