MAJOR Update Regarding Registrations and Website

For the rest of the month, you will need to email me directly at to register for a camp. I will personally send you a form and your registration will be done the same way with a credit card from that point on.

It will all be a very simple process and it will run smoothly.

The reason for the change is that Rubio and I are currently going through a MASSIVE overhaul of the website. This has been in the works for SEVERAL months and, at this point, the old/current site has to be locked down. In locking the site down, all rankings (GA Camp) will have to be postponed and now will be up April 27 (IL rankings from 3/30 will be up by April 27 as well).

The new site will, guarantee, be the best looking and most efficient site you will use. We have gone through every aspect of the new design to make sure it is clean, precise and easy to use while still delivering the most exposure through its content for our athletes. It is going to look gorgeous and be very smooth.

Be ready as it will be up by the first week of April. You will NOT be disappointed.

Sailer : Rubio