Chris Sailer Kicking Featured Instructor – Obi

This week we want to start a new series where we feature our amazing instructors. This will allow you learn more about these young men and why they have been chosen to represent CSK nationwide.

First up, Chris Sailer Kicking Senior Instructor and crowd favorite, Obi Egekeze!

Chukwuemeka “Obi” Egekeze is a former place kicker. He has been on staff with Chris Sailer Kicking since 2005.

Egekeze was born Augusta, Georgia. He attended Westside High School in Augusta, where he was a three-year starter in football, basketball and soccer. A place kicker and punter for the school’s football team, he was selected as an all-state player as a senior. Egekeze maintained an exceptional GPA and was therefore recruited to play college football by several major universities (Georgia, Ohio State, Texas & Penn State). He ultimately accepted a scholarship to attend the University of Maryland.

He played college football for the University of Maryland for 2006 to 2008. He was the team’s starting placekicker in 2007 and 2008, scoring 164 points, kicking 32 field goals and converting 68 consecutive extra points without a miss during the 2007 and 2008 regular seasons. He ranks tenth in scoring in the 100-plus-year history of the Maryland Terrapins football program.  

Twice Obi was selected as an Academic All-ACC player. He received his undergraduate degree in finance in May 2008 and Egekeze also received his MBA at University of Illinois Urbana soon after.

Obi currently lives in Charlotte, NC with his Fiance. He is a Finance Manager at Lowe’s Companies INC. and tours the country Chris Sailer giving valuable instruction. He also offers private and group lessons throughout the year.

For lessons and instruction with Obi, please contact him (706) 627-5111.  


Get Ready for the 2017 Season, Fall Camps & Vegas XXXI

The 2017 Summer was a great success for Chris Sailer Kicking, Chris Sailer Kicking Staff & Chris Sailer Kicking Students. I think it is safe to say that we are all prepared and beyond excited for the upcoming season. The months of August & September should be dedicated to focusing on the season and helping your team win games. Remember to train smart! Watch your rep count and utilize drills and video to maximize your season production. Know that I am always a simple text or email away. Let me know how your season is going and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


Chris Sailer Kicking Staff is always available for private and group lessons. Make sure that you stay sharp. Here are Chris Sailer Kicking’s best that are always available. Many will travel to areas outside of their home base.

Kicking / Punting
Carson Wiggs (Texas): 214-477-0067

Obi (Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, East Coast): 706-627-5111

Erik Folk (California): 818-585-9907

Joey Cejudo (California): 909-226-6042

Nacho Brache (California): 818-415-3498

Chris Nendick (Midwest): 630-730-7181

Drew Basil (Ohio): 740-703-2600

Aaron Perez (California): 818-321-6750

*** Lessons are available in other locations as well (Text Chris Sailer 818-209-8921)


No matter your location, you can now have lessons with a Chris Sailer Kicking Instructor! Click HERE to see the different packages available to make you the best Kicker/Punter you can be!


With each regional camp, a registered Kicker/Punter will get on field instruction, film review, a YouTube film, a Chris Sailer Kicking shirt, a player profile and the most exposure possible for a Kicker/Punter. The overall champion of each camp will receive FREE admission to Vegas XXXI.

Chris Sailer Kicking will be at the following locations….
October 8th – New Jersey
October 22nd – Seattle, Washington
October 29th – Los Angeles, California
November 12th – Dallas, Texas
November 19th – Charlotte, North Carolina
December 3rd – Atlanta, Georgia
December 10th – Phoenix, Arizona
December 17th – Massilon, Ohio
January 7th – Los Angeles, California (Vegas Prep Camp)

Register HERE

You asked for it, you got it. Chris Sailer Kicking is now offering unlimited camps for one price. This means you can go to any/all regional camps and both Vegas Events for one total price! You can find out more information on this offer HERE.

Get ready for Vegas XXXI (January 12-14, 2017). Well over 600 specialists (8th Grade, High School, Junior College and 4-year Transfers) will travel to Las Vegas for the largest exposure camp in the World. This camp is open to ALL specialists on a first come first serve basis. The experience will pay off for players of all ages and skill levels.

Expect greatness! To be the best, train and compete with the best. #TeamSailer Visit for more details and registration information.


2016 IL Spring Camp Recap – Monkman Pulls Off The Upset!

The Chris Sailer Kicking Spring Camp Tour is in full swing.  The most recent stop in Chicago, IL was one of the most exciting yet.  The best of the best from the midwest and beyond braved the elements and put in extremely impressive performances.  Many proved that they are ready to compete for an “Event Elite” spot at Vegas XXVIII coming up this May.  Take a look at the standouts.

Ryan Monkman - 2018

Ryan Monkman – 2018

The overall camp champion was Ryan Monkman.  The Class of 2018 kicker stepped up when it counted the most.  He hit back to back 52 yard field goals to win the field goal competition.  He then won the head to head finals round as an underdog against two of the nation’s best 2017 prospects.  Ryan is an outstanding 2018 prospect that will compete against the best in this class the next few years.







Collin Larsh - 2017

Collin Larsh – 2017

Collin Larsh won 2 major competitions.  He won the field goal last man standing and punt competitions. Collin is an excellent D1 college prospect.  He has the skills and ability to impress as both a kicker and a punter.  His field goals are solid off the ground.  He competes with the top kickers in his class on kickoffs.  He is also proving to be a top punter.  Look for Collin to turn heads in Vegas this May and at college camps.







Hayden Moehring – 2017

Hayden Moehring won the kickoff competition.  The “TOP 12” Member is one of the most talented prospect in the country.  He has a huge leg and continues to prove that he is worthy of a D1 scholarship.  He hit several kickoffs 70-75 yards with well over 5.0 second hang time.








Nate Needham - 2016

Nate Needham – 2016

Nate Needham was the top 2016 prospect. at camp.  The Youngstown State commit nearly won every major competition.  He is ready to compete at the next as both a kicker and punter.  He has the leg, technique and mental confidence to be a major contributor for Youngstown State.







Class of 2017 Standouts:  Aris Cantania, George Brophy, Jack Pruban, Nicolas Farfan, Adam Durocher, Austin Burnham, Danny Perez, Drew Carmichael, Matt Hellen, Tristan Meyer.

Class of 2018 Standouts: Matt Burns, Matthew Jaeger.

Class of 2019 Standouts: Bradley Sample, Griffin Crosa, James Turner, Mason Molique, Taylor Richardson.

For full rankings and more information, visit Chris Sailer Kicking will next make stops in Seattle, WA (April 24), Miami, FL (May 7), New Jersey (May 7), Dallas, TX (May 15), Los Angeles, CA (May 15) and Atlanta, GA (May 15).  The spring will culminate with the largest national specialist camp in the world, Vegas XXVIII (May 21-22). REGISTER HERE

To be the best, train with the best.  #TeamSailer


2016 Rankings Complete Post Vegas XXVII, Rankings Explained

The Class of 2016 Chris Sailer Kicking rankings are now completely updated post Vegas XXVII.  NLOI Day (National Letter Of Intent) is coming up February 3rd.  Vegas results and rankings have already made a major impact on college recruitment.  Chris Sailer Kicking now has 40, 5-Star Rated Kickers and 22, 5-Star Rated Punters.  This is an all time record.  These rankings are ratings are 100% earned and not simply given.  Over 800 Specialists are now ranked in the class of 2016.  Things have just begun.  Some have made commitments, while the vast majority still wait to see their final college destinations.  Remember recruiting goes all the way up and through August.


Up next, Class of 2017 Rankings.  Stay Tuned….

Here is a detailed explanation of how Chris Sailer Kicking Rankings are compiled.

1. We will only rank a player that we have seen IN PERSON.  Film is great, but it does not compare to an in person evaluation.  An in person evaluation can be at a private lesson, group lesson, camp, or national event run by Chris Sailer Kicking. College camps are NOT taken into consideration. The evaluation must and will only be done by Chris Sailer (Kickers / Punters) and Chris Rubio (Long Snappers) and staff.  We do not use anyone outside of the company for evaluations.  This is the only way we can assure 100% accuracy.

2. We do not rank all players that we see.  We only rank players that we feel show the ability or potential to one day compete at the college level.  We take effort, work ethic, and attitude into consideration when determining if a player meets the above criteria.

3.  Our rankings are subjective, not objective.  We focus on our evaluation, not just stats.  Stats may be misleading.  We are the professionals at what we do.  Our rankings will take the following criteria into consideration: 1. Current Skill Level, 2. Potential Skill Level, 3. Performance Under Pressure.  We look for the following: technique, strength, leg speed, athleticism, mental toughness, competitiveness, confidence, tee sizes to name a few.

4. The ranking system is as follows.  After every camp, we evaluate each player.  They are then added to or adjusted on the PLAYER RANKINGS site of Chris Sailer

Star Rating System:
5 Stars: D1 Scholarship Player
4 1/2 Stars: D1 Talent (D1 Preferred Walk-On or possible D1 Scholarship Player)
4 Stars: D2 Talent (D2 Scholarship or Possible D1 Preferred Walk-On)
3 1/2 Stars:  D3 Talent (D3 Scholarship or Possible D2 or D1AA Preferred Walk-On)
3 Stars: D3 Talent (D3 Preferred Walk-On)

Number Ranking System:
Will list the exact number rank of the player from (#1 through #……)  #1 being the very best in the nation, and so on.

The Star Rating and the Number Ranking is an evaluation based on that day.  So, younger players usually do not receive 4 and 5 star rankings yet.  Older players earn the higher rating as they begin to show more of the criteria necessary to be considered a college prospect.  Rankings change on a daily basis.  You can always improve your rank the next time we see you.

*Understand, rankings are not complete until fall camp begins your freshman year of college.  We will see new players constantly and the rankings will constantly be updated.  You have to work to maintain or increase your ranking.  You are only as good as the last time we saw you.  We cannot predict the future.  You will see that we will now list (Student Since: – to show when we first evaluated a player & Last Evaluation: – to show the last time we evaluated that player).  These pieces of information will help both the players and college coaches better understand the accuracy of the rating and ranking.

5.  Once a player is ranked you are in our system until you begin your fall camp as a freshman in college.  You will never be dropped in the rankings.  However as we see new players or current players improve their ranking, you will slide naturally.  Again rankings are not complete until fall camp begins your freshman year of college.  That is when the rankings are as accurate as can be and are removed from the website.  You can increase your ranking by attending any future lesson, camp, or event.  A rating and ranking becomes much more accurate the more often we see a player.  We see improvement, we get to know a player mentally, and the player generally becomes much better physically and technically.  A college coach will always ask the question, “How many times have you worked with him?”  Why?  Because he wants to be sure that our evaluation is accurate and not a fluke.  He wants to be sure that we know that player mentally as well as possible before a large scholarship investment is made by the University.   Certain players are phenoms and earn 5 star rankings right off the bat.  It is just a no brainer.  But most must work hard to establish consistency and improvement over time.  Our confidence in you as a player is a BIG DEAL.  We have to know who and what it is we are recommending.

6. Once a player is ranked, we do take season stats into consideration.  Because there are so many factors out of your control at the high school level (coach, opportunities, snapper, holder, field condition, etc.) most players never get the chance to put up big numbers – this will not hurt you.  Both we and college coaches understand this.  But, if you happen to be fortunate enough to put up great stats, this can help you.  We don’t put a huge amount of stock in your season stats, but a good season can definitely help prove that you are consistent over time and that you can perform well under pressure.

7.  Vegas statistics.  Yes, they are great as they give us all something to look at.  However, they are NOT the only factor we take into consideration when updating the rankings.  They are a small piece of the puzzle (see above #’s 1-7).  Please do not just look at the stats and send us a spreadsheet as to why you should be ranked ahead of someone else.  I promise you, we do a thorough evaluation that looks at all your kicks from both Saturday and Sunday.  And we take into consideration past camp performances.  A bad statistical day isn’t going to effect the great statistical days that a player may have had in the past.  The statistics from Vegas are big for many reasons, but please remember that we look at EVERYTHING.

8.  The Kicking and Punting Rankings are completely separate.  One does not effect the other and vice versa.  However doing well in both is always a positive for college coaches.  Combo players are rare and are a hot commodity.

Chris Rubio and myself are very confident in our player evaluations.  The ranking / rating is intended to help each player find the right college fit for THEM.  If you are ranked that is a tremendous accomplishment.  You should be proud of yourself.  No matter the ranking/rating, use it as motivation to continue to improve.  Remember, you are only in High School or Junior College.  This is only the beginning.  Keep working hard and you will achieve your goals.  We are here to help you reach your goals.  We are always here as a reference for you.  Please DO list our name and contact information in your correspondence with college coaches  and on your highlight videos.  I promise you, it is worth it.


You Are a Senior, Now What?

So, you are a 2016 Kicker/Punter and you are most likely really getting stressed out about the next four years of your life. Either you are committed already and think you are the greatest or you haven’t committed and are wondering what is next?

This blog is going to be in two parts….first for the UNCOMMITTED, second for the COMMITTED.


  • First off, CHILL! It is still early in the recruiting process, trust me. Recruiting goes all the way through August.
  • Second, do NOT slack on your grades. Nothing worse than getting a call from a school but you can’t go to them because your grades aren’t up to par.
  • Continue to work with a Chris Sailer Kicking Staff Member in your area and DOMINATE all Chris Sailer Kicking camps in your area (yes, you can AND should keep going to Chris Sailer Kicking camps when you are a senior). You never know when the right school is going to contact me looking for a Kicker/Punter like you. You should still be going to Chris Sailer Kicking Camps in your area to get ready for VEGAS XXVIII in May. May Vegas is essentially your last chance to make it happen.
  • Fourth, you are the “old” guy at the camps now so you need to act like it…be mature, be confident, be nice to the young guys as you were once them.


  • First off, NEVER, EVER STOP getting better. There is nothing that will upset a coach more than having a scholarship or preferred walk-on Kicker/Punter come into camp looking sloppy. They will EASILY be able to tell you if you haven’t improved since the time they recruited you. Don’t be that guy.
  • Second, do NOT slack on your grades. Sadly, I have had a kid lose a scholarship because his final semester grades slacked so much.
  • Third, NEVER stop improving and getting ready for the next stage of your life. Work with a Chris Sailer Kicking Staff Member and DOMINATE all Chris Sailer Kicking camps in your area. (yes, you can AND should keep going to Chris Sailer Kicking camps when you are a senior)
  • Fourth, you are the “old” guy at the camps now so you need to act like it…be mature, be confident, be nice to the young guys as you were once them.

    2016 Spring Camp Poster


IL Summer Camp Recap – Cote Wins It!

The Chris Sailer Kicking 2015 Summer Tour is in full swing. The regional summer camps kicked off this past Thursday in Chicago, IL. Over 100 specialists from 15 plus states were in attendance to train and compete with the best. This camp has a great history, most recently landing champions Tanner Blain at San Diego State and Tyler Davis at Penn State last year. I expect similar results from this year’s talented group. Take a look at the champions and other standouts.

Camp Champion: David Cote (2016, Canada) – David is an incredible talent. He is big, strong, athletic and naturally talented. He won the charting field goal session proving his consistency and showing off his range. He came through in the head to head finals hitting consecutive field goals of 47, 52, 57 and 60 yards off the ground. His kickoffs are also tremendous. If you didn’t know the name before, you know it now. David is a D1 specialist without a doubt.

Field Goal Champion: Nate Needham (2016, IN) – The longtime Chris Sailer Kicking student is an all around standout. He won the last man standing field goal competition by nailing 5 consecutive field goals of 35, 40, 45, 50, and 52 yards. He kicks off the ground with ease and consistency. He averages 65 plus yards on kickoffs with 3.8 – 4.1 hang time. Nate also excels punting the football. He is a D1 talent.

Kickoff Champion: Kaden Keon (2016, MI) – The Chris Sailer Kicking “Event Elite” Member has one of the strongest legs in the nation and is an incredible competitor. He won the kickoff competition by hitting 75-yard kickoffs and consistently putting up 4.0 plus second hang time. Kaden is also strong on both field goals and punts. Kaden will compete very well at the D1 level.

Punt Champion: Bryce Webb (2017, KY) – The #4 ranked punter in the nation again proved why. This is now the third consecutive regional camp that he has appeared in the finals. Bryce is a great athlete with the prototypical punter frame. He easily averages 40 plus yards and shows the ability to hit 4.8-5.1 hang time punts. He should be a top target for college coaches in next year’s recruiting class.

Other 2016 Standouts: Austin Chekaluk, Christian Dinevski, Henry Tarbox, Karl Schmidt, Ryley Guay, Seiver Tandy & Tyler Grimes.

Top 2017 Kicker: Quinn Saluan (OH) – Quinn is a very talented kicker / punter. The veteran Chris Sailer Kicking specialist is a good athlete with one of the stronger legs in his class. He hits 50 plus yard field goals off the ground. His kickoffs are solid and improving. He is also a capable punter. Quinn is a competitor that has a bright college future.

Other 2017 Standouts: Adam Durocher, Chase Bruns, Cody Gronewold, Declan Holm, Matt Hellen, Noah Donatelli.

Class of 2018/2019 Future Stars: Brandon Walters, Brayden Johnson, Eduardo Favella, Eric Hildebrand, Andy Vujnovich, Zac Adams, Jake Holous & James Turner.

Chris Sailer Kicking will next make a stop in Dublin OH for the FBU Top Gun camp (July 17-18) where we will be selecting the 2016 U.S. Army All-Americans as well at the Adidas Freshman All-Americans & FBU Class of 2020 and 2021 All-Americans. Then the summer will conclude with regional camps in Dallas, TX (July 23), Charlotte, NC (July 25), Atlanta, GA (July 26) and Los Angeles, CA (July 29).

For more statistics, evaluations, rankings and future camp dates visit or contact Chris Sailer 818-209-8921 (text) or (Email).

2015 IL Summer Camp Finalists: David Cote, Kaden Keon, Nate Needham, Bryce Webb

2015 IL Summer Camp Finalists: David Cote, Kaden Keon, Nate Needham, Bryce Webb


Introducing The 2015 Chris Sailer Kicking “Event Elite”

The 2015 Chris Sailer Kicking “Event Elite” have been announced.  Congratulations to these very deserving kicker/punter specialists.

Class of 2017
Cooper Graham (NC)
Kyle Sentkowski (WA)
Briggs Bourgeois (LA)
Tommy Martin (VA)

Combo Players:
Adam Stack (HI)

Class of 2016:
Vincent Alerding (IN)
Kevin Boermeester (CA)
Michael Brown (CA)
Luke Hogan (TX)
Kaden Keon (MI)
Jake Koehnke (CA)
Jackson Morris (TN)
Crawford Pierson (CA)
Collin Riccitelli (CA)

Kyle Thompson (CA)

Combo Players K/P:
Matt Blair (CA)
Kyle Corbett (NC)
Seth Kujawski (NC)
Braden Mann (TX)
Jaime Medina (CA)
Dalton Mullins (CA)
Jared Porter (CA)
Bailey Raborn (LA)
Eric Silvester (NY)
Jared Smolar (IN)
Jake Verity (GA)

Junior College
Brendon Chitura (CA)
Tavis Guerra (CA)
Nathan Hierlihy (CA)
Diego Marquez (CA)

Aidan Daily (CA)
Tommy Manning (CA)

Class of 2017 Honorable Mention: Noah Alejado, Trevor Bowens, Jeffrey Chan, Asa Fuller, Josh Grant, Peyton Henry, Chase McGrath, Billy Mitchell, Jovi Munoz, Quinn Saluan, Bailey Schroeder, Bryce Strickland

Class of 2016 Honorable Mention: Noah Ball, Dylan Brown, Noah Brunner, Tanner Dayton, Kyle Coale, Cole Bunce, Elias Deeb, Keith Duncan, Trenton Fudge, Tony Hernandez, Tanner Kuljian, Holden Lyons, Jonathan McDaid, Oren Milstein, Drew Riethman, Jake Roberts, Griffin Roehler, Gage Russell, Mikey Selsor, Gabriel Siemienec, Mitch Souza.

Junior College: James Husebo, Wes Nail, Cannon Plooster, John Westby

*Selected K/P ‘s will join the “TOP 12″ for the exclusive, invite only, “TOP 12″ and “Event Elite” summer camp June 15-17, 2015. This is the ONLY true “Invite Only” Event on a national scale.  The best of the best will be in L.A. Sessions are open to the public.

*There was no SET number chosen for the “Event Elite”.  These players all show D1 Scholarship Ability…Period.

*The “TOP 12″ chosen at Vegas XXV in Las Vegas January  were: JJ Molson (Canada), Skyler Southam (UT), Connor Culp (AZ), Jet Toner (HI), Kekoa Sasaoka (HI), Jonn Young (NC), JD Dellinger (NC), Jerry Fitschen (CA), Brandon Gracia (CA), Butch Hampton (CA), Brandon Ruiz (AZ), Charlie Scott (CO), Mitchell Wasson (GA).


Vegas XXVI Field Goal Results

Vegas XXVI (May 9-10, 2015) – Field Goal Results
Classes of 2018 & 2019
Place Name Score
1 Ng, Derek 4
T2 Favela, Eduardo 3
T2 Rusch, Anthony 3
T4 Berman, Chase 2
T4 Gentner, Trevor 2
T4 Yanni, Peter 2
T7 Bell, Corey 1
T7 Gonya, Grant 1
T9 Fuller, Cade 0
T9 Sainsbury, Nathan 0
Class of 2017
Place Name Score
1 Saluan, Quinn 11
2 Chan, Jeffrey 10
T3 Grant, Josh 8
T3 Grant, Lane 8
T3 Mitchell, Billy 8
T6 Fuller, Asa 7
T6 Martin, Thomas 7
T6 McGrath, Chase 7
T6 Mojarro, Daniel 7
T6 Papazian, Brian 7
T6 Parker, Skye 7
T6 Schroeder, Bailey 7
T6 Tovar, Luke 7
T14 Alejado, Noah 6
T14 Graham, Cooper 6
T14 Longhetto, Dario 6
T14 Padilla, Tyler 6
T14 Sentkowski, Kyle 6
T14 Stack, Adam 6
T14 Zolferino, Torre 6
T21 Bazarevitsch, Matt 5
T21 Mack, Aaron 5
T21 Munoz, Jovi 5
T21 Schmid, Andrew 5
T21 Strickland, Bryce 5
T21 Zetterberg, Johan 5
T27 Bourgeois, Briggs 4
T27 Bowens, Trevor 4
T27 Henry, Peyton 4
T27 Salani, Marco 4
T31 Anderson, Chris 3
T31 Burnham, Austin 3
T31 Pace, Geoffrey 3
T34 Nixon, Cole 2
T34 Welch, Hunter 2
36 Diaz, Forrest 1
T37 Coale, William 0
T37 Duong, Tommy 0
Class of 2016
Place Name Score
T1 Culp, Connor 15
T1 Southam, Skyler 15
3 Smolar, Jared 12
T4 Baughman, Eric 11
T4 Riccitelli, Collin 11
T4 Rodriguez, Andrew 11
T7 Ball, Noah 10
T7 Basco, Daryian 10
T7 Boermeester, Kevin 10
T7 Dayton, Tanner 10
T7 Endicott, Ethan 10
T12 Dellinger, JD 9
T12 Drye, James 9
T12 Fudge, Trenton 9
T12 Kubin, Jacob 9
T12 Kujawski, Seth 9
T12 Lyons, Holden 9
T12 Porter, Jared 9
T12 Roberts, Jake 9
T12 Roper, Joseph 9
T12 Saling, Landen 9
T12 Santos, Mauricio 9
T12 Sasaoka, Kekoa 9
T12 Stalter, Chris 9
T25 Brown, Dylan 8
T25 Brown, Michael 8
T25 Bruhn-Cherry, Nicholas 8
T25 Hernandez, Tony 8
T25 Hogan, Luke 8
T25 Pierson, Crawford 8
T25 Raborn, Bailey 8
T25 Riethman, Drew 8
T25 Siemieniec, Gabriel 8
T34 Albert, David 7
T34 Bowes, Grffin 7
T34 Corbett, Kyle 7
T34 Kenworthy, Alvin 7
T34 Koehnke, Jake 7
T34 Milstein, Oren 7
T34 Moreno, Alex 7
T34 Mullins, Dalton 7
T34 Wengierski, John 7
T43 Alerding, Vincent 6
T43 Bunce, Cole 6
T43 Coale, Kyle 6
T43 Duncan, Kieth 6
T43 Golden, Jordan 6
T43 Mann, Braden 6
T43 Roehler, Griffin 6
T43 Selsor, Mikey 6
T43 Souza, Mitch 6
T43 Young, Jonn 6
T43 Perez, Jake 6
T54 Blair, Matt 5
T54 Callan, Ryan 5
T54 Crane, Jack 5
T54 Kuljian, Tanner 5
T54 Loy, Sam 5
T54 Medina, Jaime 5
T54 Navarro, Marco 5
T54 Pawlowski, Jack 5
T54 Silvestor, Eric 5
T54 Sumpter, Tyler 5
T54 Wilkenson, Cody 5
T65 Alfaro, Martin 4
T65 Dinevski, Christian 4
T65 Levine, Jordan 4
T65 Morris, Jackson 4
T65 Rattigan, Aidan 4
T65 Romo, Parker 4
T65 Stoney, Jacob 4
T65 Brunner, Noah 3
T73 Keon, Kaden 3
T73 Noyes, Edwin 3
T73 Tarbox, Henry 3
T76 Agritelley, Ethan 2
T76 Eason, Josiah 2
T76 Han, Samuel 2
T76 Slack, Gavin 2
Class of 2015 / JC / TR
Place Name Score
T1 Chitura, Brendon 13
T2 Marquez, Diego 13
3 Strauch, Andrew 10
T4 Gracia, Brandon 9
T4 Hierlihy, Nathan 9
T6 Covey, Nick 8
T6 Guerra, Tavis 8
T8 Cantabrana, Anthony 7
T8 Erickson, Ethan 7
T8 Plooster, Cannon 7
T11 Boyd, Zach 6
T11 Terry, Kyler 6
T13 Westby, John 5
T13 Kidd, Max 5
15 Makindo, Ayo 4


2015 Vegas XXVI Kickoff Results

Vegas XXVI (May 9-10, 2015)


Classes of 2018 & 2019
Place Name Distance Hang Time Best 1 Ball
1 Berman, Chase 55.7 3.51 57 / 3.72
2 Rusch, Anthony 53 3.55 55 / 3.69
3 Gonya, Grant 54.7 3.29 55 / 3.41
4 Fuller, Cade 54.7 3.07 55 / 3.62
5 Ng, Derek 49.3 3.42 54 / 3.50
6 Favela, Eduardo 49.8 3.22 49 / 3.57
7 Sainsbury, Nathan 44.8 2.98 49 / 3.03
8 Gentner, Trevor 47.8 2.79 54 / 3.40
9 Bell, Corey 36.5 2.95 43 / 3.07
10 Yanni, Peter 43.3 2.61 47 / 3.08
Class of 2017
Place Name Distance Hang Time Best 1 Ball
1 Sentkowski, Kyle 66.2 3.64 70 / 3.88
2 Bourgeois, Briggs 63.2 3.77 63 / 3.94
3 Henry, Peyton 64 3.59 67 / 3.75
4 Graham, Cooper 61.5 3.77 63 / 3.90
T5 Munoz, Jovi 63 3.59 65 / 3.68
T5 Grant, Josh 64 3.47 66 / 3.63
7 Stack, Adam 65.8 3.43 66 / 3.87
8 Strickland, Bryce 62.5 3.48 68 / 3.60
9 Martin, Thomas 58.8 3.7 68 / 4.00
10 Alejado, Noah 58.7 3.75 64 / 3.78
11 Burnham, Austin 62 3.42 62 / 3.65
T12 McGrath, Chase 61.5 3.42 67 / 3.63
T12 Schroeder, Bailey 63.2 3.31 63 / 3.55
T12 Fuller, Asa 63.5 3.3 69 / 3.59
15 Tovar, Luke 55.5 3.62 64 / 3.76
16 Saluan, Quinn 60 3.32 62 / 3.85
T17 Mitchell, Billy 55.8 3.49 67 / 3.64
T17 Zolferino, Torre 57 3.45 60 / 3.50
T17 Nixon, Cole 61.7 3.26 68 / 3.44
20 Bowens, Trevor 59 3.32 64 / 3.75
T21 Schmid, Andrew 54.2 3.51 57 / 3.66
T21 Zetterberg, Johan 56.3 3.45 58 / 3.52
23 Padilla, Tyler 60.3 3.23 68 / 3.27
24 Pace, Geoffrey 57 3.33 61 / 3.65
25 Salani, Marco 59.2 3.14 61 / 3.43
T26 Mojarro, Daniel 53 3.38 59 / 3.56
T26 Papazian, Brian 58.8 3.11 60 / 3.54
28 Parker, Skye 53 3.3 58 / 3.53
29 Longhetto, Dario 58 3.03 61 / 3.56
30 Chan, Jeffrey 58.2 2.91 65 / 3.61
31 Mack, Aaron 49 3.24 58 / 3.40
32 Bazarevitsch, Matt 52.7 3.13 59 / 3.31
33 Grant, Lane 54.7 2.96 60 / 3.10
34 Diaz, Forrest 46.5 3.1 49 / 3.19
35 Coale, William 46.5 3.08 49 / 3.07
36 Duong, Tommy 46.5 2.56 53 / 2.75
37 Anderson, Chris 44.3 2.82 52 / 3.07
Class of 2016
Place Name Distance Hang Time Best 1 Ball
1 Mann, Braden 72.7 3.83 75 / 4.03
2 Culp, Connor 67.2 4.01 72 / 4.12
T3 Southam, Skyler 67 3.97 70 / 4.18
T3 Keon, Kaden 67.7 3.87 73 / 4.25
T5 Riccitelli, Collin 67.7 3.84 72 / 4.06
T5 Silvestor, Eric 70 3.81 74 / 3.75
7 Pierson, Crawford 66.3 3.94 71 / 3.92
T8 Sasaoka, Kekoa 66.2 3.88 73 / 3.98
T8 Smolar, Jared 67 3.82 75 / 4.08
10 Boermeester, Kevin 65.5 3.95 71 / 3.98
11 Milstein, Oren 66.2 3.79 71 / 3.72
12 Raborn, Bailey 70.8 3.66 74 / 3.75
13 Kujawski, Seth 68.2 3.63 70 / 3.75
T14 Dayton, Tanner 67 3.68 71 / 3.59
T14 Morris, Jackson 71.2 3.59 73 / 3.71
16 Brunner, Noah 63.7 3.79 69 / 3.62
17 Siemieniec, Gabriel 67.8 3.51 70 / 3.72
T18 Roberts, Jake 63.7 3.71 68 / 3.75
T18 Koehnke, Jake 66 3.63 71 / 3.94
20 Brown, Dylan 65.5 3.74 68 / 3.81
21 Riethman, Drew 67.2 3.48 69 / 3.83
22 Dellinger, JD 63.7 3.68 69 / 3.57
T23 Alerding, Vincent 62.8 3.69 66 / 3.75
T23 Roehler, Griffin 64.7 3.6 68 / 3.62
25 Hogan, Luke 61 3.81 67 / 3.97
T26 Porter, Jared 61.5 3.75 68 / 3.96
T26 Dinevski, Christian 64.8 3.53 67 / 3.65
28 Blair, Matt 64 3.58 71 / 3.57
T29 Mullins, Dalton 60.8 3.76 65 / 3.72
T29 Selsor, Mikey 60.8 3.76 67 / 3.92
T29 Kenworthy, Alvin 61.3 3.71 64 / 3.80
32 Kuljian, Tanner 64.2 3.48 68 / 3.65
33 Medina, Jaime 66.2 3.42 71 / 3.78
34 Moreno, Alex 61.8 3.62 68 / 3.59
35 Romo, Parker 63.7 3.45 68 / 3.59
36 Lyons, Holden 60.7 3.68 64 / 3.72
T37 Coale, Kyle 60.8 3.64 64 / 3.77
T37 Crane, Jack 63.2 3.47 71 / 3.63
39 Young, Jonn 64.7 3.37 68 / 3.72
T40 Stoney, Jacob 58.8 3.69 64 / 3.81
T40 Souza, Mitch 62.5 3.45 65 / 4.03
42 Drye, James 61.7 3.45 66 / 3.62
43 Perez, Jake 65 3.3 69 / 3.56
44 Sumpter, Tyler 62.8 3.42 63 / 3.70
45 Rodriguez, Andrew 62 3.37 66 / 3.51
46 Loy, Sam 60.5 3.45 71 / 3.69
47 Corbett, Kyle 63.7 3.17 67 / 3.75
T48 Kubin, Jacob 57.3 3.57 63 / 3.60
T48 Endicott, Ethan 61.3 3.37 61 / 3.61
T50 Fudge, Trenton 56.8 3.51 66 / 4.04
T50 Callan, Ryan 59.5 3.45 61 / 3.50
52 Hernandez, Tony 60.5 3.39 62 / 3.75
53 Brown, Michael 61.5 3.21 67 / 3.66
54 Roper, Joseph 55.8 3.49 60 / 3.50
T55 Bruhn-Cherry, Nicholas 57.8 3.44 62 / 3.47
T55 Wengierski, John 58.5 3.43 61 / 3.56
T55 Pawlowski, Jack 62.7 3.09 64 / 3.43
58 Eason, Josiah 57.2 3.45 67 / 3.53
59 Noyes, Edwin 59.8 3.31 65 / 3.53
60 Rattigan, Aidan 59.5 3.32 64 / 3.40
T61 Bowes, Grffin 59.8 3.2 65 / 4.00
T61 Slack, Gavin 61.2 3.1 66 / 3.44
63 Han, Samuel 54.8 3.44 57 / 3.56
T64 Ball, Noah 56.3 3.33 64 / 3.57
T64 Bunce, Cole 59.8 3.08 67 / 3.82
T66 Agritelley, Ethan 55.7 3.36 62 / 3.90
T66 Stalter, Chris 58 3.19 61 / 3.25
68 Santos, Mauricio 59.8 2.95 63 / 3.50
69 Tarbox, Henry 50.3 3.38 53 / 3.50
70 Saling, Landen 57 3.12 63 / 3.93
71 Navarro, Marco 54.3 3.2 57 / 3.31
72 Duncan, Kieth 56.5 3.12 62 / 3.66
T73 Golden, Jordan 53.5 3.25 55 / 3.45
T73 Baughman, Eric 54 3.2 64 / 3.63
75 Wilkenson, Cody 57.7 2.88 66 / 3.22
76 Basco, Daryian 54 3.14 56 / 3.24
77 Alfaro, Martin 54.3 2.98 59 / 3.25
78 Levine, Jordan 50.3 2.99 52 / 3.25
79 Albert, David 53.5 2.93 64 / 3.26
Class of 2015 / JC / TR
Place Name Distance Hang Time Best 1 Ball
T1 Hierlihy, Nathan 66.8 4.02 68 / 4.28
T1 Erickson, Ethan 77.3 3.81 80 / 4.00
3 Gracia, Brandon 73.7 3.83 77 / 3.87
4 Marquez, Diego 69.7 3.81 69 / 4.19
T5 Chitura, Brendon 64 3.84 70 / 3.56
T5 Guerra, Tavis 66.7 3.77 70 / 3.85
T7 Covey, Nick 61 3.63 75 / 3.88
T7 Westby, John 59.2 3.82 67 / 4.25
T9 Cantabrana, Anthony 59.8 3.68 65 / 3.90
T9 Plooster, Cannon 60.3 3.44 67 / 4.01
T9 Strauch, Andrew 60.5 3.35 70 / 3.85
T9 Terry, Kyler 62.8 3.27 62 / 3.68
13 Kidd, Max 60.2 3.57 65 / 3.85
14 Makindo, Ayo 60.3 3.15 67 / 3.13
15 Boyd, Zach 57.2 3.34 59 / 3.78


What Summer Camps Should I Attend In 2015?

Summer Camps 2015

The most common question so far about the summer of 2015 has been, “There are so many camps, how do I know which camps to attend and how many should I attend?”

I will do my best to give you some simple and clear tips.

What types of camps are there?

College Camps:

•    These are essentially tryouts that are run by the Universities themselves.
•    Seniors to be should attend these camps.
•    Younger players may want to attend one or two of these simply for experience.  (Unless you are the #1 or #2 ranked specialist in the nation)
•    Be smart about how many you attend.  You should not kick back to back days as you will not show your best.
•    Register for these camps through the University by either going to their website or calling the football office.
•    Don’t expect great instruction.  Remember, these are basically tryouts.  Most eyes will be on the best of the best.
•    Camp size ranges from 75-250 Kickers, Punters & Long Snappers.
•    BLOG 1 on College Camps
•    BLOG 2 on College Camps
•    BLOG 3 on College Camps

Chris Sailer Kicking Underclassmen Event & “TOP 12” & Event Elite: 

•    These are the ONLY 2 INVITE ONLY camps that Chris Sailer Runs.  You must be invited to attend.
•    You should 100% attend if you are invited.
•    These camps should be your #1 priority. Period.
•    Underclassmen = Juniors, Sophomores, Freshman, 8th Graders for the coming year, 7th Graders for the coming year.
•    Underclassmen is a combination of education & competition.  Parents should 100% attend as this camp is it is as much for them.
•    Underclassmen camp size 50-75 Kickers & Punters.
•    “TOP 12” & “Event Elite” = Best of the best in the world invited based on performance in Las Vegas in either January or May.
•    “TOP 12” & “Event Elite” is open to the public for viewing.
•    Rankings will be updated based on performance.

Chris Sailer Kicking – 1 Day Camps in Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA & Los Angeles, CA:

•    Most popular CSK camps that provide the entire experience. (Instruction, Parent Involvement, Film Analysis, Competition, Rankings)
•    Those entering senior year should attend 1-2 of these camps this summer. (1 in your region and 1 outside your region)
•    Younger players should attend at least one of these.

FBU Camps:

•    Invite only camps run by FBU (A Chris Sailer Kicking Partner)
•    If you are invited, you should 100% attend at least 1 of these camps.
•    Expect great instruction and exposure
•    Camps run by Chris Sailer or Chris Sailer Kicking Staff (Joe Houston, Obi Egekeze, Erik Folk, Carson Wiggs, Chris Nendick).
•    Regional camps in Orlando (FL), Charlotte (NC), Dallas (TX), Houston (TX), New Jersey, Los Angeles (CA), San Francisco (CA), Atlanta (GA), Miami (FL), Chicago (IL), & Dublin (OH).
•    Top Gun camp in Dublin, OH July 16-18, 2015.
•    2 Kickers, 2 Punters & 2 Long Snappers will be selected to play in the 2014 U.S. Army All-American Bowl at the Top Gun Camp.
•    Youth specialists will be selected to play Adidas All-American Game & More!  Other specialists will be invited to play in the FBU National Championships.
•    Register for these camps by calling FBU 973-366-5027 and using the Code CS15
•    Rankings on are updated based on performance.

College Camp (4-Year College Specialists)

•    Open to Class of 2015 High School Graduates heading to a 4-Year University or College.
•    Open to all current Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors currently at a 4-Year University.
•    2-Day overnight camp, including hotel + airport pick up and drop off.

So, of course, now you have follow up questions.

Q: My son is a senior to be, won’t his legs get tired?

A: If you want to play college football, this summer should be 100% dedicated to kicking & punting.  To answer the question….YES, they will get tired.  You have to be smart about laying out your summer schedule.  You cannot kick/punt everyday.  Your body needs rest to stay healthy and maintain the ability to perform at your highest level.  Try not to kick/punt on consecutive days.  If you have to kick/punt on consecutive days, take 2 days of rest before the next time you kick/punt.

Q: Many camps are scheduled for the same day?  And if I cannot kick/punt on consecutive days I am going to miss out on many opportunities, so what do I do?

A: It is impossible to be in 2 places at once.  So sometimes you will have to make tough choices.  A college coach can schedule you to come kick/punt for them on an alternate date.  As long as the University is putting on another camp on that day, you can go kick/punt for them.  The coach has to be willing to do this for you.  This is how you will know how bad they really want you.  Call the coach and try to schedule and alternate date.

Q: How do I prioritize which camps are most important?

A: 1. “TOP 12” & “Event Elite”, 2. Underclassmen Invitational 3. FBU Top Gun, 4. Chris Sailer Kicking 1-Day Camps, 5. FBU Regional Camps, 6. College Camps

Q: Camp costs and the travel costs associated with these camps can be very expensive, so what do I do?

A: You will have to prioritize based on the above.  It is important to see other parts of the country if possible.  This will one day make the college decision process much easier.  Again, tough choices.

Q: I am getting a lot of “Invites” from competitors of yours?  Do I have to go to these?

A: I can write a book on this.  But to keep it simple, No.  Invites aren’t invites if they invite everyone.  Our website is used everyday to solicit.  Clever advertising doesn’t equal a quality camp.  Chris Sailer Kicking is the #1 most trusted resource for college coaches nationwide.  Actions speak louder than words.  Believe in Chris Sailer Kicking and will you not be disappointed.

Q: How do I register for a Chris Sailer Kicking Camp?


Q: How do I register for an FBU Camp?



•    Be realistic about your skill level when it comes to college camps.  Remember, these are tryouts.  Attend college camps at the level in which you are capable of playing.  This will give you college options.  Attend D1, D2, D3, NAIA, etc. camps where you have a realistic chance of playing.  Otherwise you will simply be spinning your wheels.  Be open minded in your search.
•    There is no way to figure out 100% which Universities will be offering scholarships.  Things are always changing.  Almost every University will take 1 Kicker, 1 Punter & 1 Long Snapper each year as either a scholarship or preferred walk on athlete.  So, all college camps provide opportunity.  Don’t stress yourself out trying to figure out everything that happens behind the scenes.  Their is NO LIST.
•    If a college doesn’t have a kicking camp (common with lower level schools), call the coach and ask for a day that you can kick/punt for them.
•    Don’t kick at a college camp if your are not 100%.  You want to show at your absolute best.  Your performance/results/charts will be used by not only that University, but shared with others as well.  Word travels fast both in the positive and negative.
•    When you travel, take advantage of the opportunity. Visit Universities in the area.  Get a feel for the area or region of the country.  Do not be afraid to simply walk on campus and into the football office.  Tell them you are a Chris Sailer Kicking recruit and would love a tour.  Most Universities will treat you very well.

Class of 2015:
Attend in this order of importance: 1. College Camp for 4-Year College Specialists. 2. 1-Day Chris Sailer Kicking Camps

Class of 2016:
Attend in this order of importance: 1. “TOP 12” & “Event Elite”, 2. FBU Top Gun, 3. (2) Chris Sailer Kicking 1-Day Camps (Different parts of the country), 4. FBU Regional Camps, 5. College Camps

Class of 2017:
Attend in this order of importance: 1.Underclassmen “Invite” Event, 2. FBU Top Gun, 3. Chris Sailer Kicking 1-Day Camps, 4. FBU Regional Camps

Class of 2018:
Attend in this order of importance: 1.Underclassmen “Invite” Event, 2. FBU Top Gun, 3. Chris Sailer Kicking 1-Day Camps, 4. FBU Regional Camps

Class of 2019:
Attend in this order of importance: 1.Underclassmen “Invite” Event, 2. FBU Top Gun, 3. Chris Sailer Kicking 1-Day Camps, 4. FBU Regional Camps

Class of 2020:
Attend in this order of importance: 1.Underclassmen “Invite” Event, 2. FBU Top Gun, 3. Chris Sailer Kicking 1-Day Camps, 4. FBU Regional Camps

See you this summer!

2015 Chris Sailer Kicking Schedule