2014 Summer Camp Rankings Update

Many of you have been asking when I will be done with rankings and the answer is….when I am done with rankings.

Trust me, I am going as fast as I can but you need to remember that I am the only one doing them and I want to do them right. I take an immense amount of pride in them and treat each with one care and respect. It is more important that the rankings are done accurately, then done quickly.

Bottom line, I know you all want the updated rankings to be done and so do I. I will be working my tail off to get them completed as quickly as possible. As always, be sure to check TwitterFacebook and Instagram for updates.

What is already completed:
“TOP 12” & “Event Elite”
Underclassmen Event
FBU – Los Angeles
FBU – Central Ohio
IL Summer Camp
TX Summer Camp

What is yet to be completed:
NC Summer Camp
GA Summer Camp
CA Summer Camp
*These will be completed in the order above

Lindale Football Stadium at Night