Chris Sailer 2014 NC Spring Camp Recap

Chris Sailer Kicking made a recent stop in Charlotte, NC on the second stop of the Spring Tour.  Over 100 specialists from the region attended hoping to impress.  The group provided a good mixture of veterans and new comers to the program.  The weather cooperated very well and gave an accurate depiction of the regions top talent.  Take a look at the results.

Camp Champion:
Luke Carter (2015) – Luke is a long time Chris Sailer Kicking student who continues to excel.  The combo player caught fire in the finals round.  Luke has a strong leg and kicks with excellent consistency.  He has all the tools to take his game to the college level.

Field Goal Champion:
Tyler Gallitz (2015) – Tyler is another long time student who kicks with great consistency.  His field goals were solid all day long.  His kickoffs and punts also show great promise.  Tyler should have a strong off season and impress college coaches around the country.  Nice prospect.

Kickoff Champion:
Michael Rubino (2015) – Michael proved once again to be the most talented kicker in the North Carolina in the Class of 2015.  He is a great athlete with huge upside.  His field goals get outstanding height off the ground.  His kickoffs are D1 ready.  Michael is a D1 Scholarship Pick!

Punt Champion:
Steven Sawicki (2015) – Steven won his second consecutive NC punting championship.  Steven punted for nice distance and hang time all day.  Steven has the tools to be an outstanding D1 punter.  Keep a close eye on this talented prospect this summer.

Class of 2015 Standout:
Evan Rabon – Evan continues to impress each time that we see him. His field goals are strong off the ground.  His kickoffs are nearing college ready and his punting is coming along nicely.  He’s a fine young man that will make a great college fit.

Other Class of 2015 Standouts: Ben Utter, Josh Boham, Marion Watson, Nick Marshall, Shea Rodgers.

Class of 2016 Standouts:
Jonn Young – Jonn has the ability and potential to be special.  He’s a great looking athlete that shows flashes of being one of the very best.  Also a solid punter.  He will only continue to improve over time.
Keep a close eye on him.

Keith Duncan – Keith really stepped up on this day.  The Chris Sailer Kicking veteran continues to improve at an impressive rate.  His field goals were very consistent all day long.  His kickoffs are showing college level potential.  He has a bright future.

Jaxon Clark – Jaxon is a great young kicker.  His field goals and kickoffs are nearing the top of his class.  He is one of the hardest workers in the country and it is paying off.

Kyle Corbett – Kyle has the potential to be one of the very best.  He has a very strong leg and shows outstanding range on field goals.  His kickoffs are also coming along nicely.

Other Class of 2016 Standouts: Gage Russell, Henry Atkeson, Jonathan McDaid, Seth Kujawski.

Class of 2017 Future Stars: Aidan Marshall, Christian VanSickle, Cooper Graham, Clayton Howell, Jacob Grimm, Zach Stearns.


Chris Sailer Kicking will next travel to Chicago, IL (March 30), Dallas, TX (April 27), and Los Angeles, CA (May 4).  The Spring Camp Tour will conclude with the 12th Annual National Kicking Spring Event in Las Vegas May 10-11, 2014!

For more rankings, evaluations & future camp dates visit or email

Chris Sailer Kicking is an official partner of FBU, the U.S. Army All-America Bowl, and East Bay All-America Games.  The Road to the U.S. All-America Bowl & East Bay All-American Games begins now.

Chris Sailer Kicking at FBU Camps: Central Florida (April 4-5), Dallas, TX (April 25-26), San Diego, CA (May 2-3), Seattle, WA (May 16-17), Los Angeles, CA (May 30-31), Central Ohio (July 11-12).  Email to inquire about an invitation to these prestigious camps.


Underclassmen “Invite Only” Event Recap

This past weekend over 100 specialists traveled to Los Angeles, CA for the Chris Sailer Kicking Underclassmen “Invite Only” Event.  The top kickers, punters and long snappers from the Classes of 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 from over 20 states were in attendance for the 2 day event.  On the heels of the “TOP 12” & “Event Elite” camp a week ago, these young specialists hope to one day follow in those footsteps.  This camp is designed for both the athletes and their parents with the theme being education and competition.  Take a look at the results…

Competition Champions:
Field Goal Last Man Standing Champion – Kyler Terry (TX)
Class of 2015 Kickoff Champion – Cole Fisher (GA)
Class of 2016 Kickoff Champion – Butch Hampton (OK)
Punt Last Man Standing Champion – Chris Bruce (FL)
Field Goal Charting Champion – Ethan Erickson (CA)
Punt Head to Head Champion – Brandon Hong (CA)

Top 15 Most Impressive in the Class of 2015 (in no particular order)
Cole Fisher (GA) – Has all the tools.  Easily held on to his #1 kicking ranking.
Ben Kreitenberg (CA) – Ben shows great consistency day in and day out.  Simply an excellent kicker.
Quinton Conaway (OK) – Huge leg and potential.  Both a kicking and punting prospect.
Blake Johnson (CA) – Great athlete with a big leg.  Still the #1 punter in the nation in this class.
Mason McLean (AL) – Combo player that excels at the punting position.  Bright future here.
Andrew Galitz (TX) – Combo player that continues to impress.  He’s consistent and constantly improving.
Connor Crow (TX) – Might have the strongest leg in this class.  Great athlete with huge potential.
Ryan Rodriguez (TX) – Ryan has a huge leg and continues to improve.  Could be one of the best.
Jackson VanSickle (NC) – Great athlete and talented combo player.  Smooth and consistent.
Josh Williams (TX) – Josh is smooth and consistent.  A great competitor that has shown great improvement.
Ethan Erickson (CA) – Excellent all around player.  Has a big leg and kicks & punts with nice consistency.
Garrett Erickson (CA) – Big time talent and potential.  Garrett has come a long way very quickly.
Kyler Terry (TX) – A big, tall, strong athlete.  Currently excels at kicking, but might also be a great punter one day.
Kevin Robledo (CA) – Excellent field goal kicker.  Has the potential to be a great one.
Zach Charme (ID) – Zach has the potential to be outstanding.  Combo player that will only continue to improve.

Others that are knocking on the door: Adam Lamanque, Adam Walter, Alex Gebbing, Blanton Creque, Brandon Hong, Cade Coffey, Chris Bruce, Cole Ramey, Cristian Bianchi, Damon Foncham, Daniel Donley, Gage Wilson, Jacob Young, Coleman Olivas, Jon Coppens, Luke Beasley, Luke Carter, Marion Watson, Matt Abramo, Shawn Davis, Trey Blasingame, Evan Rabon and many many more….

Top 3 Most Impressive in the Class of 2016 (in no particular order)
Butch Hampton (OK) – Smooth, consistent, and continues to improve.  Still #1.
Mikey Selsor (CA) – Biggest leg in this class.  Shows huge potential.
Kekoa Sasaoka (HI) – Fine young kicker.  Big, strong and constantly improving.

Others that are knocking on the door: Elias Deeb, Jet Toner, Kyle Coale, Sergei Bowen

Want an invitation to the 2014 Underclassmen “Invite Only” Event?  See you at an upcoming Chris Sailer Kicking Camp.  Up next: July 11 (Los Angeles, CA), July 15 (Charlotte, NC), July 17 (Atlanta, GA), July 25 (Boston, MA), July 27 (Chicago, IL) & July 29 (Los Angeles, CA).  For more information visit

2013 Underclassmen Group Shot


Andrew David Commits to Michigan! First in Class of 2015….

Long time Chris Sailer Kicking student Andrew David picked up an offer from Michigan earlier today, and by this evening he was committed!  Perhaps the greatest part of the news…he is only in the Class of 2015.  David became the first kicker in the class of 2015 to commit on full scholarship.

David works privately with Chris Sailer Kicking Staff Member Chris Nendick on a consistent basis in the Midwest.  He has been attending Chris Sailer Kicking camps since his freshman year.  Over that time he has elevated his game to a whole new level.  He already kicks effortlessly off the ground and his kickoffs are outstanding.  He has a great mental make up and works as hard as anyone out there.

We are very proud to announce the commitment of this very talented young man.   He will go on to do special things as he finishes his high school career and continues his kicking at the next level.  Stay tuned for many updates on Andrew as he continues to train with Chris Nendick and attend Chris Sailer Kicking camps around the world.

Andrew David Sailer


Scholarship, Preferred Walk On, Walk On

One of the most common questions that I get asked is, “What is the difference between a scholarship, a preferred walk on, and a walk on athlete?” It is also the most misunderstood statement from coach to family when it comes to the proposed scenarios.  I have written blogs and tweeted on this topic several times.  No matter how often I do so, unfortunately, my point will probably never be understood….until after the fact.  I speak on behalf of experience.  If you want honesty, here it is in it’s briefest form.

Scholarship = No Risk….. at least for 1 semester

Preferred Walk on = High Risk…. but at least you are on the team and in school

Walk on = Try out…. they really don’t want you and probably won’t help you get into school

There are little to zero guarantees when it comes to the opportunity to play college football.  I cannot stress enough that football WILL get you into a college / university that you would not have otherwise gotten into on academics alone.  And, WHEN you take advantage of this opportunity, you will graduate and have a degree that will last for the rest of your life.  So, no matter what, you win, if you are smart and understand that all of this is about education, not football.

Scholarship Specialist
If you truly want to PLAY college football, a scholarship will guarantee you an opportunity to see the field.  Not only will you be awarded financial aid, but you will be given the opportunity to win the job.  The job is yours to lose.  When a school makes an investment in you, they want to see the investment pay off.  College coaches have big egos.  They want to look good when it comes to proving that they made great investments.

When you walk onto campus you will have the respect of your teammates and coaches from Day 1.  Coming in on scholarship is a huge confidence booster.

School is paid for (from a partial to full scholarship depending on the level and individual school).  Every penny counts.  Talk to graduates who had / have student loans (Rubio –

Scholarships are renewable at each quarter/semester.  Most coaches will honor that renewal based on your character and academic performance, not your athletic performance.  Most coaches get it.  Most coaches have a family and kids as well.  They will honor the promise made to you.  It is rare that a scholarship is not seen all the way through to graduation unless you fail in the classroom or off the field.  In short…  be smart and the degree is yours for free or at a discounted price.

You will have every opportunity to see the field.  If you are as good as or even slightly inferior to a walk on, you will play.  Coaches want to see their investment pay off.  Alumni want to see the athletes with “A NAME”.


Preferred Walk On Specialist
Every coach in America will make this option seem like the best option on earth.  Why?  Because they get you for FREE (It is like being hired as an intern vs. being hired as the CEO).  13 years ago when I started my business this is all that kickers, punters, and long snappers were worth.  That is why I started my business.  From approximately 5 D1 scholarships in 1995 to 60+ per year (Low estimate) in 2013.

Things have changed.  I changed them.  Yes, I will take credit.  Vegas, the first ever REAL kicker/punter rankings, and the introduction to long snapping as a position (Rubio – have forever changed the way that specialists are treated.  To accept a preferred walk on over a scholarship is like warping back in time.  You are taking a HUGE risk.


If I had the space and time I could write you a 200 page novel filled with just quotes from specialists and their parents with complaints about the LIES and unfulfilled promises that a college coach told them and/or made to them.  They are not lying, they are recruiting.

The day you walk on campus, you are 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th string.  Everything that the coach promised you goes out the window.  He may not even say hello to you as you walk by.

You have to put in your time and EARN the respect of your teammates and coaches.

You have to be much better than (not equal to or even better than) the scholarship athlete that the coach invested in.

Regarding the timeline that you were promised – Add 2 years to it on average.  Be ready to pay for your education.

Walk On Specialist
This option is nearly non existent in todays day and age.  With the introduction to the internet and 3rd party evaluations (Sailer / Rubio) a walk on is basically a thing of the past.  This means the coach will allow you to try out for the team.  He is basically telling you that you are not good enough.  He is trying to end the communication and get you off the phone.  This works out hardly ever.  No need to go into the advantages and disadvantages.  Is it possible to make a team this way…yes.  It is likely…no.

This blog is not intended to scare you.  It is intended to help you understand that recruiting is exactly that.  Don’t believe everything that you hear.  Each family is different.  Each situation is different.  I have 4 young children (12, 10, 7, and 5).  If they are fortunate enough to become athletes, I am fortunate enough to understand recruiting based on my experiences with thousands of athletes and their families.  Based on what you are looking for, heed my advice and make YOUR choice.  And remember in the end its about that degree.  So no matter what, you will win.

Percentages (My estimate)
Scholarship Specialist: 400 out of 500 see the field
Preferred Walk On Specialist: 100 out of 500 see the field
Walk On: 5 out of 100 make the team
College Degree: 100% up to you no matter how you are recruited.  Once you are in, you are in.

There are many success stories of walk ons and preferred walk ons enjoying success (Your recruiting coach will tell you every one of them).  But for every success story there are 10 stories of failure (Your recruiting coach will not tell you these stories).

One final thought.

Chris Sailer: UCLA, Cut by the San Francisco 49ers
Adam Vinatieri: South Dakota State, NFL All-Pro

The path you choose is up to you.  Depending on what you are looking for and what your ultimate goals are, take the content of this blog into consideration before making your college choice.


Chris Sailer Kicking “TOP 12” Member Mike Knoll has committed to Boston College!

Chris Sailer Kicking 2-Time “TOP 12” Member Mike Knoll has committed to Boston College.  He has chosen Boston College over offers from Purdue, Miami (OH), Toledo, and Air Force.  Boston College has always been a top choice of his and during his visit, he felt like it was just the place for him to be!
Mike has been a Chris Sailer Kicking student for many years.  He is a Top 10 nationally rated kicker and Top 10 nationally rated punter, making him one of the most sought after combo prospects in the nation.  He trains privately with Chris Sailer Kicking Staff Member Chris Nendick in Chicago.  He made “Event Elite” as a sophomore last May in Las Vegas and followed that up by making the “TOP 12” as a junior this past January in Las Vegas.  Mike has all the tools to be a dominating player at the next level.

Mike is a loyal Chris Sailer Kicking student who will soon be a CSK Staff Member.  Look for Mike to continue to work hard this summer (he will next attend the “TOP 12′” later this month) and enjoy a great senior season.  Congratulations to Mike and his family from Chris Sailer Kicking.


D1 Colleges Will Recruit You, You Have To Recruit D2 & D3 Coaches!

Recruiting can be the most challenging, yet exciting, time consuming, yet ego boosting, frustrating yet rewarding challenges that an athlete and that athlete’s family will face. In the end, when approached and tackled properly, it will all pay off. The key is finding the correct fit for every athlete. And that is not an easy challenge. Over the years I have given many speeches and written many blogs about the recruitment of kickers, punters, and long snappers. The goal each time to is to educate athletes and their families one step at time. Here is one more piece of that educational process.

D1 Colleges Will Recruit You. When Alabama, Ohio State, UCLA, LSU, Michigan, Notre Dame, etc. need to recruit a specialist, they will find the very best one and usually have them committed within days. Everyone wants to go to these schools and would jump on that opportunity. They also have a huge recruiting budget, the best resources, and the ultimate product to sell. Here is how the conversation goes when a coach from a D1 school calls me, Coach: “I need a list of the best kickers (punters, long snappers) in the nation.” Me: “Sure we have Kicker A ranked #1, Kicker B ranked #2, Kicker C Ranked #3 and so on.” Within hours those athletes are in contact with the coach. Within days the coach has visited the school, done character and academic background checks. Within weeks the athlete and the family are on campus visiting. Sign, sealed, delivered.

Your job when if comes to D1 programs:

Get exposure. Go to Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping Camps and get nationally ranked. We are the most trusted specialist resource in the world for college coaches. Make sure to keep your rank current. An evaluation and ranking over time holds much more weight than a single evaluation 1 or 2 years ago. Keep your character intact. Be aware that a college coach will visit with anyone and everyone to make sure that you are a great fit for that program in every way. Clean up your social media (online resume). Get your grades and test scores as high as absolutely possible. Get to college camps in between your junior and senior seasons. This is when most college coaches will ultimate pull the trigger. If you are good enough, Chris Sailer Kicking will get you the exposure to get signed by a D1 program. D1 programs will find and sign the very best. The best programs get the best specialists. The next best programs get the next best specialists. And so on….

D2, D3, NAIA, etc. need you to recruit them. When Azusa Pacific, Colgate, William & Mary, Wesleyan, Nicholls State etc. need to recruit a specialist, they wait to see who the D1 programs are not able to sign and try to land some of the leftover pieces. Not everyone wants to go to these schools, so they aren’t able to be as selective. They do not have a huge recruiting budget, the same resources, nor the ultimate product to sell. Here is how the conversation goes when a coach from a D3 school calls me, Coach: “I recently got some film from Kicker A. He also recently visited the school and has been showing great interest in our program. What do you think Chris?” Me: “Kicker A is a great kicker. He has been to several camps over the years and has really impressed us. He continues to get better and stronger each time that we see him. He shows great D3 talent and potential.” Over the course of the next several months, depending on the time of this call a relationship between coach and player is formed. Perhaps after that player doesn’t get any D1 offers, he may sign with the program. The financials take much longer to figure out at this level.

You job when it come to D2 & D3 programs:

Get exposure (The same holds true for everything said above). You need to see the big picture. Everyone is not a D1 scholarship kicker, punter, or long snapper. Very few are. Most will fall into this category. There are 800+ Universities and Colleges that offer football. There is a great fit out there for you. In fact, there are most likely several. But YOU have to find them. YOU have to recruit them. Do not wait for them to come calling you. Make calls, send emails, take unofficial visits, go to practices, go to games, follow up, etc. Sign up with NCSA for help! Arrange a date to kick, punt, or long snap for them live. Your sincere interest will land you several college opportunities. These programs can offer partial/full athletic or academic scholarships. The more that they want you, the harder they will work to get you money somehow, someway. Believe me.

Never put all of your eggs in one basket. First and foremost always apply as a student first. Football may not work out due to injury or just lack of talent. If you are a legit D1 specialist, focus on D1 but make sure that you have D2, D3, etc. backups in place. If you are D2/D3 specialist, focus on those levels, but don’t be afraid to reach for the stars (you may improve in your final years). There is a home for everyone. Chris Sailer Kicking sees more specialists than anyone in the world and we still cannot find 800+ college level specialists per year to fill needs at every school. If you approach recruiting with a the correct plan in place you will find a home. Anticipate the ups and downs of recruiting and enjoy the ride. Remember you can make the NFL coming from any college. Take a look at NFL rosters and where the specialists played their college ball. The key is finding the right fit where you can continue to develop your skill. And ultimately, whether you make the NFL or not, the reward at the end will be a college degree from a great school that you most likely would not have received without football.


CSK “TOP 12” Kicker / Punter Aaron Medley Commits to Tennessee

Chris Sailer Kicking “TOP 12” Member and top national national kicking and punting prospect Aaron Medley has committed to Tennessee.  Aaron decided to stay in his home state choosing the Volunteers over Oklahoma and Texas A&M.

Aaron is an incredible talent.  A Chris Sailer Kicking student since 2011, he has proven himself time and time again.  His recent “TOP 12” selection and great camp performances vaulted him onto the recruiting scene.  After his senior year he will join dozens of Chris Sailer Kicking specialists in the SEC.  I expect Aaron to be a great college player contributing in all areas.  Aaron is a fine young man who should be a future Chris Sailer Kicking Staff Member.

Congratulations.  Who is next?  Stay tuned…..


11th Annual National Kicking Spring Event – Recap

The 11th Annual National Kicking Spring Event run by Chris Sailer Kicking recently took place in Las Vegas.  The largest kicking, punting, and long snapping spring camp in the world attracted specialists from nearly every state in the nation and several other countries.  The camp features instruction, competition, and evaluation at the highest level.  College coaches nationwide anticipate the results as they get set to put out scholarship offers this summer.  Take a look at the results.

Finals Round Camp Champions
Field Goal:  Alex Spence (SC – Class of 2014)
Punt: Adrian Lamothe (Mexico – Class of 2013)
Kickoff: Class of 2013  – Diego Gonzalez (Mexico), Class of 2014 – Mick Ellis (TX) & Rafael Gaglianone (TN), Class of 2015 – Ben Kreitenberg (CA), Class of 2014 – Mark Whiney (AZ)

Initial Round Camp Champions
Field Goal: Class of 2013 – Kris Gudmundsson (CA), Class of 2014 – Kyle Pfau (TX) & Austin Roan (TX), Class of 2015 – Jameson Vest (GA), Class of 2016 – Sam Loy (CA)
Punt: Class of 2013 – Parker Flynn (AZ), Class of 2014 – Mike Knoll (OH), Class of 2015 – Ben Kreitenberg (CA) & Cole Ramey (CA), Class of 2016 – Tristan Kanthack (CA)

Other Competition Champions
Field Goal Last Man Standing: Group 1 – Jack O’Brien (CA – Class of 2015), Andrew Galitz (TX – Class of 2015) & Coleman Olivas (CA – Class of 2015), Group 2 – John Duvic (IL – Class of 2014), Group 4 – Diego Gonzalez (Mexico – Class of 2013)
Punt Last Man Standing: Manuel Meza (CA – Class of 2014 JC)
Punt Consistency: Adrian Lamothe (Mexico – Class of 2013)
Punt Head to Head: Dylan Seibert (OK – Class of 2013 TR)

Chris Sailer Kicking 2013 “Event Elite”
Class of 2015
Jameson Vest (GA)
Ben Kreitenberg (CA)
Quinton Conaway (OK)

Blake Johnson (CA)

Class of 2014/JC/TR
Lucas Alfonso (CA)
John Duvic (IL)
Jesse Kelly (CA)
Dallas Kepler (GA)
Hunter Morrow (TX)
Cole Murphy (CA)
Kyle Pfau (TX)
Michael Santamaria (GA)
James Sherman (AL)
Kenny Smart (CA)
David Smith (Canada)
Alex Spence (SC)
Chandler Stafford (TN)
Zach Standish (OR)
Cole Tracy (CA)
Troy Waites (MS)
Ty Wilson (TX)
Jake Lanski (CA)

Marc Nolan (GA)
Luke Nelson (IL)
Jake Ambrose (CA)
Brett Beighton (CA)
Alex Boy (CA)
Hector Dominguez (CA)
Dylan Seibert (OK)

Combo Players:
Austin McGehee (AR)
Tyler Newsome (GA)
Yanni Routsas (TX)
Tristan Vizcaino (CA)
Parker Flynn (AZ)
Donny Hageman (CA)

*Selected K/P will join the “TOP 12” for the exclusive, invite only, Chris Sailer Kicking “TOP 12” and “Event Elite” summer camp June 21-23, 2013.

“TOP 12” – (Selected at the 11th Annual National Kicking Event in January in Las Vegas)
Logan Cooke (2014 MS)
Corbin Daly (2014 NC)
Mick Ellis (2014 TX)
Rafael Gaglianone (2014 TN)
Cameron Gamble (2014 TX)
Freeman Jones (2014 NC)
Michael Knoll (2014 OH)
Hayden Lekacz (2014 IL)
Aaron Medley (2014 TN)
JK Scott (2014 CO)
Matt Stewart (2014 CA)
Gary Wunderlich (2014 TN)

Chris Sailer Kicking will now begin its 2013 Summer Tour with stops in Dallas, TX (June 9), Los Angeles, CA (July 11), Charlotte, NC (July 15), Atlanta, GA (July 17), Boston, MA (July 25), Chicago, IL (July 27) & Los Angeles, CA (July 29). For more results, statistics, and rankings visit


Guzman Commits to Hawaii

Longtime Chris Sailer Kicking Punter Ruben Guzman has made his college choice.  He will officially sign with the University of Hawaii today.  Ruben also held an offer from Wyoming, but felt that Hawaii was the right fit.  Hawaii came in with a late offer and Ruben couldn’t pass it up.

Ruben first came to Chris Sailer Kicking as a High School Punter.  He was average at best and received a 3 Star Ranking.  Determined, he headed a Junior College to reach his goal of one day playing college football.  He came back a new young man and impressed our staff.  He would eventually make “Event Elite” and receive a 4.5 Star Ranking.  Still, he had more to prove.  At 5’10” he wasn’t exactly “wowing” college coaches.  He worked as hard, if not harder, than anyone out there.  He finally reached a 5 Star Ranking and top 10 national standing at the 11th Annual National Kicking Event.  The result…. offers from Wyoming and Hawaii.

Ruben is a tremendous young man who will see immediate success in Hawaii.  Hard work still lies ahead, but the future is bright.  Look for Ruben in Vegas this May as he will serve as a student staff member.