Pros & Cons of Kicking on Turf vs. Grass…


Football surfaces have come a long way from when stadiums were multipurpose facilities. Both real grass and artificial surfaces are markedly better than even just ten years ago.

For Kickers, what are the pros and cons of kicking on grass vs turf? Let’s take a look at some considerations.


Consistency. Most Kickers would agree that a turf field will be consistent throughout the playing surface, while grass will have areas with varying “personalities”. While even turf surfaces will have differences between facilities, each field is generally consistent within itself.

Weather. Most modern fields have such good drainage it takes quite a deluge to dramatically affect the kicking surface. There are some turf surfaces that can actually be slicker than natural grass when wet. Snow can more easily be removed from turf surfaces.

Accuracy. Research shows field goal percentages are higher on turf as opposed to natural grass. This however, can also be misleading, as most stadiums that have natural grass are open air facilities.

Even many veteran Kickers in the NFL who initially preferred natural grass are becoming convinced that the new artificial turf surfaces provide a better opportunity for kicking success.

At Chris Sailer Kicking, we know the real difference is mainly between the Kicker’s ears. Control that piece of turf and you will see greater kicking success.