Chris Sailer Kicking News – 2017 College Camps

Chris Sailer of Chris Sailer Kicking and Chris Rubio of Rubio Long Snapping will NOT be running any college specialist camps during the summer of 2017.  The NCAA has passed a new rule (April 2017) that prohibits us from coaching at these camps.   The SEC, PAC-12,  BIG 12, etc. have informed us that it would be against NCAA rules to hire us, or anyone else that attempts to do what we do, as they have in the past.

Most University specialist camps will proceed as usual, but will simply be run by the college football staffs themselves.  We still encourage attendance at these camps for 2018 prospects.  However, as always we caution you as to how many you choose to attend.  We recommend 3-5 of these camps total.  It is important that you are always fresh and healthy at these camps.  Never snap on back to back days, especially with the travel involved.  Remember, word of mouth will spread very quickly among coaches.  Three to five strong performances will go a long way.  One poor performance will spread even quicker.

Rest assured, Rubio and I will be in communication with nearly every program in the nation. College coaches will know who the top Sailer and Rubio prospects are, well before the camps.  Having said that, be sure to attend camps that match your athletic and academic abilities. Best of luck and be sure to keep us posted on your experiences and performances.