Bryan Anger – Mr. Power Leg in Football Kicking

Bryan Anger, a Chris Sailer kicking alum, wasn’t always known as America’s second best football punter in the nation and NFL. That said, he’s regularly made an impression in his football career, starting early on. In his college punting years, Anger made the All-Pac First Team three years straight.

In 2012 he was picked up as a third round draft pick and signed to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Since then, the rookie has posted 82 punts with an average 47.5 yard distance in 14 games. His overall yardage kicked totals almost 4,000 yards. It’s no surprise his teammates have nicknamed Bryan the moniker, “Banger,” for his powerful kicking leg and consistency.

Some critics are noting Anger needs development on directional kicking, harnessing the apparent power he has in a focused result. This development for now is expected to come with experience and game play, with Bryan having only played one full season so far.