The New Website

After a long, long time, the new Chris Sailer Kicking website is officially up!

As you obviously know, the old site had been locked for some time to build the new site. (It is a whole bunch of techo mumbo jumbo that I can explain later to you if you really care to know why we couldn’t just build a separate site with old one still running)

We have made it so that it is much cleaner, more professional and easier to navigate. I think, no, I know, you will love it.

The site actually went live last night at about 9:30 pm past. They say it can take up to 48 hours for the new site to show up all over the world but it rarely does. I was able to see it within 5 minutes. Bottom line, if you still see the old site, don’t stress, the new one is coming to you shortly.

As for rankings from GA, IL and FL (FBU) camps… I am now actively working on these.  They will be completed as quickly as I possibly can.  Stay tuned to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Enjoy the new site & welcome to an even better Chris Sailer Kicking!

Chris Sailer Kicking Standard


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