Tips To Make a Kicking / Punting Highlight Video

Tips To Make a Kicking / Punting Highlight Video

Making a highlight video is one of the major responsibilities an athlete has when it comes to recruiting.  Here are some simple tips that will help you start the process.

•    A simple highlight video is what a college coach wants to see from an athlete.  You DO NOT have to pay hundreds of dollars to hire a videographer.  You can make the video yourself.  It is all about the content, not the fluff.
•    Get a digital camera and ask your friend to film for you.
•    Start by standing in front of the camera and say, “My name is _________.  I go to _________ High School in _________ and will graduate in the Class of ____.
•    Make sure to be wearing your Chris Sailer Kicking T- Shirt at all times. This will show that you have been to my camps and have been taught properly.
•    Insert simple graphics (Name, High School, State, Grade Year, Simple Stats, References (Chris Sailer & High School Coach), Reference Phone Numbers (Chris Sailer 818-209-8921), and your cell phone number. Have it as a set screen so they can pause on it to see. Do not have it as a scrolling screen.
•    Put your best footage first.  If you have one or two GREAT game highlights, add those first.  If you do not, add some practice footage here.  I recommend one field goal off the ground, one kickoff, and 1 punt.  This should capture the very best of what you are capable of doing.
•    Next add a simple graphic that says, FIELD GOALS.  Add game field goals first.  Add practice session field goals to complement the game footage.  If you do not have any good game footage, just add practice footage.  If you can kick well off the ground…do it.  If not, use a tee.  Film these kicks from directly behind the kicker.
•    Next add a simple graphic that says, KICKOFFS.  Add game kickoffs first.  Add practice session kickoffs to complement the game footage.  If you do not have any good game footage, just add practice footage. Film these kicks from the bleachers.
•    Next add a simple graphic that says, PUNTING.  Add game punts first.  Add practice session punts to complement the game footage.  If you do not have any good game footage, just add practice footage. Add a few directional punts and Inside the 40 punts.  If you are just a punter, you will want to add more punts than a combo player.  Film these punts from the bleachers.
•    Finally, add simple graphics to close your highlight video.  I would recommend copying and pasting the Chris Sailer evaluation from your CSK Player Profile page.  Also add all of your contact information (Name, Cell Number, Email Address, Home Address).
•    The video should be no longer than 3-4 minutes total.
•    Do not include any more than 1-2 extra points.
•    DO NOT have any background music playing.  It is distracting and coaches do not want to hear it.
•    DO NOT add statistical graphics or voiceover to your highlights.  Coaches want to time kicks themselves.
•    Cut the video well.  Get rid of downtime.  Coaches don’t need to see you setting up the ball or chasing down the ball before and after kicks.
•    Only add highlights.  Don’t force game footage to the video if the footage does not represent what you are capable of doing.
•    Immediately load the video to  I highly recommend creating your own channel and adding new workout videos as often as possible.  This is a great way for a college coach to search you and get immediate access to your videos.  They want to see progress, so do not be afraid to keep old videos up. Simply date them when you add them.  Tag Chris Sailer Kicking when you add a video.
•    Send me the online link.  I will add it to add it to your Player Profile Page.

Good luck.  Do not be intimidated by this process.  It really is not that difficult.  Start making videos your freshman and sophomore season for the experience and to show progress.  College coaches will really start to pay attention your junior season.



  1. I want to play in college. I know I’m not on the best level yet but I want to do everything it takes to get there. I have some film but am not sure if it’s up to par. Thank you

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