Vegas XXXIII (January 19-20) Early Registration Deadline & THE 2019 ALL-ACCESS PASS!

This coming Monday November 19th is the Vegas XXXIII (January 19-20, 2019) Early Registration Deadline.  Be sure to register by midnight to get the early registration discount price of $450.  The price will increase to the regular price of $500 on Tuesday November 20th.

Vegas XXXIII (January 19-20, 2019) Information
1. This is NOT an “Invite Only” camp.  Camp is open on a first come, first serve basis.  Vegas Events offer the ultimate experience and exposure for Kickers & Punters of all skill levels from 8th Grade to College Transfers.  If you want to one day play college football, this is the camp for you! REGISTER HERE

2. Chris Sailer Kicking will select/invite 20 Kickers/Punters from Vegas XXXIII to attend the prestigious TOP 12 Camp (July 15-17, Los Angeles, CA).  This is your first chance to get invited to the TOP 12 Camp.  If you are not selected this time, you will have a second opportunity to be selected/invited at Vegas XXXIV (May 11-12, 2019).  In total 40 Kickers/Punters will be invited to the TOP 12 Camp from both Vegas Events. Here is a look at the 40 talented athletes that were invited in 2018.

3. Vegas XXXIII is HUGE for seniors, Junior College Prospects and College K/P’s looking to transfer.  Trust me on this one.  Read THIS BLOG on what you should be doing in November!

4. There is a tune up session on Friday January 18th in Las Vegas at the same exact facility as the Event itself.  This is an optional session, but it is highly recommended.  It is a great way to get acclimated to your surroundings and work with the CSK staff.  Shake the jet lag off and get your body ready to dominate.  The cost is $100.  REGISTER HERE

5. The 2019 ALL-ACCESS PASS is here! Enjoy all Chris Sailer Kicking camps (excluding the Underclassmen Invitational & TOP 12 Camps).  Yes, this does include Vegas XXXIII, the Vegas XXXIII Friday Tune Up Session, Vegas XXXIV, the Vegas XXXIV Friday Tune Up Session & ALL 1-Day Camps in Southern CA, Northern CA, TX, GA, IL, NC, WA, AZ & NJ.  The ONE TIME fee is $1,999. This will be an incredible training and exposure advantage for one low cost.  REGISTER HERE

“Knowing that you will be training _______ (Class of 2020) for the entire year will give us tremendous insight with that athlete.  First of all we will know that he is tremendously dedicated and second your evaluation of him is going to be spot on since you’ll see him on a consistent basis.  Your All-Access Program will give me the confidence to extend scholarship and PWO (Preferred Walk-On) offers without hesitation to those athletes involved based on your recommendations.” – D1 Special Teams Coach

I HIGHLY recommend the 2019 All-Access Pass to any kicker/punter that wants to play college football and has the dedication that is required to make it to the next level.  To see all the details of the ALL-ACCESS PASS and to see exactly which Chris Sailer Kicking Staff Members will be coaching at each camp, CLICK HERE.  You can plan your entire 2019 schedule right now.  Purchase the ALL-ACCESS PASS by December 31st to ensure that you can take advantage of all 2019 Camps.

I have already been told by several parents of veteran Chris Sailer Kicking Families that this will be a tremendous Christmas Gift!

*** If you have already registered for Vegas XXXIII and/or any 2019 camp and would like to opt in for the All-Access Pass, simply contact Samantha Haines (CSK Administrative Assistant) (208)-582-0461.  She will deduct the cost of any camps that you have previously registered for from the $1999 price.***

***If you cannot make the entire payment all at once, contact Samantha Haines (CSK Administrative Assistant) (208)-582-0461 and she will work out a payment plan with you***

Looking forward to an amazing 2019!

– Chris Sailer