Vegas XL Kickoff Results

Vegas XL (May 14-15, 2022)  KICKOFF RESULTS
Classes of 2027, 2026, 2025
PlaceNameAvg. DistanceAvg. Hang TimeScoreBest 1 Ball 
1Ryan Kobzeff58.23.44118466 / 3.77
2Carter Sobel55.43.15110559 / 3.22
3Dylan Freebury543.22110456 / 3.63
4Carson Goulet54.63.13109457 / 3.4
5William Weisberg503.26107153 / 3.47
6Matthew Montegna552.82104455 / 2.9
7Benjamin Gamarnik50.63.07104354 / 3.6
8Eduardo Medina52.22.96104054 / 3.48
9Johan Santillan51.62.98103854 / 3.31
10Brayden Jakins49.4308103355 / 3.27
11Nicholas Rassai46.63.21102854 / 3.4
12Ty Ackerman45.83.19101657 / 3.34
13Clark Lemmermann49.42.96101250 / 3.15
14Ashton Zamani50.82.7198261 / 3.59
15Rory McNeese48.42.8197651 / 3
16Colton Friedman462.9397347 / 3.14
17CJ Wallace45.22.996054 / 3.18
18Ryan Leff42.82.7991648 / 3.05
19Reuben Peck44.42.6791145 / 2.93
20Dominic Farmer43.42.7291045 / 3.16
Class of 2024 
PlaceNameAverage DistanceAverage Hang TimeScoreBest 1 Ball 
1Ryon Sayeri66.23.46126868 / 3.9
2Kyle Lemmermann593.84126266 / 3.89
3Caden Chittenden623.66126168 / 3.75
4Sam Pearman62.43.61125663 / 3.72
5William Wilkinson59.93.72124765 / 3.8
6Zach Marini623.56124364 / 3.6
7Emanuel Montoya57.43.76123262 / 3.98
T8Fisher Brown61.23.53123066 / 3.48
T8Nathaniel Kim61.63.51123063 / 3.81
10Kaleb Powell633.38122271 / 3.61
11Justin Ludovico58.63.59121463 / 3.69
12Logan Ellison61.83.4121364 / 3.5
13Marcus Lee583.51119461 / 3.55
14Jon Richardson573.49118158 / 3.69
15Michael Rubino57.83.43117859 / 3.57
16Christian Miranda58.43.36117264 /  3.43
17Davis Little57.63.34116157 / 3.72
18Brody Laga56.63.32114762 / 3.6
19Dylan Fingersh57.83.17113359 / 3.53
20Connor Tripp57.43.19113263 / 3.33
21Hudson Schambach57.83.16113157 / 3.43
22Nathan Chapman57.43.17112968 / 3.56
23Jake Spadavecchia52.43.44112653 / 3.52
24Timothy Tynan56.63.19112457 / 3.39
25Derek Larsen54.23.29111856 / 3.31
26Cole Stumbaugh57.83110361 / 3.1
27Matt Schramm573.03110058 / 3.15
28Ashton Southam503.42109950 / 3.42
29Nicholas Rigas52.43.23108965 / 3.63
30Jordan Westrich553.02107958 / 3.3
31Joaquin Arroyo513.07104752 / 3.22
32Noah Hamilton53.42.83102955 / 3.54
33Matthew Williams48.62.5793651 / 3.06
34Memphis Lake41.22.9693043 / 3.02
Class of 2023
PlaceNameAverage DistanceAverage Hang TimeScoreBest 1 Ball 
1Nicholas Clegg673.99136868 / 4.11
2Conor Talty66.23.91134672 / 4.07
T3Owen Zalc67.23.6130272 / 3.69
T3Mitchell Cory69.63.46130272 / 3.57
5Roman Levant65.23.68129665 / 3.82
6Dieter Kelly61.23.9129567 / 365
7Michael Gleske63.63.74129165 / 4.01
8Dominick Bjodstrup63.43.71128369 / 3.91
9Jacob Medina62.23.77128266 / 3.9
10Bryce Olson63.43.68127865 / 3.84
11Ramon Villela 623.73127365 / 3.9
12Anthony Mendoza61.83.68126268 / 3.61
13Ross Muchnick59.23.8125763 / 3.85
14Max Nowak61.23.64124963 / 3.78
15Mateen Bhaghani63.43.48124369 / 4.06
16Amel Hadzisabic57.63.8124158 / 3.94
17William Holt61.23.58123968 / 3.6
18Tashi Dorje62.43.45122868 / 3.75
T19Iden Bone59.63.59122465 / 3.68
T19Matthew Romero61.83.46122463 / 3.58
21Troy Petz60.83.48121768 / 3.65
22AJ Young62.23.39121565 / 3.68
23Lucas Berning57.83.6120863 / 3.64
24Ethan Ball58.83.53120660 / 3.78
25Brysen Gardner59.43.46120061 / 3.61
26Nick Barrett61.63.3119466 / 3.9
27Troop O’Neal58.63.47119363 / 3.65
28Seth Turner58.43.47119165 / 3.9
29David Waight55.83.61119059 / 3.69
30Tanner Patton58.63.41118362 / 3.65
31Steven Bishopp61.63.17117162 / 3.31
32Jacob Bonilla57.23.4116760 / 3.6
T33Ricardo Martinez57.23.39116559 / 3.47
T33Nathan Kudera58.23.33116560 / 3.53
35Adrian Cortés61.63.12116263 / 3.66
36Caden Lawlor58.83.26115961 / 3.61
37Christian Baxter58.63.25115565 / 3.53
38Ian Sanches57.63.28115058 / 3.47
39Danny Vuckovic59.63.16114964 / 3.4
40Hayden Pyles54.83.38114056 / 3.59
T41Braden Gilbert57.83.19113663 / 3.44
T41Noah Soepardi59.23.11113665 / 3.76
43Will Rigby 56.63.25113558 / 3.33
44Owen Snyder58.63.09112762 / 3.43
45Layton Calderon55.43.27112656 / 3.32
46Ty Bowman54.43.29112055 / 3.69
47Lendua Raiyawa54.43.27111656 / 3.19
48Mason Krause55.43.19111264 / 3.4
49Jordan Etz57.43.06111061 / 3.14
50Crew Crockett573.05110465 / 3.31
T51Jefferey Lechuga57.62.99109960 / 3.34
T51Jayce Jones58.42.94109967 / 3.4
53Jackson Garrett54.43.14109460 / 3.14
54Jayden Rogers58.82.87109067 / 3.41
55Carter Lee Stewart543.12108656 / 3.35
T56Dylan Clark50.63.28108050 / 3.42
T56Conner Cook562.97108063 / 3.57
58Quinton Pacheco 543.06107666 / 3.65
T59Carston Kieffer51.23.19107067 / 3.96
T59Adam Klumpp55.22.96107057 / 3.43
61Sean Putt54.22.97106255 / 3.14
62Dawson Sarner54.22.95105861 / 3.8
63Noah Young55.62.85105568 / 3.67
64Jack Norell50.63.06104256 / 3.65
65Athan Chiampas49.42.96101256 / 3.28
66Ben Schroeder49.82.91100757 / 3.37
67Zachery Aird50.82.7899552 / 3.4
68Abraham Maciel48.62.8197855 / 2.97
69Alex Mitchell47.82.896859 / 3.43
70Nathan Alexander 44.62.9195563 / 3
Class of 2022, JC & TR Portal
PlaceNameAverage DistanceAverage Hang TimeScoreBest 1 Ball 
1Connor Grace68.83.94137872 / 3.98
2Kansei Matsuzawa69.23.91137675 / 4.01
3Michael Velasco67.83.6130873 / 3.9
4Landon Ogles64.83.76130677 / 3.9
5Jacob Marroquin65.83.65129771 / 3.58
6Dylan Hamika64.43.64128167 / 3.78
7Aidan Petruescu63.63.38122874 / 3.86
8Lucas Froemel61.63.4121167 / 3.55
9Alex Romanoski62.23.34120766 / 3.42
10Mauricio Escudero553.4114556 / 3.56
11Derek Baldin61.22.98113468 / 3.44


Chris Sailer Kicking – Week 8 College Players of the Week, John Hoyland & Austin McNamara Honored!

Each week Chris Sailer Kicking will select College Players of the Week based off of performances from that week only.  Players selected are students of Chris Sailer Kicking and must have attended Chris Sailer Kicking camps or lessons.

Chris Sailer Kicking College KICKERS of the Week:

Week 3: Jose Borregales (Miami) 4-4 Field Goals (Long 57), 5-5 Extra Points

Week 4: Evan McPherson (Florida) 3-3 Field Goals (Long 55), 6-6 Extra Points

Week 5: Brayden Narveson (Western Kentucky) 2-2 Field Goals (Long 53), 2-2 Extra Points

Week 6: Jake Verity (East Carolina) 3-4 Field Goals (Long 42), 5-5 Extra Points

Week 7: Nick Sciba (Wake Forest) 4-4 Field Goals (Long 44) 4-4 Extra Points

Week 8: John Hoyland (Wyoming) 4-4 Field Goals (Long 42) 2-2 Extra Points

Each week Chris Sailer Kicking will select College Players of the Week based off of performances from that week only.  Players selected are students of Chris Sailer Kicking and must have attended Chris Sailer Kicking camps or lessons.

Chris Sailer Kicking College PUNTERS of the Week:

Week 3: McKay Taylor (Campbell) 45.7 Punt Average on 3 Punts (Long 51)

Week 4: Jake Camarda (Georgia) 49.9 Yard Punt Average on 7 Punts (Long 63)

Week 5: Porter Wilson (Duke) 45.4 Yard Punt Average on 9 Punts (Long 63)

Week 6: Tucker Day (Mississippi State) 59.6 Yard Punt Average on 5 Punts (Long 66)

Week 7: Ryan Wright (Tulane) 47.7 Yard Punt Average on 6 Punts (Long 65)

Week 8: Austin McNamara (Texas Tech) 53.4 Yard Punt Average on 5 Punts (Long 87)

50+ Yard Field Goals

Week 4: Evan McPherson (Florida) 55, Jake Oldroyd (Air Force) 54, Christopher Dunn (NC State) 53, Jacob Barnes (Louisiana Tech) 51, Blake Lynch (Kansas State) 50.

Week 5: Brayden Narveson (Western Kentucky) 53.

Week 6: Brian Johnson (Virginia Tech) 55, Evan McPherson (Florida) 53, Blake Lynch (Kansas State) 53, Bijan Nichols (Navy) 50.

Week 7: Will Reichard (Alabama) 52.

Week 8: Brian Johnson (Virginia Tech) 54.

Lou Groza Award Stars of the Week (3 selected each week)
*Chris Sailer is on the Voting Committee for the prestigious award

Week 4: Evan McPherson (Florida), Brandon Ruiz (Mississippi State)

Week 5: Connor Assalley (Iowa State)

Week 6: Jake Verity (East Carolina)

Week 7: Nick Sciba (Wake Forest)

Week 8: Nick Sciba (Wake Forest)

Stay tuned as each week, Chris Sailer Kicking will update you on Chris Sailer Kicking in College Football!


Chris Sailer Kicking Featured Instructor – Carson Wiggs

This is our fifth week of a new series where we feature our amazing instructors. This will allow you learn more about these young men and why they have been chosen to represent CSK nationwide.

Week 5: Chris Sailer Kicking Senior Instructor, Carson Wiggs!

Carson Wiggs is a former place kicker. He has been on staff with Chris Sailer Kicking since 2008.

Wiggs attended South Grand Prairie High School in South Grand Prairie Texas. As a senior, he was invited to participate in the Under Armour All America Game in January 2008. He was also named honorable mention all-state and first team all-district as both punter and kicker, after averaging 37 yards per punt and making 8 of 13 field goals, while still maintaining his grades to earn honorable mention academic all-state.

Wiggs was a standout kicker at Purdue University from 2009-2012. He finished his college career ranked number one in program history in field goal percentage and third in field goals made. Wiggs has totaled the top four longest field goals in Purdue Boilermakers history, one being 59 yards.

He was considered as one of the better kicking prospects for the 2012 NFL Draft, as he was one of the few kickers selected to participate in the NFL Combine, but he was not selected during the draft. He did sign with the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free agent and later with the Indianapolis Colts.

Carson currently lives in Dallas Forth Worth with his wife, Lori. He is a Project Manager for the Beck Group in Fort Worth, TX. He also works the Texas camps with Chris Sailer giving valuable instruction.

He offers private and group lessons throughout the year for aspiring kickers and punters in Texas.

For lessons and instruction with Carson, please contact him (214) 447-0067.  


Chris Sailer Kicking Player Spotlight – Carson Roberts

Each Friday during the football season, Chris Sailer Kicking will be publishing a weekly Player Spotlight Blog to highlight some of our best and brightest! Week 5 features Carson Roberts Read on to learn more about Carson.

Carson Roberts

Carson Roberts


Graduation Year:

Check out my CSK player profile page HERE

Top 5 Favorite Colleges:

  1. Clemson
  2. Florida
  3. Rice
  4. Oregon
  5. OU

Best Kicking/Punting Game Memory:
My first big rival game as a Sophomore.

Best Kicking/Punting CSK Memory:
Being selected for the 2019 Top 12 camp.

Short Term Goal:
Finish my 2019 season with a 40+ yard punt average and commit to play for a D1 college.

Long Term Goal: 
Attend a D1 college, get my degree and play in the NFL.

Something unique we should know about you: 
Soccer led me to football. Before football, I was a Goalkeeper for the North Texas Olympic Development Team.

In 20 words or less, why should a college recruit you: 
I am a hardworking, committed competitor. I love competition because it makes me better in everything I do.


I’m a Senior, What Should I Do In November?

5 Easy Tips For The Class of 2019 To Get Ahead In Recruiting – November

1. Stop panicking.  We are still very early in the recruiting process.  Less that 5% of the class of 2019 (K/P) have made college commitments.  Less than 10% of the class of 2019 (K/P) have been offered any sort of college opportunity.  Note, there are many waves of recruiting.  Recruiting will last all the way through August when fall camps officially begin for the upcoming college football season.

2. Take unofficial visits as often as possible.  An unofficial visit simply means that you have to pay for the visit yourself.   Getting on campus is the best way to show a college football program genuine interest.  Sending emails, making phone calls, direct messaging on social media, etc. simply isn’t enough anymore.  A coach will know that you have a real interest once you make the effort to get on campus.

3. Start to narrow down your search to universities and colleges that are realistic options.  This includes level of football (FBS, FCS, D2, D3, NAII, JC, etc.), level of academics, region of the country, etc.  Stop targeting D1 football programs if you are not a D1 recruit.  Stop targeting high academic institutions if you have a 2.0 GPA.  Find schools that will reciprocate interest in you and opportunities will follow.


4. Ask for an opportunity, not a scholarship.  Every college coach in America knows that you would like to be offered a scholarship.  When you ask for a scholarship, this turns them off.  You are basically limiting communication opportunity.  When you ask for an opportunity to be on the team, coaches will be receptive.  You are opening a door for communication.  The goal in recruiting is to create options.  Offers of any kind, create buzz, which create more options.  Scholarship vs. Preferred Walk On offers will take care of itself in the end.

5. Get ready for XXXIII (January 19-20, 2019).  The biggest mistake made these days is thinking that recruiting for seniors is already over by this time.  In fact, it is the exact opposite.  90% of Kickers / Punters in this class will be recruited heavily during this time of year.  It will be feeding frenzy.  National Letter of Intent Day (NLI) is in early February.  Vegas takes place this time of year for this reason.  College coaches pay a tremendous amount of attention to the Vegas results and post Vegas rankings.  Scholarships offers and preferred walk on opportunities will be won this weekend in Vegas.



2018 NC Fall Camp Recap – Camden Lewis Wins It!

The 2018 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Tour and the Road to Vegas XXXIII is officially underway. Charlotte, NC was the first destination. Well over 100 specialists representing 15+ states attending this incredibly popular camp that continues to grow in talent each time we visit. The conditions were ideal and the results were impressive. Take a look…

Overall Camp Champion – Camden Lewis (2019, NC)
The long time Chris Sailer Kicking student, 2-Time TOP 12 Member and Minnesota commit shined once again. He dominated field goals competitions by going 100% on the day and connecting on multiple 50-60 yard field goals. Camden was also strong as usual on kickoffs averaging 70+ yards with outstanding hang time. He is ready for the next level without a doubt. The Gophers got a great one!

Camden Lewis, 2-Time Top 12 Camp Invitee

Kickoff Champion – Jesse Klein (2019, SC)
Jesse had his best performance at a Chris Sailer Kicking camp to date. He has come a long was and proved that he is a major college prospect. He averaged 65+ yards on kickoffs with 3.9-4.10 hang time. He was also strong on field goals. Jesse is a poised, confident and mature kicker that is going to make a fine addition to a college football program. Look for him to dominate at Vegas XXXIII.

Field Goal Champion – Owen Daffer (2020, NC)
Owen was one of the most impressive newcomers to Chris Sailer Kicking without a doubt. He is a phenomenal athlete with a big time leg. He won a major field goal competition by going 7-7 with a long of 57 yards. He is also strong on kickoffs. The ball absolutely explodes off his foot and his natural talent is obvious. Owen should challenge for a TOP 12 Spot at Vegas XXXIII.

Punt Champion – Collin Smith (2019, NC)
Collin is a one of the biggest “sleepers” in America in the Class of 2019. He has a rocket for a leg and has future college potential written all over him. He averaged 45+ yards per punt with 4.4+ hang time on the day. His best balls measured 50+ yards with over 5.0+ hang time. Collin also hits a D1 ball on kickoff. He drives the ball deep into the end zone with great hang time. His field goals are also solid off the ground. Vegas XXXII will be a huge platform for him to cement a college spot.

Smith, Daffer, Klein & Lewis

Class of 2019 Standouts: Camden Lewis, Collin Smith, Jesse Klein, Caden Bonoffski, Max Blitstein, Devin Baldwin, John Price, Justin Johnson, Carson Green.

Class of 2020 Standouts: Owen Daffer, Holt Cloninger, Sam Massick, Andrew Brown, Ben Steele, Edward Dellinger, Graham Gotlieb, Grant Wood, Hayden Olsen, Henry Bishop, Jackson Kennedy, Jonmichael Elliott, Mitchell Gallucio, Tanner Robbins, Caleb Brickhouse, Dillon Stripling, Isaac Riffle, Jacob Baker.

Class of 2021 Standouts: Will Fowler, Connor Lytton, Gray Carter, Hunter Crute, Marshall Nicholls, Jake Marion, Landon Knepp, Bailey Owens, Jonathan Medlin, Trevor Moss, Braeden Haynes, Brayden Rivers.

Class of 2022 Standouts: Will Pelz, Bryce McFerson.

Future Stars: Jacob Carter, James Gregory.

The 2018 Chris Sailer Kicking Fall Camp Tour will continue with stops in New Jersey (October 14), Seattle, WA (October 21), Los Angeles, CA (October 28), Dallas, TX (November 18), Atlanta, GA (December 2), Phoenix, AZ (December 2), Chicago, IL (December 9) & Los Angeles , CA (January 13). The road all leads to Las Vegas, NV for Vegas XXXIII where the world’s best will compete for an in invitation to the prestigious TOP 12 camp. For more information on the above recruits and future camp information visit


Chris Sailer Kicking – Week 6 College Players of the Week, Matthew Trickett & Braden Mann Honored!

Each week Chris Sailer Kicking will select College Players of the Week based off of performances from that week only.  Players selected are students of Chris Sailer Kicking and must have attended Chris Sailer Kicking camps or lessons.

Chris Sailer Kicking College Players of the Week:

Week 1: Cole Tracy (LSU) 4-4 Field Goals (Long 54), 3-3 Extra Points
Week 2: Brandon Ruiz (Arizona State) 3-3 Field Goals (Long 49), 1-1 Extra Points, Game Winning Field Goal vs. Michigan State
Week 3: Cameron Dicker (Texas) 3-3 Field Goals (Long 46), 4-4 Extra Points
Week 4: Connor Assalley (Iowa State) 4-4 Field Goals (Long 37) 2-2 Extra Points
Week 5: JJ Molson (UCLA) 3-3 Field Goals (Long 50) 1-1 Extra Points
Week 6: Matthew Trickett (Kent State) 4-4 Field Goals (Long 49) 2-2 Extra Points

Matthew Trickett, Kent State

Week 1: Jake Bailey (Stanford) 48.8 Yard Average on 5 Punts (Long 63)
Week 2: Brandon Wright (Georgia State) 56.3 Yard Average on 4 Punts (Long 65)
Week 3: Tyler Newsome (Notre Dame) 59.6 Yard Average on 5 Punts (Long 63)
Week 4: Braden Mann (Texas A&M) 60.8 Yard Average on 5 Punts (Long 65)
Week 5: Drue Christman (Ohio State) 47.9 Yard Average on 9 Punts (Long 58)
Week 6: Braden Mann (Texas A&M) 59.9 Yard Average on 5 Punts (Long 82)

Braden Mann, Texas A&M


50+ Yard Field Goals:
Week 1: Cole Tracy (LSU) 54, Gabriel Rui (Kansas) 54, Daniel LaCamera (Texas A&M) 52, Cole Hedlund (North Texas) 51
Week 2: John Barron II (San Diego State) 52, Cole Tracy (LSU) 50, Tyler Bass (Georgia Southern) 50
Week 3: John Barron II (San Diego State) 54, Nick Madonia (Tennessee Tech) 54
Week 4: Blake Mazza (Washington State) 50, Massimo Biscardi (Coastal Carolina) 50, John Barron II (San Diego State) 50
Week 5: Justin Davidovicz (Rutgers) 52, JJ Molson (UCLA), 50
Week 6: Rodrigo Blankenship (Georgia) 53, Cole Hedlund (North Texas) 52

Lou Groza Award Stars of the Week (3 selected each week)
Week 1: Cole Tracy (LSU), Chase McCrath (USC), Cole Hedlund (North Texas)
Week 2: James Sherman (Texas State)
Week 3: Cole Tracy (LSU)
Week 4: Connor Assalley (Iowa State), John Barron II (San Diego State)
Week 5: None
Week 6: TBD

Stay tuned as each week, Chris Sailer Kicking will update you on Chris Sailer Kicking in College Football!

Check out former Chris Sailer Kicking Kickers that have won the Lou Groza Award!


Chris Sailer Kicking Lessons Weekend of January 30-31

Nendick Lessons

CSK Senior Staff Member, Chris Nendick, leading private training sessions in the Midwest. #TeamSailer

As you know, Chris Sailer Kicking has staff members all over the country running lessons.  The objective is to get Kickers & Punters ready for upcoming Chris Sailer Kicking camps.  They teach the Sailer way by getting Kickers & Punters ready mentally as well as physically while still having fun.

With several upcoming Spring camps and our National Vegas event happening in May (VEGAS XXVIII) now is the time to utilize the instructors in your area.  To find out more about upcoming events click HERE.

Here is what you can expect to see every WEDNESDAY in the future!

  • California – Chris Sailer Kicking Lead National Punt Instructor, Aaron Perez, will be available by appointment Sunday in the Los Angeles area)(Chris Sailer Kicking Staff Member, Joey Cejudo, is available by appointment in the Los Angeles & Inland Empire area.)
  • Illinois (Chris Sailer Kicking Senior Staff Member, Chris Nendick, will be running lessons Saturday from 11am – 4pm in the Chicago area.)

For more detailed information on lessons, please contact

2016 Spring Camp Poster


Chris Sailer Kicking Lessons Weekend of January 23-24

As you know, Chris Sailer Kicking has staff members all over the country running lessons.  The objective is to get Kickers & Punters ready for upcoming Chris Sailer Kicking camps.  They teach the Sailer way by getting Kickers & Punters ready mentally as well as physically while still having fun.

With several upcoming Spring camps and our National Vegas event happening in May (VEGAS XXVIII) now is the time to utilize the instructors in your area.  To find out more about upcoming events click HERE.

Here is what you can expect to see every WEDNESDAY in the future!

  • California (Chris Sailer Kicking Senior Staff Member, Aaron Perez, will be running lessons Sunday from 8:30-10am & 10-11:30am in the Los Angeles area)
  • Ohio (Chris Sailer Kicking Staff Member, Andrew Gantz, will be available by appointment in the Cincinnati area)
  • Texas (Chris Sailer Kicking Senior Staff Member, Carson Wiggs, will be available Sunday by appointment in the Fort Worth area)

For more detailed information on lessons, please contact

2016 Spring Camp Poster



Vegas XXVI – What You Need to Know!

Vegas XXVI in Las Vegas, NV is less than a month away.  While many specialists are taking this time of year off, those that seriously want to play in college and know what it takes are working harder than ever.  Those hard workers will be in Las Vegas May 9-10, 2015 ready to impress and gain the most valuable national exposure in the nation.  Here is some useful information for those attending and those that are still considering attending.

•    Event Date: May 9-10, 2015
•    Arrive Friday May 8th.  The earlier that you arrive, the more well rested you will be for the weekend.
•    Plan on being at camp until 4PM Sunday May 10th.  There is no way of knowing if you will make the Finals Round Sunday until you and all other participants have completed the initial round of charting Sunday morning.  Whether you make the Finals Round or not, you should plan on staying on watching the Finals Round.  Get the full experience from the camp!
•    Friday Small Group Sessions (3:00 – 4:00 & 4:00 – 5:00) are OPTIONAL.  These were designed to knock some rust off, get rid of jet lag legs, and gain confidence heading into Saturday.  If you can make it, I highly recommend you attend. CLICK HERE
•    Location: Las Vegas Outdoor Soccer 1400 N. Rampart Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89128
•    There is no bleacher seating.  Bring chairs or buy some cheap chairs if you would like to sit while you watch.
•    Why May? May is also known as “Evaluation Period” for college coaches.  This is a very HOT time for recruiting for all classes.  May offers maximum exposure.  Chris Rubio and myself will be handing 100′s of calls after this event.  Recruiting Boards will be set based on results and our evaluations.  Want to be offered a scholarship at those college camps this summer?  Attending this camp is how they will know about you!
•    Vegas XXVI gives you a chance to make the “Event Elite”.  There is NO set number of specialists that will be selected.  The number selected is based on the number of participants that can compete at that VERY HIGHEST LEVEL.  Usually 20-25 are selected to join the “TOP 12″ at the most prestigious Invite Only Camp in the world.  CLICK HERE
•    Think you are good enough to make the “Event Elite” – CLICK HERE to see who you are competing with and to get a little history about the “TOP 12″ & “Event Elite”
•    It is no surprise that from Vegas XXV in January that the “TOP 12” are already getting major attention and full scholarship offers.  Who will be next?
•    The Spring Event in NOT an Invite Only Camp.  This camp offers a great experience to kickers, punters, and long snappers of all levels.  Expect a wide range of talent from beginners to the best of the best from around the world in the Classes of 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, Junior Colleges and 4-Year Transfer Students.  The best of the best, The “Event Elite”, selected from the Spring Event will be invited to attend the “TOP 12″ and “Event Elite” Camp in June.
•    Come prepared to enjoy your experience.  Do NOT put to much pressure on yourself.  Come with open eyes and ears.  Learn from your instructors and your peers.  Look around and take it all in.  Watch other groups.  Watch the college and pro demo.  Attend the Meetings.  There are so many things to learn and that you can and will benefit from if you take advantage.  Leave the camp with goals and a motivation to work harder than ever!
•    Saturday – Instructional Day.  You will get plenty of reps.  Pace yourself.  Saturday ends with a Chris Sailer Kicking Original Last Man Standing Competition. Your group numbers will be emailed to you about a week prior to camp.
•    Sunday – Competition Day.  You will be charted.  You can compete in 1, 2, or all 3 skills.  This is up to you.  Your competition start time will be assigned to you at Check-In Saturday.
•    Those that just punt – you are automatically in Group #2 on Saturday.
•    Class of 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 – You may use tees up to 2″ for both Field Goal and Kickoffs.  The choice is yours.  Class of 2015, JC, and Transfers you must kick off the ground for Field Goals and use a 1″ tee for Kickoffs.
•    Saturday Meetings are the the Group Rate Hotel – JW Marriott.  I highly advise that participants and their parents attend.  Get there early and enjoy.
•    What makes Chris Sailer Kicking the best in the business?  1st National Camp Ever for Specialists.  1st Kicking Company to ever to rank Kickers, Punters, and Long Snappers on a true national scale.  Chris Sailer is physically at EVERY camp associated with Chris Sailer Kicking.  Chris Sailer is the ONLY one that handles the evaluations and rankings for the Kickers and Punters.  Same holds true for Chris Rubio with the Long Snappers.  Talk to any college coach in America or any kicker or punter that has been to multiple camps and will see that Chris Sailer Kicking is the place to be for the best possible instruction and exposure.  Our advertising is word of mouth.  Come see for yourself!  See you in May!

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