Chris Sailer Kicking – Week 6 College Players of the Week, Austin MacGinnis & Cade Coffey Honored!

Each week Chris Sailer Kicking will select College Players of the Week based off of performances from that week only.  Players selected are students of Chris Sailer Kicking and must have attended Chris Sailer Kicking camps or lessons.

Chris Sailer Kicking College Players of the Week:


Week 6: Austin MacGinnis (Kentucky) 4-4 Field Goals (Long 53) 4-4 Extra Points
Week 5: Erik Powell (Washington State) 3-3 Field Goals (Long 44) 3-3 Extra Points
Week 4: Brandon Ruiz (Arizona State) 3-3 Field Goals (Long 41) 4-4 Extra Points, Game Winning Field Goal
Week 3: Chase McGrath (USC) 2-3 Field Goals (Long 43), 3-3 Extra Points, Game Tying & Game Winning Field Goals
Week 2: John Barron II (San Diego State) 3-3 Field Goals (Long 32) 3-3 Extra Points
Week 1: Tristan Vizcaino (Washington) 3-3 Field Goals (Long 42), 3-3 Extra Points

Week 6: Cade Coffey (Idaho) 52.3 Yard Punt Average on 7 Punts (Long 64)
Week 5: Blake Gillikin (Penn State) 46.5 Yard Punt Average on 6 Punts (Long 57)
Week 4: Charlie Scott (Air Force) 47.8 Yard Punt Average on 6 Punts (Long 59)
Week 3: Drew Galitz (Baylor) 51.4 Yard Punt Average on 7 Punts (Long 70)
Week 2: Corey Bojorquez (New Mexico) 50.1 Yard Punt Average on 8 Punts (Long 77)
Week 1: Tyler Sumpter (Troy) 49.6 Yard Punt Average on 7 Punts (Long 60)

50+Yard Field Goals:
Week 6: Austin MacGinnis (Kentucky) 53, Daniel LaCamera (Texas A&M) 52, Erik Powell (Washington State) 52
Week 5: None
Week 4: Jason Sanders (New Mexico) 53, Jonathan Barnes (Louisiana Tech) 52, Redford Jones (Tulsa) 50, Austin MacGinnes (Kentucky) 50
Week 3: Brady Viles (UTEP) 53, Brent Cimaglia (Tennessee) 51
Week 2: None
Week 1: Brandon Ruiz (Arizona State) 52

Lou Groza Award Stars of the Week (3 Chosen Each Week):
Week 6: Austin MacGinnis (Kentucky) & Garrett Owens (Iowa State)
Week 5: Erik Powell (Washington State)
Week 4: Jason Sanders (New Mexico)
Week 3: Austin MacGinnis (Kentucky)
Week 2: TBA
Week 1: Tristan Vizcaino (Washington)

Stay tuned as each week, Chris Sailer Kicking will update you on Chris Sailer Kicking in College Football!

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Austin MacGinnis, Kentucky

Cade Coffey, Idaho