2020 Spring Illinois Punters Only Camp Recap: Collyn Hopkins Sweeps the Day!

The 2020 Punt Factory Spring Camp Series was finally able to continue this past Saturday in Crown Point, Indiana at the Crown Point Sports Complex. Punters from across the Midwest came out to train, develop and compete on a hot, windy Summer morning.  It was great to be back on the field, here is how the day went!

Overall Camp Champion / Winner of Last Man Standing AND the Head to Head Competition! – Collyn Hopkins (2021, IL)

Collyn Hopkins is a now a 5-Star Punter

The overall camp champion on the day was Collyn Hopkins from Illinois.  Collyn hit some absolute MASSIVE punts on the day, with his biggest punt being 68 yards with 5.2+ seconds of hang time. Collyn was extremely consistent on a day that had a very stuff wind in one direction.  He was a 2-step punter and had solid footwork.  During the last man standing competition, Collyn hit several punts over 4.85 and was extremely smooth.  He also won the last man standing competiton which saw him sweep both competitions for the day. A few of Collyn’s best punts were: 60 4.75, 63 4.79 and 68 5.2.  Overall a great day form an amazing talent.

Class of 2023 Standouts: Emilio Duran

Class of 2022 Standouts: Brook Honore Jr, Evan Sundermann, Lemark Veasey

Class of 2021 Standouts:  Collyn Hopkins, Jack McCallister, Bryce Morris, Teagan Lenderink

The PuntFactory Spring Camp Series will be in Charlotte, NC this upcoming weekend on June 27th, followed by Atlanta on July 25 and finishing up in Los Angeles July 26th.

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