2016 CA Fall Camp Recap, CSK Veteran Kevin Robledo Dominates!

The road to Vegas XXIX continued this past Sunday in Sherman Oaks, CA.  The 2016 Fall Camp Tour is officially half way over.  CA provided the most talent to date.  Nearly 200 specialists from the West Coast and beyond were in attendance hoping to rise to the top.  Take a look at the results.

img_1801Overall Camp Champion: Kevin Robledo (JC, CA)
The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student put in a dominating performance.  He came out on top for both the field goal and kickoff competitions.  He went 8-8 on field goals from 35 to 57 yards to win it.  He then hit several kickoffs 70-78 yards with 4.0 to 4.3 second hang time.  His best ball was 76 yards, 4.30 hang time.  Kevin is a bounce back from Florida State that continues to prove that he is ready for D1 football.

img_2451Field Goal Champion: Eric Fellenzer (2018, CA)
Eric did a great job competing with best of the best.  He is big, tall, strong and athletic.  He went 7-7 on field goals with a long of 55 yards to win the competition.  He is a great competitor that always does his best under pressure.  Eric has put in many strong performances with Chris Sailer Kicking and is proving that he is a top prospect in his class.

img_2416Punt Champion: Austin McGehee (JC, CA)
Austin is another longtime Chris Sailer Kicking specialist.  He is a bounce back from Arkansas that is now playing at the junior college level.  He crushed the ball with consistency all day.  He easily averages 40 plays yards and 4.5 plus hang time.  He also shows the ability to hit a big ball.  Austin is a confident player that does well under pressure.  Look for Austin to play D1 ball again in the near future.

Top Junior College Prospects: Prominence Akubuo-Onwuemeka, Gavin Todd, Leonardo Hodis, Miguel Mendez

Top Class of 2017 Prospects: Daniel Gutierrez, Daniel Whelan, Agustin Delgadillo, Sean McKeough, Kane Bowen, Brian Papazian, Matt Bazarevitsch, Clay D’Amico

Next Best 2017 Prospects: Alex Calderon, Evan Padilla, George Caratan, Sam Adida, Tanner Carcama, Derek Engel, Clyde Hovsepian, Joseph Gallegos, Matthew Keeth, Trey Miller

Top Class of 2018 Prospects: Campbell Geddes, Jonah Lipel, Christopher Wood, Dylan Williams, Ajay Culhane, Dylan Brady

Next Best 2018 Prospects: Campbell Sheidow, Evan Silva, Matthew Heinrich, Michael Pariseau, Zach Survillas, Zandt Miller, JP Rybus, Brandon Brody, Hayden Moses, Holden Remme, Jack Morrell, Mark Meader, Levi Weidman

Top Class of 2019 Prospects: Brandon Petruescu, Carson Sten, Chris Vartanian, Ramzee Jaridly,
Christopher Abbes, Ethan Schroeder, Jack Oswald, Matthew Hoffman, Nico Boschetti, Steven Hath, Axel Mireles, Adam Tontz, Cameron Sharafatian, Dustin Le Magnolia

Top Class of 2020 Prospects: Sam Stephenson, Ben D’Aquila, Angelo Vescovi, Archie Green, Noah Carlton, Peter Delis, Ryan Bonner

Youth Prospects: Kai Noa Yamasaki, Owen Guilford, Sage Flores

Join Chris Sailer Kicking at the following locations to be a part of it:  Charlotte NC (November 20), Dallas, TX (December 4), Phoenix, AZ (December 11), Atlanta, GA (December 18).  Then the big one, the Super Bowl for Kickers, Punters & Long Snappers, Vegas XXIX (January 14-15, 2017). To be the best, train and compete with the best.  For more information and complete results and player rankings, visit ChrisSailerKicking.com

2016 CA Fall Camp

2016 CA Fall Camp