11th Annual National Kicking Spring Event – Recap

The 11th Annual National Kicking Spring Event run by Chris Sailer Kicking recently took place in Las Vegas.  The largest kicking, punting, and long snapping spring camp in the world attracted specialists from nearly every state in the nation and several other countries.  The camp features instruction, competition, and evaluation at the highest level.  College coaches nationwide anticipate the results as they get set to put out scholarship offers this summer.  Take a look at the results.

Finals Round Camp Champions
Field Goal:  Alex Spence (SC – Class of 2014)
Punt: Adrian Lamothe (Mexico – Class of 2013)
Kickoff: Class of 2013  – Diego Gonzalez (Mexico), Class of 2014 – Mick Ellis (TX) & Rafael Gaglianone (TN), Class of 2015 – Ben Kreitenberg (CA), Class of 2014 – Mark Whiney (AZ)

Initial Round Camp Champions
Field Goal: Class of 2013 – Kris Gudmundsson (CA), Class of 2014 – Kyle Pfau (TX) & Austin Roan (TX), Class of 2015 – Jameson Vest (GA), Class of 2016 – Sam Loy (CA)
Punt: Class of 2013 – Parker Flynn (AZ), Class of 2014 – Mike Knoll (OH), Class of 2015 – Ben Kreitenberg (CA) & Cole Ramey (CA), Class of 2016 – Tristan Kanthack (CA)

Other Competition Champions
Field Goal Last Man Standing: Group 1 – Jack O’Brien (CA – Class of 2015), Andrew Galitz (TX – Class of 2015) & Coleman Olivas (CA – Class of 2015), Group 2 – John Duvic (IL – Class of 2014), Group 4 – Diego Gonzalez (Mexico – Class of 2013)
Punt Last Man Standing: Manuel Meza (CA – Class of 2014 JC)
Punt Consistency: Adrian Lamothe (Mexico – Class of 2013)
Punt Head to Head: Dylan Seibert (OK – Class of 2013 TR)

Chris Sailer Kicking 2013 “Event Elite”
Class of 2015
Jameson Vest (GA)
Ben Kreitenberg (CA)
Quinton Conaway (OK)

Blake Johnson (CA)

Class of 2014/JC/TR
Lucas Alfonso (CA)
John Duvic (IL)
Jesse Kelly (CA)
Dallas Kepler (GA)
Hunter Morrow (TX)
Cole Murphy (CA)
Kyle Pfau (TX)
Michael Santamaria (GA)
James Sherman (AL)
Kenny Smart (CA)
David Smith (Canada)
Alex Spence (SC)
Chandler Stafford (TN)
Zach Standish (OR)
Cole Tracy (CA)
Troy Waites (MS)
Ty Wilson (TX)
Jake Lanski (CA)

Marc Nolan (GA)
Luke Nelson (IL)
Jake Ambrose (CA)
Brett Beighton (CA)
Alex Boy (CA)
Hector Dominguez (CA)
Dylan Seibert (OK)

Combo Players:
Austin McGehee (AR)
Tyler Newsome (GA)
Yanni Routsas (TX)
Tristan Vizcaino (CA)
Parker Flynn (AZ)
Donny Hageman (CA)

*Selected K/P will join the “TOP 12” for the exclusive, invite only, Chris Sailer Kicking “TOP 12” and “Event Elite” summer camp June 21-23, 2013.

“TOP 12” – (Selected at the 11th Annual National Kicking Event in January in Las Vegas)
Logan Cooke (2014 MS)
Corbin Daly (2014 NC)
Mick Ellis (2014 TX)
Rafael Gaglianone (2014 TN)
Cameron Gamble (2014 TX)
Freeman Jones (2014 NC)
Michael Knoll (2014 OH)
Hayden Lekacz (2014 IL)
Aaron Medley (2014 TN)
JK Scott (2014 CO)
Matt Stewart (2014 CA)
Gary Wunderlich (2014 TN)

Chris Sailer Kicking will now begin its 2013 Summer Tour with stops in Dallas, TX (June 9), Los Angeles, CA (July 11), Charlotte, NC (July 15), Atlanta, GA (July 17), Boston, MA (July 25), Chicago, IL (July 27) & Los Angeles, CA (July 29). For more results, statistics, and rankings visit www.ChrisSailerKicking.com


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