Questions Regarding the College Camps

As you know, hopefully, Chris Rubio and I have posted the schedule of college camps we will be running this summer. Trust me when I tell you, we could have run another 50 of them for the coaches that asked us, but we simply don’t have time. You see, we will personally be at each one of these camps. We will not send someone in our place. We will be at each and every one, plus our camps and the FBU Camps.

Here are the top five questions regarding the college camps….

  1. How do you get invited?  You don’t. They are open to all 9th graders – juniors. Some schools might be a tad different so check on their respective site. Younger Kicker/Punters should focus on the regional Chris Sailer Kicking one day camps and FBU camps run by Chris Sailer Kicking.
  2. How do I sign up for the camp(s)?  You go to their football site and register. You can also call the football office.
  3. At what age do you recommend my son goes to a college camp?  The time to shine will be in between his junior and senior summer (unless you are a freak, in a good way, and then I would highly recommend dominating between sophomore and junior year). However, I personally recommend going as early as possible to cut the jitters. It can be very stressful kicking/punting in front of a high profile coach and you want to get the feeling out of the way early, when they most likely won’t be paying attention to you.
  4. Will the camp(s) be run like your personal camps?  Not really. I am hired to run their camp so I am on their schedule. But we will organize these camps as best as possible, very similar to what you see at Chris Sailer Kicking camps.  Note:  If you are at a college camp that I am not running, godspeed.
  5. Will you be ranking from the college camps?  No. Per NCAA rules, I am not allowed to rank and/or evaluate from the college camps. You could be absolutely phenomenal and I would not be able to rank you or invite to the “TOP 12” and “EVENT ELITE” Camp. If you are at a college camp and someone does invite you to their “invite only” camp, they are breaking a very big rule.
  6. Read two recent blogs that I wrote about college camps that you will find very beneficial.  1. Information on College Camps: CLICK HERE 2. What to do before, after and during a college camp: CLICK HERE

If you any other questions, please feel free to email me or Text me at 818-209-8921.

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