Chris Sailer Kicking Lessons Weekend of January 23-24

As you know, Chris Sailer Kicking has staff members all over the country running lessons.  The objective is to get Kickers & Punters ready for upcoming Chris Sailer Kicking camps.  They teach the Sailer way by getting Kickers & Punters ready mentally as well as physically while still having fun.

With several upcoming Spring camps and our National Vegas event happening in May (VEGAS XXVIII) now is the time to utilize the instructors in your area.  To find out more about upcoming events click HERE.

Here is what you can expect to see every WEDNESDAY in the future!

  • California (Chris Sailer Kicking Senior Staff Member, Aaron Perez, will be running lessons Sunday from 8:30-10am & 10-11:30am in the Los Angeles area)
  • Ohio (Chris Sailer Kicking Staff Member, Andrew Gantz, will be available by appointment in the Cincinnati area)
  • Texas (Chris Sailer Kicking Senior Staff Member, Carson Wiggs, will be available Sunday by appointment in the Fort Worth area)

For more detailed information on lessons, please contact

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  1. Mike Bauman says

    Are there any of the snapping camps coming to Ohio?? I see the kicking ones near Cincinnati but nothing about snapping specifically. My son (class of 2018) needs to get more exposure. He got an invite to a National Top 40 camp in July but I’d like to get him in front of as many coaches/scouts as possible. Thank you for the response.

  2. Dennis Thompson says

    When do you think you will know where the NC camp will be. Coming down from Columbus Ohio.

    Thank you
    Dennis Thompson