The NCAA Clearinghouse and What I need to Know?

Student athletes graduating from high school will be looking toward college as another place where they can play and enjoy their favorite sports. They will be seeking college institutions that have NCAA Division sports. The NCAA is a membership organization that governs intercollegiate sports as every institution wanting to host NCAA teams must follow the rules and regulations of this organization. Each college is placed into three membership divisions (I, II and III) based on their size, the number of sports programs they have and what scholarships they offer.

What Is The NCAA Clearinghouse

The NCAA Clearinghouse, now known as the NCAA Eligibility Center, allows for student athletes to become certified as they are eligible to play in collegiate sports at a NCAA Division I or Division II college institution. Students are reviewed by the NCAA using a set criteria as they must have an acceptable academic record, good SAT/ACT scores and amateur status to qualify.

To become eligible, students must register with the Eligibility Center. This is normally done during their junior year but there is no deadline on when a student athlete can join. Students must register online and have the appropriate registration fee. Students must also send in their high school transcripts that detail at least six semesters of high school courses and their SAT/ACT scores when they take the standardized test. In addition to this, a student will have to send their proof of graduation and final transcripts upon graduating high school.

How To Qualify

Student athletes must take a certain number of core classes and have acceptable SAT/ACT scores to become eligible to play in intercollegiate sports at a NCAA Division I or Division II college. Every high school has a list of acceptable core courses that meet the NCAA guidelines. Students should talk with their counselor for an updated list of college core courses. Also, students must earn a minimum grade in these courses and graduate from high school to participate in the NCAA.