TODAY is Long Snapper Appreciation Day! Contest is on!

Today we celebrate the first ever Long Snapper Appreciation Day.  It is time that we all give credit to the unsung heroes of the football team, our long snappers.  Be sure to post your contest entries today showing your appreciation for your long snapper or for long snappers in general.  Read the ENTRY RULES HERE.

I was fortunate to have one of the best long snappers of all time…. Chris Rubio.  Our relationship began many years ago.  Here is a look back and a look forward at a relationship that is about much more than just football.  Enjoy this timeline….

August, 1995: Rubio and I met at UCLA during Fall Camp of my true freshman season.  Rubio was beginning his third season at UCLA.

September, 1995: Rubio and I both started in our first college game together against Miami in the Rose Bowl.  Rubio was a redshirt sophomore.  I was a true freshman.

1995/1996: Rubio snapped to his first All-American Kicker Bjorn Merten.

1997: In my first year starting as both a kicker and punter, Rubio’s snapping and calming influence was the key to my All-American season as both a kicker and punter.  As a team (Sailer/Rubio) we were the first ever to be named All-American in two positions in one year.

Take a look HERE

1997-2003: Rubio and I remained great friends off the field without football.

January, 2003: Rubio came to Vegas to assist me with the first ever Vegas National Event.  He helped me coach a dozen long snappers.

February, 2003: Rubio became a part of Chris Sailer Kicking and began coaching long snappers.  A part time job eventually became a full time job and Rubio Long Snapping was born.

2003-2017: Rubio Long Snapping & Chris Sailer Kicking became the #1 Specialist brand in the World! Combined we train, mentor and evaluate thousands of athletes per year.

2017-Future: Expect greatness.

What most people do not know is that the success Rubio and I have enjoyed on the field and in the specialist business is driven by a special friendship off the field.  We have been best friends since we first met in 1995.  From single young men in college….. to now married 40 year olds with a combined 7 children and dominant business together, we have grown up together every step up of the way.  We have a mutual respect, trust and love for one another that is unparalleled.

I would not be where I am today and I would not be the man that I am today without Chris Rubio.  Rubio, thank you for being my Long Snapper.  Rubio thank you for being my business partner.  Rubio, thank you for being my friend.  Happy Long Snapper Appreciation Day!



  1. Joe Iuliano says

    I would not have achieved my life long dream to play division one football without Rubio offering me a platform to showcase my talent. Thank you for all you do to put us in the best position possible to succeed.